Tuesday, 19 June 2012

thank you...

...well, The Viking and I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful and clearly heartfelt comments left on the blog, facebook and twitter... it is amazing how all your voices have been so comforting... many people criticise the internet for being a soulless place but after two years of blogging I know that my family extends so much further than it did before...  As you can imagine it's been a really tough time and the decision we made on Sunday was truly heartbreaking... but one we feel had to be made to spare our little monkey-dog from any suffering... as many of you said, she did have a wonderful life with us and was part of our family ...there is a space where she used to be which I don't think i'll ever really get used to...

... i'm not feeling in the mood for doing too much creative stuff at the moment but I do have a couple of posts already written and I also have work commitments to meet and I think getting on with some of the nice stuff can't be a bad thing... it's the Lincolnshire Show this week and it'll be my first visit... as a member of the press - no less...  but I thought to start, a little treat... something sweet... would lighten things up a little...

blueberry ripple ice-cream
this ice-cream makes a perfect entrant for two of the best bloggers challenges out there; bloggers scream for ice cream - hosted by Kavey from Kavey Eats, who's theme this month is fruit... and tea time treats - hosted by Karen from Lavender and Lovage, who's theme this month is berries...

for the ripple
9oz blueberries
3oz caster sugar

for the custard
10fl oz milk or single cream if you're feeling lush
3 egg yolks (oh god... that's more meringues again then...)
1 level tablespoon caster sugar
2 drops vanilla essence
8fl oz double cream or extra thick cream

- place the blueberries in a pan, add the sugar and bring to a gentle rolling boil for about 20 mins or until reduced to a sticky syrup... it shouldn't be totally smooth however, a few recognisable blueberry bits will keep a more home-made look to the final ice cream - chill completely

- to make the custard, gently heat the milk or cream until just hot

- in a separate pan mix the egg yolks with the sugar and vanilla, then, off the heat, pour the milk into the pan, gently stirring.

- place the custard mix onto a gentle heat and stir until the custard thickens - which should only take a minute or two - chill completely.

- once chilled, blend the thick cream into the custard and pour the mix into an ice cream maker for 20 mins or until nearly frozen

- at this stage, place the ice cream into a bowl, add the chilled blueberry syrup and fold in - freeze for at least an hour before serving... as you can see from the top picture I didn't have the patience to wait and the ice-cream began to melt straight away, so I had to pop it back into the ice-cream maker which turned it the most wonderful lilac colour shown in the next picture down... still tasted bloody good!

eat and of course enjoy!


  1. Hope you and the Viking are ok, hugs x

  2. I too am often blown away by the genuine support and love and help I have found from internet friends. Many have become very dear real life friends, after meeting in person. Always makes me cross when ignorant people pontificate about social media/ online chatting being for those who don't know how to socialise in real life. They have so failed to understand the reality of it.

    Lovely ice cream, adore the colour.

  3. Peter and I share your sense of loss, having gone through the same a couple of years ago. You right to just keep on keeping on. All best to you and the Viking.

  4. I know your decision was very difficult. This is what the vet told me when I put my beautiful Roxy. down."You are doing the most selfless act you can do. You are taking away her suffering and putting it all on yourself." I thought of that so often afterwards. It gave me so much comfort to know I loved her that much.

    The ice cream looks delicious and so creamy. Some wild Maine blueberries would be awesome in this.

  5. I still, though not as frequently, hear comments about the blogging community as being "safe" from getting involved. I've found that to be completely untrue! In fact, I wish I could come up with a term to describe my friends online other than referring to you as "my blogging friend". Ideas?


  6. I too am often overwhelmed by the support that I get from the internet and my "cyber friends", some of whom I have been lucky enough to meet, yourself included. I felt your sorrow and knew it would be hard for BOTH you and the Viking, and I can honestly say I know how you both feel.....but, and this does not seem likely now, there will be a day where you can BOTH talk about your little monkey dog with affection and humour and with NO tears.....she was, and is still part of your lives, and will always remain in your memories! HUGE hugs to both of you, I think you said the Viking wrote a post too.....I must visit him too.....LOVE the ice cream darlink, it's BERRY BOOTIFUL! Karen xxxx

  7. Oh, Dom, my heart is aching for you both, we've lost two dogs and my old darling is on his last legs, We are reluctantly having to think about making the same decision soon, just hoping he can make one last trip to France. It is wonderful the way city dogs love the beach.
    She'll always be a part of your family my little girl looks at photos of Tara and says, "I love the dog we had before I was born!" even after 14 years we talk about her (and Bonbon who left us 3 years ago) all the time.
    Best wishes to you both. Jude x

  8. Holly is in a better place, and while you miss her something awful, you did what was best for her. I think you need to indulge yourself, and your ice-cream looks like the perfect treat to sooth your soul.

    I'd love to give your recipe a try with some of my wild Maine blueberries! They are amazing!

  9. I am so sorry that you have lost such a good friend. I loved the video of her playing on the beach - what a good-natured, sweet pet.

  10. Oh Dom, I'm so sorry. Keep busy, keep creative - that's the nice bit x

  11. It's always harder as time marches on after a tragedy and the shock wears off, my thoughts are with you. This ice cream is worth making if only to experience that stunning lilac color!

  12. I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I can't add anything to everyone else's lovely comments. Thinking of you.

    Love the purple of that icecream - stunning.

  13. Gorgeous ice cream. Hope your work committments help to take your mind off the sadness. Make the most of being a real journo! Hugs XXX

  14. This is definitely and "chin-up" dish - it would have to make you feel a little bit happier. And I suppose you have made a note of Jennifer's giant meringues over at http://lheureduthe-jennifer.blogspot.com.au/ which are entered in the teatime treats too.

  15. I had a dog who looked very much like Holly and we put him down, to relieve his suffering, after 17 marvelous years. He was my constant companion. That was 9 yrs ago. It was hard but was the best for him and you made the right decision as well. Time heals and she will always be with you.

    The ice cream looks so incredibly GOOD! I don't eat much dairy but this may be a reason to indulge!
    Thank you for your blog!

  16. The good thing about your dog is "she's a real phony". You have named your dog after one of my most favourite characters of all time. I just read Holly's story and it brought a tear to my eye. The ice cream looks scrummy and it should relieve some of the sadness you are feeling right now. I know how terrible it is to lose a beloved animal friend.

  17. Lovely recipe. So sorry to read the sad news about your beloved dog. Hope you and The V are bearing up xxx

  18. I'm so sorry Dom not to have seen this post before now. What a terribly difficult and sad time for you both. Take care xx

  19. PS: I'm ever so sorry for missing your excellent entry off the first round-up, here is a second round-up:


    Thanks ever so much for entering Dom xx


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