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Random Recipes Round-Up - #9

... welcome, welcome, one and all to the wonderful sights, sounds and smells of Random Recipes Number Nine!... and what a month it has been.  Yes, I had the cheek to pair you off with fellow food weirdo's but look at what you all produced, you clever, talented folk...

... i'm posting early today and I know there are a couple of you who couldn't get it in in time this month, and that's cool... you can always send it to me later and i'll add it on... but now onwards and upwards... reading glasses on...

first to deliver her entry this month was Karen from Lavender and Lovage,  quickly becoming another keen favourite blog of mine, with this lovely Cream of Onion Soup from the Women's Institute Book of Favourite Recipes

Karen was teamed with Ruth from Makey-Cakey who has made this Green Bean and Parmesan Soup taken from The Soup Bible... I have this brilliant book and would have been glad of any of the recipes!

Victoria from 21st Century Urban Housewife made these Minted Peas, chosen from Jamies Ministry of Food... she didn't like them but she made them none-the-less... now that's RR dedication!

Victoria was teamed with Michael from Me, My Food and I, who made Bubble and Squeak with Bacon and Egg taken from Economy Gastronomy by Allegra McEvedy and Paul Merrett

Manu from Cooking Manu made this stunning Arrosto even though she doesn't eat meat, she made it anyway and gave it to the family, who loved it! The arrosto was teaken from Today You Cook by Anna Clerici and Antonella Morini

Manu was teamed with Sid from Spontaneous Euphoria who has a bit of a recipe fail when she made these adorable Orange and Ginger Satined Glass Biscuits taken from 101 Cupcakes and Small Bakes by  BBC Food

and on to the more Random of Recipes... Lucy from The KitchenMaid overcame her fear of frying and really went out guns blazing with this incredible dish of Egyptian FishBalls in Tomato Sauce taken from New Pleasures of the Jewish Table by Denise Phillips

Lucy was teamed with Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut who made this incredible Scallop, Squid and Fennel taken from James Martin's My Kitchen

next we have the self titled Alan Overlord, or RR Overlord as I like to call her, Kate from What Kate Baked who go little old me as her partner and I picked these rather nice Chocolate Florentines from Mrs Beeton's Complete Book of Cakes and Biscuits... lucky cow...

Kate was lucky enough to be teamed with the exceptionally handsome Dominic from Belleau Kitchen who made this delicious Trout with Hazelnut Butter... not quite what was chosen for him but the page next door...

Alice from Italian Inspiration cooked something she's never cooked before and she was very happy with it, as were her flat-mates... not bad for a student really... she cooked these amazing Fennel a la Grecque from the lovely Jane Grigson's Vegetable book

Alice was paired with Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen who cooked a double recipe from a double page spread with this divine Cracked Wheat Pilaff and Vegetable Curry taken from Casserole Cooking by Pamela Westland

Sarah from What I Baked This Weekend made these very unfortunate Banana Turnovers taken from the 'cheese and oil' section of Dr Oetker's German Baking Today... is Dr Oetker a fictional character like Betty Crocker?... great post, well worth a read and a chuckle

Sarah was teamed up with Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog who made  Chocolate Brazil Cookies from Green and Blacks Unwrapped a book I feel I really must purchase!

I think Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops really lucked out this month for her first ever Random Recipes challenge with this really lovely looking dis of Moroccan Meatballs with Peas that came from Just One Pot by Lindsay Bareham

and slipping in at the very last second was Vanilla Cloud's partner and blogger who's home i'd most like to visit, Susan from The Spice Garden with this rather scrummy Chocolate Sabayon Torte taken from Baking at Home with The Culinary Institute of America.

Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals made these very retro but bloody lovely Creamy Coconut Ice taken from Tempted, 150 Very Wicked Desserts

Lovely Lou was paired with unlucky BrownieVille Girl, who made Haggis (yes Haggis!!)... or not haggis but Black Pudding... well it was a kind of fry-up with apples taken from the Really Useful Cookbook by Ruth Watson.

Steve, Lou's dear husband from Please Do Not Feed The Animals made this very very simple but very very delicious mint chutney taken from The New Penguin Cookery Book by Jill Norman

Camilla from Little Macaroon went out all guns blazing with this stunning crispy duck taken from Jamie Oliver's Naked Chef... glorious isn't it?

Camilla was paired with Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves who, with such utter dedication made this outstanding Chocolate and Whisky Charlotte... twice!

next we have Jean from Baking in Franglais who very bravely cooked the marathon that was Gerarda Minichiello's Meatballs taken from the Hairy Bikers Best Loved Recipes... it turned out to be two recipes, poor love, although the finished result is astounding!

Lucy from Vanilla Frost was taken way out of her comfort zone with these very cute Thai Cucumber Cups taken from Complete Thai Cooking by Carol Bowen, Cara Hobday and Sue Ashworth.

Lucy was paired with the quite bonkers Phil from As Strong As Soup who made a lovely Indonesia Satay Bread taken from Sonia Allison's Complete Bread Machines Cookbook

and now onto Gill from the excellent Tales of Pigling Bland who, even though she didn't take part last month, went out there into blog-land and found a partner who wanted to play and ended up with this rather nice Panzanella

Gill's brilliant new partner was Sarah from Scrumptious Sally who made one of my favourite breads, Pulla, taken from the Nordic Bakery.

next up we have Nicola from 41Feasts who made my least favourite thing ever Risotto Rice Pudding, taken from Nigella... looks lovely... i'm sure x

another random recipes newbie was the Cake Fairy from Cake Fairy Blog who made this lovely Banana Loaf from the Hummingbird Bakery 

Cake Fairy was paired with lovely Jac from Tinned Tomatoes who made these very sweet Richmond Maids of Honour from Delia's Vegetarian Collection

and it's with Jac and a HUGE thank you for taking part this month, that I leave you... 
... until tomorrow weary Random Recipes travellers... x


  1. Hi Dom, beautiful recipes, very fun!!!
    Have a nice day

  2. Dom, this was brilliant! What a fun post! I really enjoyed reading all the recipes!

  3. I think for diversity and humour alone, never mind the lovely food and cooking tenacity of those taking part, this post gets a 10 from me. x

  4. Good grief - I thought I was doing well keeping up with the Random Recipes as they were posted this month but now I see I have only actually seen the posts for about half of them!
    Let's see how many I can get read before I have to pick up the kids from nursery. This is so much fun.
    Thank you, Dom. And thank you to my lovely partner BVG and Steve's partner C who hasn't been able to do her one this month.

  5. FABULOUS challenge, I loved it and look at all those lovely recipes was a wonderful month for cooking and I enjoyed every minute of it! Onwards and upwards to the next random recipes challenge!

  6. So I'll have Makey Cakey for starters please, Me, My food & I for the main course, Sharky Over Gloves for afters, and a little of What Kate Baked with my coffee. Yep, that would pretty much cover it.

  7. So many great recipes & flavours. I will definitely be trying most of them this month. Thanks Dom!

  8. Well, I tried to come on here earlier and my whole computer crashed! Must have been the overload of lovliness! Fab round up, I've already visited some but will try and get round the other blogs tonight.

  9. Dom! I did it... I just posted it today ... you can link me with Lyndsey at Vanilla Clouds and lemon Drops ... she was my partner ... sorry about being a bit tardy!

    Phew! Now, to go dive into some of those incredible recipes!

  10. What a great challenge was had by all Dom!!

  11. Brilliant round up Dom - but I do have to point that the only person not to cook the designated dish was ........ (!)

  12. Phew, what a haul! Great work Dom, this just keeps getting better!

  13. Dear Exceptionally Handsome Teammate,

    Thanks you, as always for a super round-up! Look forward to seeing what next month has in store.

    'til then,

    Alan Overlord xx

  14. as always...brilliant! can't wait to find out about next month! :) no rest for the wicked and all that...

  15. This was a really fun challenge - although to be fair they've all been a bit of a blast. Thanks Dom and another brilliant round-up. Getting slightly nervous though as to what you're cooking up for next month!

  16. What a super cool round-up of Random Recipes! Would love to join in next time, count me in!!

  17. I really enjoyed the interactivity of this month's challenge. Great round up as usual Dom. I look forward to the next one.

  18. Great round up! One day I will pluck up the courage to join! ;)

  19. A fine round up as ever. But how dare you call me quite bonkers! I'm sure I've got a certificate somewhere saying that I'm only slightly bonkers. Then again, three ostriches and a grandfather clock. Looking forward to next month (I think).

  20. I thoroughly enjoy your random challenges, and have decided to set myself a much smaller challenge to take me out of my comfort zone. Each time you have a random challenge, I am going to make one of the featured recipes. I was torn half a dozen different ways, to be honest, but the Moroccan Meatballs with Peas tempted me the most.


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