Friday, 30 March 2012

Random Recipes #14 - Round Up

...well dear friends you have done it again... I am always so touched by your entries and the fact that so many of you take the time to really play along and immerse yourself in the challenge... I also have such a large proportion of virgins this month too, which is just so lovely... oh and don't forget to blame choclette for the number 17...

Book: Donna Hay 'Seasons'
Random Recipe: Olive Crusted Veal with Feta Mash

and kicking us off again in time honoured tradition... well, she was first last week at least...

Book: San Francisco A La Carte
Random Recipe: English Muffin Bread

next is a Random Recipes Virgin Misky with a delightfully light English Muffin Bread, which i've never seen before but I will definitely be making!

Book: Recipes From My Mother For My Daughter by Lisa Faulkner
Random Recipe: Marbled Chocolate and Hazelnut Meringues

another RRV...if I were a vampire i'd be having a feast... and it's lovely Fleur and her gentle blog... and amazingly for her, she had exactly 17 books!

Book: At Elizabeth David's Table
Random Recipe: Oxtail Stewed with White Grapes

not sure what i'd do if i randomly picked oxtail... I guess i'd go for it which is exactly what Vanessa did and she's glad about it... well, wouldn't you be... look how amazing it is!

Book: Claudia Roden's Arabesque
Random Recipe: Lamb Stew with Aubergine Sauce

another yummy stew from RRV Jennifer... it looks amazing and according to legend it was certainly good enough for Napoleons wife, Empress Eugenie!

Blog: Hungry Hinny
Book: Baking with Homepride Flour
Random Recipe: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Natalie tried very hard to pick randomly this month but she's baked these wonderful cookies so many times that the book fell open at this page!

Book: Flloyd's India
Random Recipe: Chicken Cafarael

an un-heard of dish this time for Corina as she picks her Random Recipe... but how glad am I that she chose this spicy little number... and braved it too... homemade curry's are the best are they not?

Book: The Hudson River Valley Cookbook by Waldy Malouf
Random Recipe: Onion Walnut Muffins

Phil braved it like a proper trouper and went for his least used book shelf... and came up trumps with these incredible Onion and Walnut Muffins... oh I LOVE a savoury muffin...

Book: Feasts for a Fiver by Sophie Grigson
Random Recipe: Lace Biscuits

i'm seeing a pattern here as Jean also went for her least used book shelf and it seems i'm flavour of the month this time as she's loving her lace biscuits... well, what can I say... the challenge works!

Book: My Favourite Ingredients by Skye Gyngell
Random Recipe: Tomato Squash Curry

dear Lucy laments never having visited Petersham Nurseries during Skye's reign... like me, she's too poor and perhaps a little far to hop on the bus!

Book: Hamlyn's 200 Cupcakes
Random Recipe: Leaning Tower of Praline Cupcakes

Kate goes bonkers again and creates something fancy with praline whist making up excuses not to go to a music festival with him indoors...

Book: Indonesian Food by Sri Owen
Random Recipe: Long-Cooked Balinese Duck

Michael has gone out all guns blazing with this stunning duck dish taken from what must be my next book purchase... plus, as you'll know if you're a regular reader of his blog, he must have some very happy friends!

Book: The Claire Macdonald Cook Book
Random Recipe: Oatmeal and Garlic Bread

lovely Louise is back in the gang with this very simple but heady little number... she also fondly remembers her holiday with the actual Macdonald clan... lucky cow!

Book: Jamies Great Britain
Random Recipe: Welsh Cakes

don't these look like lovely little beauties...? Jo has outdone herself again with what can only be described as the ultimate naughty biscuit!

Book: Nigel Slaters Real Food
Random Recipe: Pasta with Spicy Sausage

whilst Camilla and her hubby have most of their stuff in transit, on the high-seas, she had to count her meagre cook books twice to get to 17... a lovely recipe but they ate it too fast to take a piccie... doh!

Book: Kitchen by Nigella Lawson
Random Recipe: Mexican Tortilla Lasagne

a wonderful twist on a classic dish here from Sheelagh... and a delight it is too!

Book: Chocolate by Marks and Spencer Books
Random Recipe: Caramel Mud Cakes

for some reason C thinks these were a recipe fail... I on the other hand think they are truly glorious and love a bit of stodgy cake centre... divine!... (oh and don't give up C, we love you and your recipe fails...)

Book: The Betty Crocker Cookbook
Random Recipe: Chicken Marsala

Janice has gone all 1950's on us this month with her 17th Random Recipe cookbook and this fabulously retro and very comforting chicken dish... move over... I need room to gawk!

Book: Around Britain Dairy Cookbook
Random Recipe: Finkadella

or Scottish meatballs to you and me... Karen has so many cook books stashed all over the joint she had to enrol poor hubby to make a pile just so she could count to 17... glad she did, these are rather nice are they not?

Book: The Birthday Cake Book by Fiona Cairns
Random Recipe: Alice's Teapot Cake

oh Laura, Laura, Laura... all I can say if FUCKING HELL YESS!!!!!!!!!

Book: Good For You Cakes by Jane Marsh Dieckman
Random Recipe: Molasses Cupcakes

should you need to be reminded of why I started Random Recipes then just check out JW's blog post... he's a Random Recipe Virgin (hope it didn't hurt too much...) and he's hit the nail directly on the head!

Book: Low-Carb Vegetarian by Celia Brooks Brown
Random Recipe: Chocolate Marzipan Cheescake

let me remind you all that it was Choclette who picked the number 17 this month... so the blame is fully on her shoulders... her book sounds rather depressing but her cheesecake looks rather marvellous... so we'll forgive her!

Book: Williams Sonoma Bride and Groom Cookbook
Random Recipe: Gougeres

now these are a proper challenge and good old Victoria didn't back down... and how good do they look...? lipsmacking i'd say!

Blog: Love Food UK
Book: Julia Child's French Cooking Vol 2
Random Recipe: Poached Chicken in White Wine

Keifer is another Random Recipe Virgin and boy what a book to pick... this really would send me running for the hills!... but bravely and gloriously taken on!

Book: Jamie's America
Random Recipe: Mutton and Juniper Stew

and yet another RRV from South Africa, the glorious Claire has made a deeply delicious mutton stew... welcome aboard Claire and send some stew my way!

Book: a mysterious food magazine
Random Recipe: Poached Stone Fruit with Cinnamon Honey Syrup

Mel is celebrating World Whisky Day by smothering some fruit with the stuff... i'm up for anything being smothered in whisky...

Blog: 41 Feasts
Book: Chorizo & Squid Salad
Random Recipe: Preserved by Jonny Acton and Nick Sandler

Nicola quite literally makes sausages from scratch in this marathon post... I warn you you need a cup of tea and a lie-down before, during and after reading this post...

Book: Comfort and Spice by Niamh Shields
Random Recipe: Tender Pork Ribs

Susan goes to an old favourite with these stunning ribs... don't you just wanna dive in and get sticky...

Book: Real Cooking by Nigel Slater
Random Recipe: Pasta with Lemon, Green Herbs and Toasted Crumbs

lovely Lyndsey is always so enthusiastic about taking part in Random Recipes and who can blame her when lady luck rains down on her so often... she hits the jackpot again this month with this wonderful and simple dish from good old Nigel Slater!

Book: Bean by Bean
Random Recipe: Bok Choy, Broccoli and Edamame Skillet with Millet

don't you just love the title of this dish... I want to say it again and again... Janet has organised her book alphabetically (i know...) and Bean by Bean was number 17... imagine how many books she has! Mind you if she's producing recipes like this that we can hardly complain...

Book: What to Eat Now by Valentine Warner
Random Recipe: Caramel Oranges

...let's not forget me... (although I nearly did...)

Book: Macarons by Annie Rigg
Random Recipe: Raspberry and Cream Macarons

well last but by no means least... what a way to end a mammoth random recipes round up with these incredible macarons... poor Ros had a mini-heart attack when she picked this book... I would have had to have had a lie down before taking these on... but hasn't she done incredibly well and if you're a reader of her blog you'll know she's tried and failed on many occasions!

Book: 400 Three and Four Ingredient Recipes by Jenny White
Random Recipe: Baked Sweet Potato with Leek and Gorgonzola

oh look... slipping in at the last second with this tasty little number... 

Blog: Spice Garden
Book: Cucina and Famiglia
Random Recipe: Lasagne di Pollo e Funghi Misti

another late guest to the party but don't mind Susan... she won't be stopping, she has to get herself another lottery ticket, the last one was faulty!

so that's it... and now I have to pick 2 winners to receive the prizes... i've updated this round-up in chronological order and this month being all about number 17 I have decided that winner number one is the 17th entry... which is C from Cake, Crumbs and Cooking... and for the second entry I have used a random number generator (The Viking) ... and the winner is number 28 - Susan from A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate... if you could both email me your addresses, that would be lovely....

....and finally, before I go, just a little bit of info about the dreaded SEO or Search Engine Optomization to those of us with dull brains... in our ever increasing effort towards food blogger world domination did you know that the powers that be (google etc) can read the title you give to ... or don't in many cases... your pictures... essentially this means that if Mrs Miggins from number 12 is googling for 'pineapple upside down cake' she will type into her search engine 'pineapple upside down cake' and it will help you all HUGELY if you title your picture 'pineapple upside down cake' rather than being lazy and leaving the title your camera gives the picture such as jpeg1294756372... because then google will be able to find YOUR picture of said pineapple upside down cake... all you have to do is hit the 'save as' button when saving and change the name of the picture... you will not regret it... unless that is Mrs Miggins happens to be searching for jpeg1294756372... in which case i'll mind my own...

... look out for April's Random Recipes where i'll be celebrating my second anniversary as a food blogger!


  1. Another great round-up !! I am looking forward to working my way through them.
    And I get what you mean about the photo naming business. I googled "lace biscuits" and the fourth item down was my post !! How good is that !!
    Mind you, some of the images in the images bit were a bit dodgy, what with "lace" being in the title......

  2. Noooooo I missed the deadline. I've just posted mine..

  3. What fantastic entries this month! I can see so many recipes I want to try, looking forward to sitting down for a great read this evening. Thanks Dom.

  4. Dom, a fantastic roundup and that Alice's Teapot Cake by LauraLovesCake is amazing! I'm off to check out the rest of these bloggers (so many I've never visited before) and thank you so much for hosting. I had a great time and can't wait for next month!

  5. Cooked, photographed and posted my entry in the last hour. It's a real RR disaster! The ones in the roundup look delicious though :o)

  6. Good grief Dom, that must have taken you ages to put together, I know it took me long enough to do the Sweet Heat round up and there were only 8 entries! Fantastic recipes, I will got back and visit some blogs and thanks for the tip on the photos.

  7. Another FABULOUS round up as usual and I have saved SO many recipes too....GREAT list of scrummy food and now I am off to collate my 45+ entries for TTT! Aghh....I KNOW how much hard work this will have taken!

  8. What a wonderful round-up! Great tip about renaming the photos - never really think about that, to be honest. I wonder what next month will bring...

  9. Now that we are on speaking terms again... excellent round up!! Love the new format. So many amazing recipes here - my bookmark list is growing and growing. More entries for Jacqueline's Bookmarked recipes then :) Look forward to next month, hopefully won't be as heart attack inducing as this month!!

  10. Fabulous round up...they all look so good! I'm looking forward to next month now!! :-)

  11. fantastic roundup as always x

  12. That blue teapot cake is I M P R E S S I V E !

  13. Love it, love , love it Dom! The varitey of recipes and entries, as always, is ace! Can't wait to help you celebrate your 2nd blogoversary! And cheers for the SEO tips!

  14. Excellent as ever, if you need any kind of cooking inspiration this is the blog...and this is the challenge to get you thinking...the variety and range is amazing. (Oh, and am very pleased that I was picked as a winner too, thanks to the Viking). xxx

  15. What a great round up and such a lot of entries! Can't believe I've won - thank you! and I'll be in touch :-)

  16. Lovely round up, Dom. What an impressive range of recipes. I'm also in awe of your ability to attract virgins.

  17. Great round up, I'm just sorry I didn't manage to contribute this month despite every intention of doing so. Looking forward to next months challenge and congrats in advance for two years of blogging! GG

  18. Good stuff again this month, Dom! Unfortunately, I am only now posting (and eating my leftovers from last night...) ... sorry! I shouldn't have spent all that time looking for a butcher to provide me with good veal shanks ... to no avail!

    My faves this month ...? Those Scottish meatballs, that freekin' awesome Jasperware cake, the chocolate marzipan cheesecake temptation, and the herb pasta ... yes, please!

  19. gorgeous roundup! I'm sorry I couldn't take part (not enough cookbooks sadly), but loving what everyone has got to share anyway! off to check some of them out for sure(: and happy blog birthday(:

  20. Well Random Recipes has just hit a new high. I know for a fact, I would have not considered a fully decorated celebration cake for RR, nevermind one as beautiful as thon teapot! Hmmm, I'm obviously not committed enough. The bar has been raised...

  21. Hmmm, Random Recipes has just hit a new high. I know for a fact I would never have considered doing a fully decorated celebration cake for RR, never mind one as beautiful and intricate as thon teapot. I am obviously not committed enough. The bar has been raised...

  22. Can you remove one of those Dom, please? Cheers

  23. Fantastic round-up Dom! and lovely to see new entries. That teapot cake is just amazing! I'm gonna start reading and these will keep me occupied for a while I'm sure...

  24. Great fun; great write-up, Dom! Can't wait to give this another go. :)


  25. Congratulations Cakes, Crumbs and Cooking and also to A little bit of Heaven on a plate.
    I loved all the recipes, what good fun is this, well done Dom!


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