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random recipes #16 - round up

... it seems you quite like getting to choose your own recipes, which is far too easy a compromise if you ask me... but what I love about random recipes this month is how odd some of the recipes are and how they seem to have no logic at all as to why they are the first or last... i'm sure you can make your own minds up... I thank you once again for all the wonderful entires and such dedication... you are all lovely... and so without further ado, here's the round-up...

book: Cuisine Express
recipe: Mint and Ginger Palmiers

Mel has gone for one of the 5 recipes on the last age of this book and little zingers they are too... look at these beauties!

book: Leemei Tan's Lemongrass and Ginger
recipe: Japanese Inspired Chicken Teriyaki Bento

believe it or not but Ren is a Random Recipes Virgin... but here she is today with this glorious entry... chicken teriyaki, (first recipe from the book) perhaps my favourite thing in the whole world!... nice one Ren!

book: Hamlyn's 200 Mini Bakes and Cakes
recipe: Lemon and Limoncello Mini Cupcakes

lovely Laura (who loves cakes) has gone for the first recipe from this book and these awesome cupcakes... so cute and so naughty with that hidden twang of limoncello!

book: Hamlyn's 200 Mini Bakes and Cakes
recipe: Window Cookies

... Laura... Laura... Laura... how we love your cakes... and your double whammy entries to Random Recipes... and these window cookies are particularly spectacular... I totally understand why you'd want to cook these too... from the very last page of the book... well worth the wait!

book: a little taste of Italy by Sophie Baimbridge and Jo Glynn
recipe: Amaretti Biscuits

... last recipe from the book finally makes a comeback and I have such fond memories of Amaretti Biscuits from my childhood which makes it so lovely to see them make an appearance here... and particularly because they look so bloody wonderful, thank you Debby with a 'y' x

book: Real Fast Food by Nigel Slater
recipe: Bruschetta

... a proper first recipe from Lou and Nigel Slater here with these classic, fresh and mighty fine bruschetta... the taste of summer... remember summer?

blog: Taste Space
book: River Cottage Veg
recipe: Appaloosa Bean Chili

... great name... great bowl of glorious chili from a glorious book and a rather fantastic blog from Janet ... a recipe from the front of the book... and what a book! (i've aid that already but it is a great book...) 

book: Food of the Sun by Alastair Little and Richard Whittington
recipe: Saffron Sultana Cake

Sarah's very delicate entry this month are these rather sweet saffron cakes... there's something about them that makes me think of posh ladies in lace gloves... it may be because i'm going slowly mad... 

book: Farmstead Chef
recipe: Lentil and Polish Sausage Soup

a last recipe this time from Susan from this wonderful cook book... I love anything that has this hearty type of cooking and so I must track down a copy of this book... or ask Susan to continue to cook from it!

book: Good Housekeeping Best 30 Minute Recipes
recipe: White Bean Soup

another soup recipe but this time from the first page of the book and Janice has made a soup i've never made before so am very much looking forward to trying this one out... perfect for the cold grey weather we'd been having...

book: Cakes and Ale by Nathaniel Gubbins
recipe: Gubbins Sauce

Phil strikes absurdity gold yet again with his randomness and this genius 19th Century cookbook... only an author with such a profoundly odd name would name a sauce after himself!

book: Be-Ro 1928 Recipe Book
recipe: Victoria Scones

More vintage recipes this time from lovely Karen and these delicious large scones with little cherries on top... fit for a queen, although it makes me wonder just how many scones HRH has eaten in her life... just the thought!

book: HFW Veg Everyday
recipe: Tourte de Blettes

poor Claire... not having much luck last month or this to be honest... a complete no-no from Hugh... Swiss Chard in a sweet tart anyone...?

blog: Makey-Cakey
book: Waste not Want not by Patrik Beer and Gunter Jaros
recipe: Fruit Cocktail and Muesli Cake

firstly, let us all thank Ruth for the wonderful recipe cars she so kindly sent out last month... yay Ruth... secondly, don't you just love this non-muesli, muesli cake... but to eat it for your supper...?

book: Nigel Slaters Real Fast Food
recipe: Bruschetta

Alice really should be doing her homework but she's being distracted and looking at cute pictures of animals and creating fabulous things in the kitchen instead... naught Alice...

book: Book of Baking
recipe: Mini Cornbreads

stepping away from her 'sweet baking' comfort zone but glad she did, Ros the Baking Addict has created these rather lovely and interesting polenta cornbreads... I am a convert I think....

book: For Chocolate Lovers by The Tanner Brothers
recipe: White Chocolate Sauce

Choclette gets away with a super-easy one here, which I think is rather dangerous as it means it can be made and eaten simply, fast and effectively, waaaaaay too often for my fat tummy!

blog: HungryHinny
book: Sugar Animals by Francis McNoughton
recipe: Sugar Elephant

isn't this the cutest random recipe entry ever...?  I love the way this months theme has turned out some bizarre oddities... but Natalie's elephant is beyond adorable!

book: Claudia Roden's Middle Eastern Feast
recipe: Hummus

lucky Aveen picks one of my favourite authors here and a lovely, simple hummus dip... I think one of the basic 'must-have' recipes for every good host!

book: Chocolate - 100 everyday recipes
recipe: Chocolate and Pistachio Bisotti

a Random Recipes Virgin here... wave hello everyone and make Susie feel welcome... and i'm sure with these delicious biscotti she has to hand round she'll become a crowd pleaser pretty quickly!

blog: 41 Feasts
book: Recipes from Pan-Cooked Chicken Dishes Around The World
recipe: Fruity Chicken Curry

could you get a more specific titled book?  Nicola was after a truly random recipe and this month I think she achieved it with the fruity, chickeny cocktail... looks so pretty and I bet it tastes like summer in a bowl!

book: Eating with Emperors by Jake Smith
recipe: Cream of Asparagus Soup

you have to go and check out this incredible looking book that a friend gave to Denise, lucky her... just imagine a book filled with recipes fit for serving the Emperors!... just imagine a whole book dedicated to me!

book: New American Recipes
recipe: Angel Food Cake Supreme

Lucy has stepped back in time and shed a little tear for her mum with this glorious cake for her little girl and the first recipe from this 1960's pamphlet... 

book: Porters English Cookery Bible
recipe: Asparagus in Orange Butter

whilst you were all slaving over hot stoves in a cold climate I was sunning myself in Mallorca... and I still had time to make my random recipes entry... which was bloody amazing!

... don't forget to tune in in a couple of days to find out the random recipes challenge for June...


  1. Great round up Dom - some fantastic and quirky entries but they all look delicious! Thanks for welcoming me to the challenge :)

  2. I think Random is the only word for this round up. "such fun" ;-)

  3. I like that Chicken Teriyaki Bento from Ren Behan. It looks wonderful on photo!

  4. Thanks for another WONDERFUL RR Dom! And I have to say the round up here is FAB! SO very random! Love em' all darlink! Karen

  5. An impressive array and range...well done to everyone who took part, some smashing contributions here. x

  6. That's a truly random and fascinating selection this month. I'm very impressed to see an elephant in the round up.

  7. Those window biscuits are really impressive and love the cute little blue elephant...

    Thanks for the Debby with the "Y" Dom...I had a bit of a Liza with a "Z" (or is it "ZEE" moment then...awesome...thank you....

  8. What a very strange collection of recipes for those first and last pages. You're so right, that elephant of Nat's has got to be the best ever! Thanks Dom.

  9. That's an eclectic selection! A fantastic roundup - glad you use the more photogenic one of my pics too - phew

  10. Great round up - some really interesting recipes from blogs I didn't know about!

  11. Excellent round up! Love the elephant - didn't see that one coming!


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