Tuesday, 25 October 2011

soups and stews are the rock gods of the culinary world!

... and you'll be seeing a lot of them from me over the coming weeks as I prepare to eat healthier on the run-up to 'pig-out week'... I think some of you may call it Christmas...

... soups are filling, tasty and best of all cheap ...especially if your veg come from someone else's garden... and they make an excellent heathy meal, storing many of your five-a-day in one pot...

carrots are the big show-stoppers at the moment but I fear they're about to have their day so i managed to get this soup in before they disappear entirely.  ive added my favourite vegetable Mr Fennel into the mix as I simply cannot get enough of that nutty aniseed taste and I roasted the whole lot before turning into a soup which has turned that flavour notch up by about a billion!

Roast Carrot, Fennel and Garlic Soup
I realise i've made a fair few orange soups over the past few weeks but this one takes the biscuit for best in flavour... it truly is an astounding bowl of orangey Autum-ness!

roughly 4 large carrots - chopped into battons
2 fennel bulbs - roughy chopped
4 garlic cloves - unpeeled
1 medium leek - chopped
1 onion - chopped
2 pints of good quality vegetable stock
salt and pepper

- roast the carrots and fennel on 160c in a little olive oil, for about an hour. season them subtly with salt and pepper as you don't want to over-do it at this stage, which can be easily done. the veg should be starting to turn dark brown at the edges but don't worry if you have lots of burnt bits, they just add to the flavour

- in a pan, saute the onions and leeks in plenty of butter

- once the carrots and fennel are done, add them to the pan, cover with the stock and let it simmer for 20 minutes

- blitz like a mad man and then serve with a swirl of cream... bliss!

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Soups are wonderful! Our favourite, at the moment, is spinach soup. Love 'em.x

  2. I am definitely preparing for the Seasons Eatings as well. Been back to the gym. Beautiful soup Dom. I love fennel too. Can't get enough of it.

  3. Love making soups too . . . it's a good way of getting rid of any of my angst . . . chopping up a load of vegetables with gusto! BTW, have just bought a celeriac and dreaming up soupy ideas too!

  4. I love soup at this time of year, such a warming, comforting dish! Really delicious flavours Dom!

  5. oh man! you roasted as well?? damn! well my carrot soup wasn't as 'complicated' ;) but...i agree roasted totally kicks it up a notch! Will try fennel in the next batch...i'm more of just carrot with onion and stock kinda gal...but i'm slowly learning from the master!

  6. I totally agree that a roasted veg soup has bags of flavour but it is healthy at the same time.
    It is definitely the way forward in the build up to the BIG indulgence of the festive season!
    Will give your soup a try for lunch this week, thanks x

  7. this is a lovely combination of flavours. I love fennel and have some sitting all lonely in the fridge for a couple of weeks will see if usable and try this out!

  8. Mmmmmmmmm - looking forward to all the soups and stews, great plac to start. Such a lovely bright colour.

  9. That sounds good, bet the fennel gives it a lovely flavour, it's such an interesting vegetable and aniseed/liquorice flavours are my absolute favourites.

  10. christmas is 2 months away! wow you are thinking ahead.. but i don't mind! I love soups and stew, esp with the shit weather these days.

  11. Can't say I feel the fennell thing - think I'll have to try harder - looks great though.

  12. Love carrot soup. Love fennel. Love this! Healthy and cheap are my watchwords at the moment too, so keep those soup recipes coming. And I'm keeping a keen eye out for that pumpkin tea loaf you mentioned on my pumpkin salad recipe... x

  13. Love soups although I prefer baking my carrots but would gladly have this soup if someone else (hint hint) made it for me ;P

  14. I must tell you - every time I go to your blog I think how lovely the blue color in your kitchen is. There, I said it. Yep, soups, stews, that's the ticket.

  15. I thought you were the rock god of the culinary world! Lovely soup, luckily it is STILL soup weather here...

  16. You are SO right Dom! I make a soup a day almost in the colder months and LOVE creating new ones to try too......this one looks like a winner in my book!

  17. You can not get enough of orange soups - squash is my absolute favourite, but this sounds very good. Love your use of fennel and roasting first is a sure fire winner. Very pretty it looks too.

  18. lol.. I love the title of this post!! And the soup, well, as everything I see here, I wish I had a big bowl of it right now!


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