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chocolate fruit and nut crispy cakes - a we should cocoa random recipe

... I know he wont mind me telling you but The Viking and I have both put on a serious amount of weight recently and to be honest, being men of a gentle nature who are well and truly finished with the salad days of our lives, we really can't afford to let anything slip too far... as it were... I simply refuse to have to purchase anything that comes with an elastic waistband!

... not that i'm pointing fingers but since I began blogging 2 years ago I have baked and eaten more cake than ever before in my entire life and this must have something to do with it surely... The Viking has almost put his foot down and banned me from baking anything sweet... but clearly I can't stop baking... I enjoy it far too much (both the baking and the eating) but I really need to temper my intake... I guess this means my neighbour Tracey will benefit from plenty of treats over the next few months as I attempt to gain control... that or i'll have to come down and bake in the darkness of the night...

with one final flourish before the sugar goes away here's my random recipe for the month...

Chocolate Fruit and Nut Crispy Cakes
these are such a nostalgia hit for me as we used to make something very similar as kids... I think they're such a brilliant kid-friendly bake aren't they...?

300g semisweet chocolate - broken into pieces
150g butter
1 tablespoon honey or golden syrup
1 tablespoon chopped nut
1 tablespoon sultanas
cornflakes or similar (I used a mixed dried fruit and flakes combo)

200g mascarpone cream cheese
150ml double cream

- prepare 18 paper muffin cases on a baking sheet

- place the chocolate, butter and syrup in a pan and gently melt until they are runny but not hot, remove from the heat and stir until well mixed

- add the chopped nuts and sultanas, stir and then add the cornflakes and stir again until combined

- spoon the cornflake cake mix into the muffin cases and leave to cool for 2-3 hours

- whip the mascarpone and double cream together until thick and then make little fancy quinelles using two teaspoons, so they sit prettily on top.

these are of course my random recipes entry for this month... if you haven't entered and would still like to you have until Sunday to submit your entries... and i'm also entering them into the excellent we should cocoa challenge which, this month is chocolate and cheese...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Yup I know this problem... although in my case I blame having to walk at snail's pace with someone under 4 foot tall... that and hitting the biscuit tin whenever the tantrums get too much. I think the only way to take serious temptation out the way (hello mascarpone on top of chocolate crispies? don't mind if I do *cough*) is to ditch the lot and start again...

  2. Nostalgia indeed!! I know what you mean about the hazards of blogging too...I think I must have put on half a stone in 6 months of blogging...I dread to think where I'll be if the trend continues!!

    P.S I'm hoping to make my random recipe tomorrow!

  3. Ha! My excuse is that I'm still carrying my pregnancy weight! Food blogging should carry a health warning, but at least when I go back to work I'll be able to find some beneficiaries for my baking! These look seriously tempting though, and it would be hard to pass them on ... :)

  4. ooh - something I have to make with my wee girl this weekend I think (I found out last week that I happen to have lost a few pounds this month - purely thanks to not living in the glutton's paradise Singapore any more - so I'd feel justified in eating at least half the tray)

  5. Um, yes I think you've found the correlation Dom!

    Either you eat less cake or do a lot more running around... I love making cakes and we have lots of fresh eggs but I've now restricted cake making to once (maybe twice) a month. You'll have to find another tea-shop that wants cakes to sell.


  6. Not only are they kid-friendly, I think they also bring out the inner child in you! Whenever I take cakes into work, these are the things that get snapped up first. And I'll let you into a little secret . . . they are what I bake when I want people to what I want them to do!!!

  7. Yes, indeed it is a problem for us food bloggers! Nothing nicer than a chocolate krispie cake when it's made with good chocolate. I'm still hoping to get my random recipe in on time :-)

  8. Too cute for words... and you can get some very nice elasticated outfits these days, please don't stop baking Dom, we all want more of you to love!

  9. We all put on a few extra pounds as we mature - it isn't "fat", it's simply that your skull can no longer accommodate the extra brains you're growing so they're laid down in the next-most stable place which is on top of the trouser belt. Once you get over thirty or so you have to add your waist measurement onto the total to get your true IQ.

  10. Such happy memories of making crispy cornflake and rice krispie cakes with my mum as a nipper - if only my metabolism was the same now! Perhaps you can find a new outlet to give/sell your bakes to so you can keep on baking without forgoing the svelte...

  11. These look scrumptious, Dom, even if they're likely to expand my waistline ;) I feel your conundrum, tho - I love all kinds of comforting (and frequently fattening) foods and it's so difficult to restrain myself. Or to shift gears to healthier eating. And I've decided blogging has only exacerbated the problem for me... But you're right - it can't go on forever...

  12. Think of it as being vertically challenged for your weight! LOL!!! BTW, the fruit and nut cakes look delicious!

  13. Blogging is definitely hazardous to the waist line. Love your little fruit and nut crispy cakes - my mum made something similar when I was younger and that blog of mascarpone/cream - mandatory, not optional! ;)

  14. Great stuff Dom - I'm battling with the same thing at the moment, all this cooking (and eating!) puts a serious strain on the old waistline for sure! These crispy cakes look delicious :)

  15. These have to be a favourite, I make them with my little girl and used to make them with my sons when they were little.
    The waistline problem is a nightmare, I try and bake only at the weekend or send cakes into my daughter's school staff room. Find a pet school, charity or old peoples home and then you can enjoy guilt free baking with the added bonus of feeling wonderful as you give your superb cakes, biscuits and scones.

  16. Oh those quenelles are very elegant indeed. Well I hope you enjoy this last dip into decadence but I can't say long may it continue - love your sweet treats too much. Thanks for putting forward these yummy crispy cakes to WSC.

    My waistline problems are bought on by eating masses of junk at work then being too tired to cook properly when getting home - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

  17. Dom, elastic waist pants are called " eating pants" I thought everyone owned a pair. Back to your little cakes. These are a little prize at bake sales. Goodies that come in their own package always get scooped up first. Easy, quick recipe.

  18. lol.. elastic waist band pants! Now those are sexy!! :)
    Life as a food blogger isn't easy, that is for sure. I start to notice Chris and I putting on a few extra pounds every now and then so I try to cook a little healthier for a while. Good thing for me, I don't bake as well as you, so we don't have a ton of sweets laying around... just indulgent mac and cheese dishes!

  19. I have had to put my own foot down on baking over the years since I really do have no self control:D These are bookmarked for when I lose it:D

  20. Oh my goodness - these are the best - never mind about the extra pounds!
    Mary x

  21. Since Christmas, I have piled on a few pounds too....and it HAS to come off, lol! But these wee morsels are JUST right for naughty people like us,hehehehe.....and I LOVE them!

  22. These are great fun - well, I'm nothing if not childlike (or is that childish?). I truly understand and sympathise about the potential girth increase.

  23. love these look absolutely nice!!

  24. I love chocolate crispie cakes - I always used to make them with my mum when I was little, but now prefer them with dark chocolate!

    Good Luck with eating less of the sweet stuff - mine goes into work with me - it's a good popularity booster!

  25. Oh my, oh my...such goodness-thank you Dom!

  26. Good Luck with cutting down on the sugar stuff. I always used to be able to resist now I'm just as greedy as everyone else at home. I love crispy cakes they are so nostalgic. GG

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