Monday, 16 July 2012

ginger and whisky parkin - a tribute to Olive McDonald

... The Vikings' mum was an amazing woman... I only met her a few times but this I know... not only did she bless the world with The Viking... and almost an entire's town's worth of generations of offspring but most importantly she gave us her ginger parkin...

... The Viking has been talking about how incredible it was for years, it's a family legend, the recipe lost for ever... that is until we found it! We've been doing a major clear-up at Belleau Cottage, from the rafters down and The Viking is a real horder... there are so many boxes of stuff I cannot begin to tell you... it's  wonder the loft ceiling hasn't collapsed with the weight of all his boxes... however, after days of sifting through the swathes of paper I heard a cry from above... 'look what i've found'... and there it is, on a dog-eared, tatty piece of paper, in her own hand-writing, the recipe for ginger parkin... there's also a recipe for her white bread, which i'm told was like ciabatta-type clouds of heaven, but that's for another post...

Olive's Ginger Parkin
it's a typical mums recipe this and i'm re-producing it exactly word for word how it is on the paper so you can decide which way to go with it...

14oz self-raising flour
8oz syrup
4oz margarine
2oz lard
1/2 pint milk
2 eggs and less milk
2 level teaspoons ground ginger
4oz sugar
2 tablespoons glenmorangie whisky

- put flour, sugar and ginger in a basin

- beat eggs and milk in second basin

- heat syrup and fat in pan and whilst warm mix alternately dry and wet ingredients until smooth

- pour into dripping tin and put in oven on a medium heat

thats it for instructions... I used Golden Syrup and went for the 1 egg/ half a pint of milk option.  I substituted butter for lard and I also drizzled with a little more golden syrup once it came out of the oven... and used a baking tray to bake it in... it went into an oven on 160C for 40 mins... The Viking says it tastes lovely but insists his mum's version was darker and gooier... it could be because she used treacle instead of golden syrup so I may give this a go next time...

... I also added a thimble-full of whisky into the batter mix... for two reasons... firstly because I need a W to enter into this months AlphaBakes hosted by Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker and Caroline from Caroline Makes and secondly because, well, heck... whisky and ginger are a perfect partnership and who needs an excuse...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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