Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Random Recipes #7 - Round Up

... well, the good news is that my oven got plugged in last night, so I now have a working oven... woo hoo!... although I sat and stared at it for 2 hours last night, not knowing quite what to do with it... I feel like I need a day, by myself, in the kitchen, getting to know my new friend... i'm having an affair with my oven...

it's also been a lovely month for getting back to basics with Random Recipes and I must thank you all for your lovely and VERY random entries, along with your kind words of kitchen encouragement... they have been greatly received...

let's start with Phil from As Strong As Soup and this really simply but delicious looking coconut sorbet he randomly chose from Simply Good Food by Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Mark Bittman... lovely start

and still on a tropical theme, next up is the ever delightful Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog who bravely made these scrummy Tropical Brownies which she forced poor CT to choose from The New Taste of Chocolate by Maricel E Presillia

and on to Victoria from 21st Century Urban Housewife who, apart from critisising my baked risotto (I know!  how dare she...!) has been very faithful to the challenge and made this lovely Black Bean Soup from the Canadian Basics Cookbook

the lovely Michael from Me, My Food and I has made this glorious French Apple Tart from Barefoot Contessa - Back to Basics... fabulous coincidence with the name eh?

the guilty conscience of the Brownieville Girl forced her to make two things this month, one true random recipe in a Marmalade Pudding Cake and another fake random recipe in Indian Roast Potatoes... both from Nigella's Kitchen.

Lou and Steve from Please Do Not Feed The Animals took two very different routes to their Random Recipes, with Steve going first with these Easy Cheesy Bread Rolls from Annabel Karmel's dreadfully sexist titled, Mummy and Me Cookbook

and then Lou with this AMAZING looking Seared Beef Tataki with Wasabi Mashed Potato from the Yo Sushi Cookbook

next up is Debbie from Cooking Up A Storm in a Teacup who randomly selected this luscious creamy Spagettini with Peppercorns, Anchovies and Lemon from Tessa Kiro's Falling Cloudberries

now here's a fabulous pictoral post from the completely barmy... but a little less drunk, Kate from Kate's Cakes and Bakes, it's a Ginger and Lime Cake randomly selected from Bake and Decorate by Fiona Cairns

next us is Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen and this hilarious post... she made Acorn Eggs from the Scottish Women's Rural Institutes Cookery Book (Eighth Edition)... it is an acorn egg!

Lucy from The KitchenMaid hit the Random Recipe jackpot with this gloriously 70's Burmese Curry taken from the most excellently titled Great Ways with Steak and Chops by the Australian Women's Weekly

lovely Sarah from Maison Cupcake has made these very pretty little random chocolate whoopie pies which she chose from Claire Ptak's Whoopie Pie Book

Michelle from Chocolate Teapot has made these rather special Grand Marnier Chocolate Colettes randomly selected from The Cookie and Biscuit Bible

Michelle from Food Football and a Baby got these strangely titled but delightful Wasps Nests which she got her daughter to choose from Dr Oetkar's German Baking Today - The Original

back to Random Recipes this month is Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut with this excellent Squash, Chicken and Couscous One Pot which he randomly selected from his growing pile of Good Food Magazines (and has also given me a theme for another Random Recipe)

the lovely Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves came up with these yummy, eggless Fig and Almond Muffins which she randomly selected from Baking - 100 Everyday Recipes

next is the lovely Susan from The Spice Garden with this tantalising Libyan Spicy Pumpkin Dip taken from Jewish Cooking by Marlena Spieler

let us not forget my own entry... a very glammed-up version of cheese on toast...

and finally, to round of the month, Aveen from Baking Obsessively picked these delightfully bizarre Beetroot Puddings from the genius that is Marguerite Patten' The Victory Cookbook... how very British!

so there we go... a great back to basics month... but I do need to announce a winner of the fabulous 'The Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking' by Marcella Hazan... I said it would go to the most random of recipes but I feel the fairest way to do this is with my RNG (numbers in a hat) and the winner is... Lucy from The KitchenMaid!... well done Lucy, send me an email with your address... (he says as he has to take out a new mortgage to send the book half way across the world...)

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Oh Dom how beautiful recipes...I can't wait for September!! LOL

  2. Brilliant round-up Dom...although I'm slightly nervous I'm getting a bit of a reputation as a bit of a barmy baking drunkard... Looking forward to next month's theme!

  3. OH! I saw your tweet about me being a winner and thought you were being ironic. Thank you! I have just sent a book to that "barmy baking drunkard" Kate, so obviously good blogging karma is coming back to me. Well done everyone, these are all so truly random and wonderful (and thank you again Dom!)

  4. Wow - what a lot of fabulous random recipes. Can't wait to see what the next random challenge is ;0)

  5. Great round-up, always fun to see what people come up with. Aveen and her war time cook book made me laugh.

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  7. I love this random round up - I can't get over that there's a blog called Sharky Oven Gloves?!

  8. Hello! I'm new to your blog (and blogging in general) and I love this idea! I'd love to give it a go. Do we wait for you to tell us to do it, or should I just do a post and send you the link?


  9. Great round up of random recipes - sorry for not entering this month. Look forward to hearing what you've got in store for September. Enjoy your oven love in!!

  10. Awesome round up Dom, like I said, this is one event I love very much, as I get to cook something I never would have thought of :-)

  11. Thanks all for taking part and making it what it is!

    @chip I set the challenge at the start of every month with a different theme. Septembers challenge will be up in a few days. Will be great to have you on board!

  12. E chi resiste... un abbraccio e complimenti!!!

  13. Great round up Dom. You know, I really appreciate your personal comments on each entry (and your humour).

  14. Great round up of recipes, I am hoping to join in this month!
    Glad you have an oven again!

  15. I wonder if we could do a random recipe theme one month which means we get to do one of the recipes we have bookmarked from others' blogs?

  16. Fantastic post and I had to print most of these recipe; they all speak to my foodie heart.

  17. What a tremendous round-up this month! I personally have my eye on the sorbet, the beef curry, and that apple tart! My, my!

  18. Great round up Dom - I'm off to read the few that I haven't seen already ... happy days :-}}

  19. Fantastic round up Dom! Looking forward to this month's challenge!


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