Wednesday, 14 March 2012

mothers day marmalade cake

I posted this recipe a year or so back but I wanted to dedicate something lovely to my grandma Jennie for mothers day...

My grandma Jennie was not a great cook but she was an excellent baker.  I have many fond memories of spending time in the kitchen, in her house in Hull, the air thick with the aroma of cakes baking in the hot oven. My favourite was her marmalade cake, it’s nothing fancy and it’s so simple to make, all mums and kids can make this together, yet it really is a knock-out cake; light, moist and fluffy and a great way to use up some of those fancy marmalades you may have lurking in the back of the cupboard.

The other thing that I particularly love about this cake is that it was one of the first cakes my grandma taught her daughter, my mum, how to bake and in turn my mum taught me how to bake it, I even have the original, hand-written recipe tucked into one of my cookery books, so for me, it truly is a celebration of the greatness of mothers.

Mother’s Day Marmalade Cake

For the cake
9oz self raising flour
3oz ground almonds
8oz margarine
8oz sugar
4 eggs
2 tablespoons hot water
2 desert spoons (4oz) marmalade

- pre heat the oven to 170c (150c-fan)
- place all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk it up till it’s light and fluffy
- pour it into a loaf tin lined with greased proof paper in a long strip down the middle
- bake for 45 mintes but check after 35 as it turns golden very quickly
- set aside on a wire rack to cool
For the icing
227g cream cheese at room temp
227g mascarpone
1 teaspoon orange extract
115g icing sugar
360ml whipping cream or double cream

- in a large bowl, mix the cream cheeses together until smooth, add the orange extract and
sugar, gently mix again and then add the whipping cream and whip the whole lot together until thick

smooth it onto the top of the cake and decorate with some candied orange shreds

i'm entering this into the brilliant new AlphaBakes Challenge set alternately by Ros at The More Than Occasional Baker and Caroline at Caroline Makes.  The challenge letter this month is of course 'M'

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Oh, how lovely!
    Happy Mothers day to your Gran :))

  2. I do love a Marmalade Cake - I made Nigel Slaters the other day and it was excellent. I like to icing you have put on this, mine had a glaze of orange icing - much prefer yours.

  3. I've never eaten a marmalade cake, let alone made one... adds to list.

  4. What a lovely post and lovely looking cake. I've never had marmalade cake, but it definitely looks worth a try.

  5. Well, I just learned something. Had no idea that in the UK mother's day happens in the middle of Lent. Nice comments, Dom.

  6. Lovely cake indeed and a truly heart warming story of your baking heritage, can see where it all comes from! (have so got to make this with my own marmalade) xxx

  7. Dom how lovely that you made this today as it's Grandma Jenny's birthday.
    LoL. Mummy x

  8. Any recipe that gets handed down through three generations must be special!

  9. Delicious looking cake and the topping sounds mouth watering...

  10. Love the story behind the recipe and your posts reminds me I really need to figure out my Alphabakes recipe this month! And to stop drooling over the ridiculously perfect amount of frosting on this cake...

  11. Any mummy would be thrilled to receive this on Mother's Day!!
    Mary x

  12. So nice to have this family recipe, I'm sure it will continue to give your family pleasure for many years to come.

  13. Just the word marmalade does it for me - it looks delicious. I love the family history that goes with it.

  14. What a lovely, lovely story Dom and a lovely, lovely bake!!

  15. Mother's Day in Australia is not until May, but I was just emailing my sister in UK saying that I had not seen many Mother's Day Cakes when voila up pops your lovely Marmalade cake. I have several jars of my grapefruit marmalade still stored in the back of the cupboard which I think will do - will get a bit of practice in before May. Lovely story too.

  16. This sounds delicious...and that frosting looks divine! I may have to give this a go...easy to make but big on taste...always a winner!

  17. What a lovely story to go with your delicious cake! You should frame the recipe and hang in on a wall in your new kitchen!

  18. What a fabulous cake, thank you for sharing your Grandmother's recipe. I made load of marmalade last month, so will have to make a marmalde cake, wish I had time before breakfast, but I have to walk the dog! Jude x

  19. Must remember this recipe for when I am home at the end of the year - it has my Granny's name written all over it ;0)

  20. I always think it's nice when people make recipes that have been passed down the generations! Thanks for entering it in Alphabakes too, look out for the roundup on my site at the end of this month!

  21. Another recipe bookmarked! Thanks Dom!

  22. I love orange cakes and that slab of icing on top is calling me. I enjoyed your baking mad performance tonight, you were a star!

  23. I LOVE your cake recipes Dom and this is a nostalgic delight....JUST lovely!

  24. I was looking at Yr beautiful blog and amazing cake and I did not resist to join me to Yr member list. Maybe I did something wrong, as the result is that I am out of the list and I occupy a part of yr blog "join the gang" option.
    I did not want to create any trouble, therefore just tell me how can I repair.
    Thanks and sorry.
    Anyway my compliments for Yr blog.

  25. Just found your blog looking for reviews of the Tea at Bea doughnut muffins. So happy I found you - love your blog!!!

    Going to try Bea's scone (scone like gone) recipe today too.

    Nicki xx

  26. That cake looks like a winner for sure and a lovely dedication. Since making marmalade cake for the first time last year (for Mother's Day) I'm a complete convert. I'd totally forgotten about the M challenge - oh lawks!

  27. Thank you so much for entering this to AlphaBakes - I love family recipes and your cake looks amazing especially with all that delicious frosting on top! Definitely bookmarking to try.


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