Sunday, 29 April 2012

Random Recipes #15 - round-up

... let me set the scene... its a darkened room, lit only by the light of flickering candles... a bunch of colourful balloons struggle for freedom, their ribboned tails tied to a chair leg... a hushed silence falls as the party guests wait to scream their 'surprise'... in the centre of the room is a long table, groaning with the weight of glorious cakes of all kind... multi-coloured napkins and plates lay empty with the anticipation of a slice of something sweet and sugary... and all the guests can think... 'when will he get here so I can decide which piece of cake I can have first!...'

... and what a choice...!

blog: Searching for Spice
book: Step by Step Baking by Caroline Bretherton
recipe: Ginger Cake

our first entry is one of my all time favourite cakes... simple but always pack a punch, thank you Corina for your delicious entry

book: River Cottage Baking
recipe: Rhubarb and Strawberry Tart

Michael has come up trumps with my favourite kind of tart... a tart tart... thank you Michael!

book: Bake by Nick Malgieri
recipe: Chocolate Raspberry Sandwiches

lovely Susan has made the prettiest little cakes for the blogarversary table... filled with jam and love... next time she's going to fill them with Nutella... heavenly!

book: Tapas!
recipe: Banderillas Picantes

... so Karen, bless her, got it all a little bit wrong and piled up her 'party' books and so came up with these little numbers... I guess with all the sweetness we may appreciate something a little savoury!

book: Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell
recipe: Chocolate Prune Cake

now how incredible does this cake look...? a wonderful chocolate cake for the table... which contains prunes and rum... what's not to like... ?

book: The Hummingbird Bakery's Cake Days
recipe: Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf Cake

so it's a warm welcome to the lovely Jack as its his first Random Recipe... which of course makes him an RRV... and aren't these a wonderful way to start a great journey... the tables really on cake overload now!

book: 21st Century Housewife by Victoria
recipe: Nonnas Banana Bread

a genius pick of a recipe from Victoria after shuffling through her own hand made recipe book... and my favourite loaf... a yummy banana bread

blog: Makey-Cakey
book: A Greener Life by Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jonny Scott
recipe: Marlborough Cake

never heard of this kind of cake before but Ruth insists it tastes wonderful and who am I to argue with this months sponsor?... looks bloody good anyway!

book: Food and Drink TV Show
recipe: Mr Barry's Chocolate Cake

bending the rules out of all proportion here is Phil... but what do I care with such a wonderfully light and fluffy cake... nice one Phil!

book: The Boy Who Bakes by Edd Kimber
recipe: Nanimo Bars

how wonderful are these unusual bars from GG...? I just love them, they look so sophisticated but you know they're really very naughty!

book: The Joyful Baker
recipe: Apple Cider Pudding Cake

a bit of a twist is this Vik Sponge... and C has it all going on with this lovely gooey apple cake... I think she made them for me... she said they were made for the Queen...

book: Tea with Bea
recipe: Nutty lemon Biscotti

Suelle is celebrating her 300th post along with my 2nd blogaversary so a little double party going on here, which is just as well as with the addition of these wonderful treats the party table is beginning to groan!

book: Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days
recipe: Mixed Nut Slices

so impressed that Gary persuaded his OH to bake this for me... and she said yes!... of course Gary got to pick the book and the recipe, so the drama was there but then he duly passed on the sweat and tears!

book: Peyton and Byrnes British Baking
recipe: Banoffi Pie

hot on the heels of his OH we have, what is probably the best pudding in the world... I thank you Gary... Gary?... still in that sugar and banana induced coma?... Gary?

book: Colossal Cookie Cookbook
recipe: Heart Shaped Cookies

returning to an old favourite cookbook has inspired Jo and these pretty little cookies are just so adorable aren't they... would you like bite?  Come on... I know you would!

book: Ottolenghi
recipe: Orange and Polenta Cake

like me, having never cooked with Polenta before Lucy was a little worried but it all turned out rather wonderful and I think she's grown to like it quite a bit... and who could blame her... just look at this cake!

book: Marks and Spencer Easy Baking Recipe Book
recipe: Chewy Golden Oat Cookies

it seems as though Gill has started something she shouldn't have at work by being so generous with her baking... they'll be fighting over the tea urn soon Gill!

book: Eric Lanlards Home Bake
recipe: Walnut Tarts

poor Clare originally picked a Christmas Cake for this months challenge but she decided against it and picked again... for which I do forgive her but only because these beauties are such a delightful sticky treat!

book: Short and Sweet (and Emma's Mum)
recipe: Coconut Milk Layer Cake

oh look, a Random Recipe Virgin along for the celebrations... and Emma has gone out guns blazing with this triple layer cake, using some of her mums wonderful lime curd... delightful!

book: Apples for jam by Tessa Kiros
recipe: Orange Juice and Olive Oil Cake

Debbie celebrates the incredible and torrential rain (go to her blog and check out the video) we've been having with this wonderful olive oil cake and some excellent photography too.

book: Edmonds Classic Cookbook
recipe: Ginger Kisses

i'd never heard of Ginger Kisses until reading Lucy's post but they look damn fine to me and a most welcome addition to the now seriously bowing in the middle celebration table!

book: Short and Sweet by Dan Lepard
recipe: Marbled Chocolate Crumble Cake

The Baking Addict is relieved not to have picked macaroons again for this challenge and she really lucked out with this yummy treat which also happens to be one of my favourite cakes... although I think i've said that about a lot of the cakes made this month... and i wonder why i'm so fat!

book: Sumptuous Cakes 
recipe: Chocolate Fruit and Nut Crispy Cakes

these little beauties were great fun, easy to make and scarily easy to eat!

book: A Treasury of New Zealand Baking
recipe: Cinnamon and Raisin Pinwheels

Mel has adapted a little recipe for these divine pinwheels from a book that took her a while to find on native NZ baking... not that they're particularly native in any way but that's the point... oh just read the post and you'll see what I mean...

book: Cake Days - The Hummingbird Bakery
recipe: Pistachio Cake

well I feel truly honoured that Lou has entered into RR this month... she's been a busy bee and will hopefully be blogging again more frequently... I do hope so if she comes up with stunning stuff like this fabulous loaf cake.

book: Green and Blacks Ultimate
recipe: Sticky Toffee Chocolate Puddings

The Vikings favourite pudding this time and Choclette has created a thing of beauty with this very naughty little puddings... can you just imagine the heavenly smell in her kitchen when these were baking... my mouth is quite literally dribbling!

book: Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell
recipe: Apricot Upside Down Cake

Laura has a spot of bother with her upside down cake, although to be frank it looks practically perfect to me... don't you think... and i know it'll go quickly!

book: Mary Berry's 100 Cakes and Bakes
recipe: A Rather Red Loaf Cake

making room on the table for just one more... and Glace cherries are the main feature in this delicious loaf cake... I can taste their heavenly scent now... give me just one little slice...

book: Donna Hay Magazine
recipe: Pine Nut Cake with Orange Syrup

usually first but coming in late this month... but I really can't fault Denise and her gorgeous cake... she's right, I would love it!

book: The Best of Cadbury Chocolate Cooking
recipe: Chocolate and Amaretti Slice

...and with a stunning flourish Janice comes sweeping in with what can only be described as a show-stopper of a cake... thank you... thank you.. thank you... i need a slice NOW!

... thanks for helping me celebrate my second blogaversary... what a party!... look out for Random Recipes number 16 coming your way on Tuesday...


  1. Wow, what a fantastic round-up !! Brilliant !!

  2. Wow, what a round-up! I'm almost in a food coma, just from all the photos!! Happy blog-birthday once again! :)

  3. Awesome round-up & great birthday gifts too! I guess this is your dream come true having so many cakes for your birthday! Happy birthday & many happy returns of the day! :)

  4. Ah Dom, what a spread. I'm already feeling distraught at not knowing which one of these amazing bakes to try first. Great tribute to your 2nd blogiversary, although, quite frankly there is enough cake here to keep you going until your 3rd.

  5. As a dedicated baker, there are a lot of recipes, and books, here, which I need to explore further.

    What a great tea-party it would make, in reality!

  6. My goodness some lovely cakes there - it's amazing how you can have a cookery book on the shelf for years and not know that they contain some of these great cakes! I guess that's the beauty of your Random Recipes Challenge (or the point) to make something you've overlooked for some reason or another.

    Anyway, I could kick myself, I made some lovely cakes earlier this month to enter into this month's Random Recipes and here we are it's all over and I haven't entered them!

  7. It would definitely be hard to choose just one glorious cake!

  8. Very good indeed, remind me of a Clandestine Cake Club 'do'...fittign round up for your second blog birthday. xxx

  9. Happy blog birthday dom! Sorry i couldn't do something to join in the party, but glad to see you've got loads of lovely cakes to celebrate with(:

  10. Beautiful round up and happy birthday! I keep missing your deadline. Sorry!

  11. sprog and I made your chocolate krispie cakes this afternoon in your honour. Well, okay, it might have been in honour of our own greed... but they were delish none-the-less! (I've eaten six since 2pm, oops)

  12. OMG! What a Klutz I was....LOL! OH well, thanks for including my little SAVOURY treats! And HAPPY BIRTHDAY again....and pass me a slice of cake please!

  13. Wow, not sure where to start. We would certainly put on an amazing spread were we ever to be in the same location long enough!
    Happy Birthday dear Belleau Kitchen. Xxx

  14. Wow - what an amazing collection of cakery. Happy Bloggiversary! x

  15. Another beautiful spread for this month's RR Challenge. I look forward to next month's challenge though I cannot promise that I'll be able to participate as I am away at the moment. Will try my best though!

  16. Woot Woot! What a party! I really believe that this is the most decadent dessert table ever was set! There are just so many beautiful and wonderfully prepared and presented desserts ... we would all certainly make many a trip back for more ... I'm sending you a big kiss and a hug on the occasion of your second blogversary, Dom!

    Yummah! may you have many more!

  17. You are very welcome Dom. Half of it has gone to work with my husband. I'm hoping the rest will keep in the fridge, tightly wrapped in foil until I have some visitors next weekend! I can only imagine it will get even better. Fantastic round up, randomly brilliant as usual.

  18. Wow awesome round up Dom! I'm so glad I got invited to the party as this is my favourite RR so far as it's all about baking! PS I'm sooo sorry I didnt email you *slaps wrist* and THANK YOU so much for including my entry! Promise to be better behaved next time!

  19. great round up - I keep meaning to send in a random recipe - got as far as choosing a recipe randomly this month and then ran out of time to bake - oh well - another time - happy blogiversary

  20. Another awesome roundup with so much featured talent - my favorites would have to be the Nanimo bars and Orange Polenta cake. What a celebration and so many delicious choices...

  21. Great round up - fantastic variety of baked goodies. Sorry for my minor (well, minorish) rule violation - I'd promise to be good in the future, but would I stick to my promise?


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