Wednesday, 16 May 2012

asparagus with orange butter - a random recipe

...greetings from the island of Mallorca... my family have been coming to the island of Mallorca since the late '70's before it was 'Majorca' and was going through its naff phase... it was always a cheap, sunny destination for many Europeans and spent a couple of decades building some pretty dreadful hotels on some stunning, unspoilt beaches whilst ruining its own reputation... fortunately it is now going through something of a renaissance as the locals and government realise quite what an incredibly beautiful place it is and what wonderful produce the land harvests...

... for those who are perhaps unaware of Mallorca it is the largest of the Ballaeric Islands of which the infamous party island Ibiza also claims residency and is situated in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain... The island has 5 good hot summer months and 7 cooler winter months. It has been known to snow and being an island the rain can be rather dramatic on occasion... last night we had the most incredible thunder and lightning but today the sun is glorious... The land is mountainous in areas and flat and arable in others...The King of Spain has his holiday home here and clearly my family thought that if it was good enough for him it was good enough for us...

puerto pollensa

... my mums sister has an apartment in a coastal town in the North of the island called Puerto Pollensa... it used to be a sleepy fishing village and during the 1980's was the height of chic for the euro-rich and their yachts.. it's now sadly all a little cheesy and not yet taking advantage of the cooler, edgier parts of the island life... however I adore my aunts apartment and feel very privileged to be able to use it at the drop of a hat... Puerto Pollensa still has its charms however, such as the shady Pine Walk which runs from the delightful 1930's Illa D'Or Hotel into town along the beach past some stunningly covetable houses...

...Sunday is market day in Pollensa Old Town and it is the most wonderful traditional market selling not only incredible fresh fruits and vegetables but delightful local foods such as roasted almonds, stuffed olives, local cheeses and cured meats... I could spend hours wondering around and it's only the weight of my shopping bag that stops me!
pine walk

... I picked up some local asparagus which is in season and delightfully thin and therefore needs very little cooking time... perfect with some incredibly juicy oranges for use in my random recipes challenge which is to pick the first or last recipe from a randomly selected cookbook... mine was asparagus in orange butter from Porters English Cookery recipe because it really is quite as easy as steaming the asparagus and squeezing orange into the melting butter!

jaffa cake icecream - for Kavey

at dusk



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