Friday, 30 September 2011

Random Recipes #8 - Round Up

... well, i obviously struck a chord with a lot of you this month as i've been inundated with entries, for which I humbly thank you... and lots of Random Recipes Virgins too... I think one of the biggest issues this month was how many recipe fails there were!... it seems that bad editing is an international problem... and yes it does make a difference if the recipe call for 400g of sugar but what's been printed is 6 chickens...

anyhoo, first to the post was... me!... with these lovely Orange and Blueberry Muffins my mum had written down from her trip to Yosemite.

next, we've got lovely Lou from Please Don't Feed the Animals with first of a two parter and this great spicy Saffron, Chickpea and Tomato soup she found from an anonymous magazine scrap

and then Steve, bless him, braved the world of meringue baking and made this glorious Turkish Delight and Pistachio Meringue taken from Woman and Home Magazine

up next is the delightful Lucy from The Kitchen Maid who has founded her own support group for people who are compulsive recipe and cookbook collectors... and she selected these lovely Corn and Feta Fritters which she thinks is from NZ House and Garden Magazine

lovely Helen from Fuss Free Flavours has made these Ginger Crunch Slices by Anna Hansen, which was ripped out of the Telegraph Magazine... oh i'm hungry now...

Manu from Cooking Manu made this delicious Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Milk... creamy!

and now onto Karen from Lavender and Lovage, a Random Recipes virgin, who has made this stunning Fig Bread and Butter Pudding taken from a Waitrose recipe card.

Victoria from 21st Century Urban Housewife has made this very naughty Sausage Penne Gratin she randomly selected from her huge pile of clippings.  This one came from Gourmet Magazine that her mum cut-out for her... god bless our mum's!

next we have Jean from Baking in Franglais with these sweet Apricot and Ginger Muffins she made for her dad and his pals who all have a rather 1950's inspired hobby... she randomly selected the recipe from a blog Boris in Ayrshire.

Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves picked this stunning Three Cheese Vegetable Bake taken from this months delicious magazine.

and next we have Sarah from What I Baked This Weekend with an amazing Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake Brownie recipe (evil but fabulous eh?) taken from a clipping from Sunday Times Style!

Phil from As Strong as Soup always comes up trumps and plays by the rules, so he felt guilty this month when he had to change the ingredients to make the bloody recipe work when making these Navettes, taken from a 'well known' French magazine...

now... when it comes to filing recipes there is no person in this world more geeky that Chele from Chocolate Teapot who made this yummy Apple and Blackberry Betty care of Nigel Slater... poor love needs to get out more...

Alice from Italian Inspiration is off to University... remember how that felt?... and in celebration decided to take part in Random recipes, gawd bless her, with this lovely Creamy Courgette Lasagne taken from Good Food Magazine.

Michelle from Food, Football and a Baby has made the unusual but rather nice looking Lemon Courgette Cookies from a cut-out that her lovely neighbour gave to her.

and now we have a Random Recipes Virgin... Nicola from 41 Feasts has made these amazing Chicken Kievs she randomly selected and then adapted from Jesse Dunford Wood in The Times magazine.

and the treasure trove of recipe cut-outs continues with dear Susan from The Spice Garden has made this glorious Smokey BBQ Chicken Pizza selected from a Pampered Chef Booklet... 

the devilishly divine Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen signed her name in blood with these stunning Lamb Wraps... just don't check her forehead for the mark... she may bite!

another RRV, Shu Han from Mummy, I can cook! made this rather tart looking Calamansi Lime Curd Tart taken from a Heston Waitrose recipe she has stored in a fancy folder... maybe Chele isn't quite so odd after all...

apparently chocolate is not only 'good for you' but now it's slimming, according to Kate from What Kate Baked (not an RRV but her blog is!)... well, we have Good Food Magazine to thank and their lovely Low Fat Mint Chocolate Pot.

Lucy from Vanilla Frost came up trumps with these snack-a-liscious Blueberry Almond Bars she plucked from a Dan Lepard recipe in The Guardian... nice work!

apple-mad Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog made this gorgeous looking Apple and Thyme Cake taken from an RHS Grow Your Own card... so interesting where you're all getting your recipes from!

yet another RRV, here's Camilla from Little Macaroon with a wonderful recipe for frozen chocolate mousse she very randomly chose via a random number generator.  It was from a hand-writen recipe found pinned to the inside of her mothers pantry door in the 80's... how excellent is that?

and another RRV from Alex at Dear Love Blog who made these lovely Madeleines from Heston Blumenthal in The Sunday Times

Michael from Me, My Food and I made these glorious Lemony Quail taken from the very butch GQ Magazine... very brave man if you ask me...

and another RRV as Ruth from Makey-Cakey makes these lovely Honey Biscuits and laments the typos...!

Sid from Spontaneous Euphoria came up with these very random but very tasty, i'm sure, Mozzarella, Mushroom, Basil and Tomato Sandwiches she found in a book entitled Soups and Sandwiches... unsurprisingly!

next we have Aveen from Baking Obsessively who made this simple but very hearty Lentil Ragu taken from the March edition of Good Food Magazine

and I guess its only fitting that the last word goes to the man who influenced this months excellent challenge, Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut with this very tempting Chocolate and Orange Tart found randomly in the Easter edition of one of his favourite mags...

al last minute addition (least I get my head bitten off) by C of Cake, Crumbs and Cooking with this FABULOUS Apple Snow with Yoghurt and Oatmeal... now, take a bow... can I go to bed please?

and another late one from the barmy BVG who thought September had 31 days... bless!

don't forget to tune in next month for an unforgettable Random Recipes... (this means I haven't thought of a theme yet and am enticing you in with platitudes...)



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