Wednesday, 26 October 2011

smoothie operator - Breakfast Club

it's odd because I love a smoothie, I just never seem to make them... but they are a genius way to use up fruit that may be on the turn and they really are very fast to make... I think that in the past I would throw anything in there without thinking about compatibility but I have a feeling it can be a fine art to get something that isn't just fruit sludge and I believe the trick is not to overload with stuff just because you've got it...

this months Breakfast Club theme, hosted by Susan at Not Just Any Old Baking, is American.. and let's face it they really know how to do breakfast... many a time The Viking and I have been stateside and planned whole days around what we were going to have for breakfast and where we were going to have it!

strawberry, banana and pear smoothie
I've added pear in here as it's appropriate for the season and it's really added an extra certain something to this classic and also a teeny pinch of black pepper for a bit of hidden depth... i've added a little extra indulgence by using single cream... naughty but ever so nice.

a handful of strawberries
1 banana - roughly chopped
1 pear - peeled and chopped
a splash of fresh orange juice
a couple of glugs of fresh cream
a grind of fresh pepper

- whizz it all up and drink... did I need to tell you that?

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Smoothies are yummy. I use Greek yogurt and honey in a lot of mine. I bet that added cream in yours was to die for.

  2. Lovely. I am a huge fan of smoothies too, and end up freezing soft and stone fruit for them. I am pretty hardcore and add spinach or kale too, but you need a pretty powerful blender.

    I feel energised after my 5 a day in one meal, and can relax and then eat nothing by chips all day afterwards! ;-)

  3. I too am a smoothie lover and yet rarely make them at home, but I may do now! Yours looks unctuous! Great post for the Breakfast Club, I may steal this idea!

  4. I love smoothies!

    And your combo of strawberry, banana and pear is one I've made before and really enjoyed.

    I love bananas so they are always the base of any smoothies I make.

    I often just go for fruit, but if I want to add dairy, it's most commonly in the form of natural yoghurt rather than cream, which I think works very well.

    If you really want to be indulgent, try with custard/ vanilla ice cream ... beautiful.

    Another tip, when strawbs are in season, we hulled and froze a huge tub whole. They retained their shape, didn't stick together, and made great base for cold smoothies for several months, meant didn't need to add ice to get a cold fruit smoothie!

  5. Oh, the mighty smoothie! Such a healthy slurp first thing in the morning or after a trip to the gym!

    Excellent post for your breakfast club!

  6. No idea why I don't make smoothies, they are so good. and it's one of the few ways I actually enjoy banana. It must be brain melt down. I think you're right about keeping them simple - just off to get some fruit!

  7. Wow great for a breakfast or just for a sneak

  8. My husband has just had weeks of smoothies for breakfast due to a digestive issue. He has become quite the expert! He has been using soy milk (very nutty) and adding frozen fruit portions, berries and a fresh banana - makes my mouth thinking about them.

  9. Check out the colour of that smoothie!! Practically a tropical sunset in a glass.

  10. Smoothies, definitely a good way to use up fruits before it goes bad. Great post!

  11. Great idea for the Breakfast Club Dom- tis true, an American breakfast is wayyyy more than a couple of soggy weetabix!

  12. Am not a breakfast fan most days but I just look at a recipe like this and think 'just DO IT', it looks so good and appetising and can be portable too.

  13. very much admire your food photography and kitchen!!!! great blog


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