Sunday, 27 May 2012

cider braised lincolnshire sausage hot-dogs with caramelised onions in cider

oh YES!!!!... if by magic someone switched the summer on... last week us Brits were bemoaning the extended winter and quite literally on Wednesday last week, as though at a flick of a switch, it went from really quite cold to really rather hot...

... and like all decent British folk that meant on with the shorts and sun-tan lotion and out with the barbecue... it's officially summer, let's all jump up and down and do it quickly before the powers who be decide we've all quite frankly had enough and bring back the cold and rain...

Lincolnshire Sausage Hot Dogs with Caramelised Onions in Cider

Inspired by my visit to The Skidbrooke Cyder Company as you know I’ve been experimenting with cider recipes, from a wonderfully rustic Pheasant Normandy, a very sweet Honey, Orange and Almond cake to a richly piquant Lambs Liver Braised in Cider but now that summer’s in full swing I thought these succulent sausages were a very simple yet perfect way to capture that incredible sunshine cider taste!  I’ve roasted mine in the oven for a deeper, richer flavour but they could easily be started this way and then finished off on the barbecue for a more authentic vibe!

... I previously forgot to mention that I made veggie versions of these for The Viking using Cauldron Lincolnshire Sausages, treated in exactly the same way and they came out very well!

8 Lincolnshire Sausages
2 large glasses of Farmhouse Cider
2 large onions – thinly sliced
1 teaspoon sugar
a large pinch of fresh thyme
salt and pepper to taste

8 hot dog rolls – I’ve made my own using this super easy recipe on my blog for Soft White Rolls.

- pre-heat the oven to 180C

 prick your sausages once with a sharp knife, place them in a bowl and cover them with a glass of
cider.  Let them marinate for at least an hour.

- place the sausages in a roasting dish, pour over a little of the cider and roast in the oven till golden
roughly 30 minutes

- meanwhile gently sauté the onions in a little butter and oil until beginning to turn dark brown, this
should take about 20 minutes adding a teaspoon of sugar and the thyme halfway through.  Don’t leave
them un-checked, they will need stirring throughout.

- after 20 minutes turn the heat up to full and throw in a glass of cider and let it bubble away until you
are left with sticky, golden onions

- place a sausage into a roll, cover with onions and enjoy!


  1. I don't have any cider, but I do have two sausages in the fridge and hotdog buns on the counter. Hmmm, lunch?

  2. those photos are AMAZING Dom, delicious!!!

  3. I know what you mean, it was raining nonstop a while ago and sudddenly it's like I'm back in singapore or sth. had an awesome bbq already, with hot dogs and with cider, but not together. why did you wait till today to post this, boo.

  4. Perfect for the hot summer weather - wish I could have had this for lunch!

  5. These caught my eye right away, and since I'm sans barbecue at the moment I appreciate the oven roasting directions. They look hot off the grill---you've really captured the essence of summer!

  6. Very seasonal and much nicer then the wieners of hot dog fame.

  7. Oh be still my beating heart! These look fabulous (great photo btw).

  8. Caramelised onions and sausages...great combination!!!xox

  9. There's something right about munching sausages on a hot day. I've no idea why it works but it does. And with onions made golden in cider - what could be better?

  10. Why have I never thought of doing onions in cider before! I've used wine, and even fruit juice, but never cider. Thank you for highlighting this culinary void... These look delicious - and I bet they tasted it too, especially in home made rolls.

  11. I have a cider thing going on a the moment and quite partial to a lovely pear cider. These sausages (snags here) look fabulous and the marinating would have made them perfect (something I will have to try, interested to hear about the veggie ones too as we have a couple in the family and some of the veggie sausages around taste like rubber!)- enjoy that summer weather while you can.

  12. Bring on the sausages and the sunshine Dom!!!!

  13. Oh my god. I am drooling. Weirdly, this has really reminded me of going to Goodwood Revival last year! I could murder one of these right now even though it's half past nine in the morning and I've just had breakfast...

  14. Oh my, this looks delicious!
    The bun is really crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the meat is perfect and the onions are sweet, pure perfection!

  15. Wowzers! That IS summertime on a plank! Co crispy bun and juicy goodness! Happy Summer, Dom!

  16. I told you I would get that heat to you.. it just took a while.. it had a lot of ocean to cover!! :)
    LOVE these dogs... we're grilling out today, might have to make a menu change!

  17. I love to but any fresh local products. I bet these sausages were to die for. Especially with the home made hot dog buns. Welcome summer time!

  18. I LOVE them, I love every ingredient in them and I want them please!! LOVELY idea and recipe for the BBQ Dom!

  19. OMG I love it, simple and perfect for a lazy hot day. I'm in Berlin and they have an amazing sausages over here, so tomorrow bbq in the park :)

  20. Another great recipe, from my favourite blogger.

  21. The caramelised onions- yum


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