Wednesday, 26 October 2011

smoothie operator - Breakfast Club

it's odd because I love a smoothie, I just never seem to make them... but they are a genius way to use up fruit that may be on the turn and they really are very fast to make... I think that in the past I would throw anything in there without thinking about compatibility but I have a feeling it can be a fine art to get something that isn't just fruit sludge and I believe the trick is not to overload with stuff just because you've got it...

this months Breakfast Club theme, hosted by Susan at Not Just Any Old Baking, is American.. and let's face it they really know how to do breakfast... many a time The Viking and I have been stateside and planned whole days around what we were going to have for breakfast and where we were going to have it!

strawberry, banana and pear smoothie
I've added pear in here as it's appropriate for the season and it's really added an extra certain something to this classic and also a teeny pinch of black pepper for a bit of hidden depth... i've added a little extra indulgence by using single cream... naughty but ever so nice.

a handful of strawberries
1 banana - roughly chopped
1 pear - peeled and chopped
a splash of fresh orange juice
a couple of glugs of fresh cream
a grind of fresh pepper

- whizz it all up and drink... did I need to tell you that?

eat and of course, enjoy!



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