Tuesday, 10 July 2012

baked egg and tomato and fig jam galette

... we're known to obsess over the weather us Brits but as many of my UK friends will testify to it's becoming very hard to see the light-side. We don't seem to get a break and it's not as if it's just a bit of drizzle, we're talking about an average months worth of rainfall in 24 hours... the people in charge are calling this the 'European Monsoon' and if you regard the weather maps you can see what they're talking about... a cyclonic shaped weather front hovering over the isles... and we're told it's not going anywhere until at least September by which point it'll be autumn and... well what's the point then eh... and it's becoming serious... peoples homes and businesses are flooded... events are being cancelled... and most importantly, barbecues are not being lit!

... how are we supposed to survive the 'summer' without the heady fug of burnt meat over smokey charcoal wafting down the streets and through the neighbourhoods of this fair country?

... the irony is that this is an event-heavy year for us in the UK... we had the Jubilee, which was a wash-out for most... i'm sure you've all seen pictures of HRM forcing a smile through the raindrops... and then we have the olympics.. which we're all supposed to be deliriously happy about... so happy in-fact that the government are telling us not to go abroad this summer but stay at home instead and support team GB... in the rain... oh and tickets for the games are a snip at £695... I think you'll find that £695 will get you to Miami... or Tunisia... or Mallorca (twice)... or Egypt... or Greece... oh the sunshine!!!

baked egg and tomato and fig jam galette
this uses up the last of the tomato, red pepper and fig chilli jam I made a couple of weeks ago... it bakes beautifully on top of ready-made puff pastry, making this the easiest, fastest and tastiest fancy lunch you'll ever eat...

... so much so that I'm not going to patronise you with a recipe... all I need to tell you is to make sure you leave a nice boarder around the jam and then don't crack the egg into the galette until about 5 minutes into the baking time so that you create a little ledge to stop the egg running out... which will happen anyway as seen in the pictures above...

... and now i'm off to the sun myself (the sun!) for a few days with a last-minute and well deserved trip to Mallorca... it may be a little quiet from me for the next few days but I promise to be back next week with some lovely Spanish inspired recipes...

... eat and of course, enjoy!



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