Friday, 6 April 2012

carrot cake scones

... last Sunday was a beautiful Spring day... we awoke early to sounds of the new born lambs bleating in the field opposite the cottage, with golden sunlight streaming into the room... the day was spent mostly and very gently in the garden, tweaking it back into life... well The Viking was doing the tweaking, I was given the task of trimming the grass boarders... which I do with a pair of scissors... just for neatness you understand...

... and the weatherman told us the day would be over-cast and cold, so the sunshine felt like a day borrowed from last summer and I had the urge to bottle it... so whilst The Big V pootled, I nipped into the kitchen and whipped up a batch of captured sunshine... which was pretty lucky because anyone living in the UK will know that we're now going through our second winter...!

carrot cake scones
these are based on my basic scone recipe, which of course is Delia's basic scone recipe... and then i've thrown in some 'carrot cake' type ingredients so please bare with me if you think it all sounds a little bit ad-hock... it is...

250g self raising flour
75g butter
3 tablespoons caster sugar
2 carrots - finely grated
50g shredded or desicated coconut
50g ground almonds
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1 tablespoon glaced ginger
1 tablespoon sultanas
1 egg
some milk (sorry)

- pre-heat the oven to 190C

- sieve the flour into a large bowl and lightly rub in the butter, then add the rest of the dry ingredients and stir it all until it's all mixed up

- break the egg into the milk and whisk it up and then pour this into the bowl

- take a knife and work the liquid through the dry ingredients until it begins to form into a ball, then go in with your hands and bring it together

- gently pat it out onto a floured surface (I only pat it out to half the depth of my cutter) and cut out the scones

- bake for 15 minutes or until risen and golden

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. These look wonderful - I'm so making some this evening! Thanks for sharing your idea :o)

  2. Love the idea of carrot cake scones - delicious! Love the ingredient milk - some ... that's just what I do too! And then wonder how on earth I'll quantify it for people reading my blog!

    1. hur hur I did that for the apple cake recipe i shared on my blog a long time ago. was wondering how people would react to that, but oh well, come on, it's all about the adhoc spirit in the kitchen ;)

  3. Love the "which of course is Delia's" statement Dom - so true. Isn't everything, ultimately, Delia's? (is in my family anyway)

    Lovely looking scones.

  4. This is a fabulous idea, and I am envious of how tall your scones rise!

  5. Fab idea. love a bit of ad hoc-ery!

  6. If I make and eat some of your sunny cheese scones will the sun come back out-please...

  7. LOVE the idea dom! would totally gladly have them now!

  8. I am seeing and hearing that pastoral scene! Would love to have one of these scones, a cup of tea and a visit by an open window!!


  9. Mmmmmm carrot in a scone...sounds good to me! I've been inspired on the scone front by last month's teatime treats!

    Just watched your Baking Mad episode too...well done on the win...your tarts look great! :-)

  10. These are very Eastery and perfect for this time of year.

  11. This is an inspired idea - they sound delicious!

  12. YAY! More scones, my kind of baked treat and what a BRILLIANT idea too!

  13. These look great definitely a way to capture some sunshine and perfect for Easter :)

  14. Wonderful. Love carrot cake and love scones... Perfection.
    I was trying to explain how to make soda bread to a neighbour here in Brittany, and when she asked how much buttermilk I had to give a (Gallic) shrug, as much as you need i said (or at least that's what I think I said!)
    Enjoy the weekend, happy Easter from Brittany, Jude x

  15. Those scones would be a perfect accompaniment to the fennel and carrot soup you made the other day.

  16. I love the description of your Sunday in the garden ... and boy, your scones are so tall and crispy crusty looking ... I can practically taste them with a nice pat of soft butter and a cuppa ... in the garden, of course!

  17. Put the kettle down, I'm coming over! These look delicious!

  18. Mom and dad fly out to Scunthorpe tomorrow so hope the weather co-operates. Of course that is not something we have control over just like I have no control over hoe many of these scones I would eat.

  19. Mmmmmmmmm. What a fantastic idea for scones. Love it!

  20. Carrot cake scones... I don't know what to say except I'd be just fine with sampling. To check for quality and such. Maybe a batch or two, just to be sure they're delicious ;)

    And snipping grass w/ scissors?! Oh, I think those scissors would meet an unfortunate rock so quickly... >)

  21. Love the addition of carrot and coconut. These will do me for any season and that's useful because I'm not sure which season we're having at the moment.

  22. Oh wonderful, I can see carrots working really well in a scone - I think! The addition of the other ingredients sound good too and they certainly look as though it worked.

    BUT what are you doing snipping grass with scissors???

  23. Those scones look beautiful! An interesting combination.




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