Sunday, 27 November 2011

rum and coconut triple layer cake

our friends Paul and Roz went on a cruise to New Zealand a couple of weeks ago and secretly got married... bless em... and to celebrate they invited the whole gang to the pub on Saturday night to have a bit of a shindig...

... Roz was kind enough to bake me a fabulous birthday cake for my 40th last year so I returned the favour with a wedding cake of sorts... something pretty in white... with a bit of a kick for Roz who likes a tipple or two!

this is another fabulous recipe taken from Dan Lepard's Short and Sweet with a wonderful buttercream icing taken from the same book... i've added lime juice and the grated peel to the buttercream icing to give it a little zing and then covered the icing with shredded coconut to add a little drama.  Unfortunately I don't have a good pic of the inside as it was dark in the pub but needless to say it looked very pretty with its three layers and it tasted divine and rather velvety...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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