Thursday, 29 September 2011

our daily bread

... i'm trying to eat as much home-made bread as possible... maybe I should rephrase that for fear of you thinking that i'm trying to eat as much home-made bread as possible... I want to stop buying store-bought bread and only eat home-made... but this means I need to start getting a bit more adventurous with my loaf.

... I am starting with some basics, I pretty much have my white farmhouse loaf down pat and i've moved on here to this mixed seed wholegrain loaf, which is exactly the same recipe but replacing two thirds of the white flour with this lovely wholegrain flour... it came out perfect and I feel good eating it with my breakfast... i'm adapting recipes that call for sugar with the equivalent in honey and using olive oil instead of butter.. and if recipes call for water, I use half water, half skimmed milk, it seems to make the loaf really soft inside...

... I plan to get each loaf perfect, or my idea of perfect anyway and then, over the next few weeks, move on to more complicated and exotic breads... so if you have any suggestions then please feel free to recommend or link me up to recipes...

... oh and I will, at some point, think about growing a new sourdough... I just hate the thought of replacing poor dear Lucretia...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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