Wednesday, 22 August 2012

BBQ chicken thigh curry with yoghurt and Ainsley Harriott's Cous Cous

... now that all the brou-ha-ha from the Village Show has died down I thought I ought to get back to some proper cooking and with this mini heatwave upon us there really is nothing better than a little barbecue... which I managed to find at the back of the shed... finally...

... this is a very simple dish that my mum used to knock out at every barbecue back when I was a young man... it is impressive in both its simplicity and it's flavour and works well with fish as well as chicken... in fact I was down in London visiting mum this week and she managed to find the original recipe she'd cut out from a magazine back in 1987 which was for curried yoghurt and salmon... how '80's is that...?

BBQ chicken thigh curry with yoghurt and Ainsley Harriott's Cous Cous
... the yoghurt tenderises the chicken in ways that you will not imagine... and the Indian spices are quite mellow which I think works beautifully on the barbie... i'm using some individual spices and some garam masala to create my curry mix but I know that if mum makes this now she simply uses a pre-mixed curry powder and it really tastes just as good... and of course it really works perfectly with the Ainsley Harriott Cous Cous which, like the chicken, couldn't be quicker to prepare...

... I have of course, done some veggie skewers for The Viking using mushrooms, red peppers and veggie sausages which i've cut into chunks and marinated for the same time as the chicken...

a selection of chicken portions
1 pot of greek yoghurt
1 tablespoon honey (i'm using some of that lovely thyme honey from the New Zealand Honey Co.)
1 teaspoon cumin seeds - crushed
1 teaspoon coriander seeds - crushed
2 teaspoon garam masala
4 spring onions - finely chopped

- dry fry the crushed cumin and coriander for about 4 minutes or so and then set aside to cool

- mix all the spices with the yogurt and honey and then add the chopped spring onions and the chicken (or veggies if using) and mix well

- cover and let it all marinade for at least an hour in the fridge, if not 4 hours)

- when ready to grill, remove the chicken from the bowl and let any excess yoghurt drip off

- grill on a hot barbecue or bake in a very hot oven and make sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked through before eating... we had ours with the lemon, mint and parsley cous cous and the sundried tomato and garlic cous cous... heaven!

... whilst we're talking about Ainsley Harriot, I have some very exciting news... I have been invited to take part in an exclusive competition... I get to spend the day, along with four other lucky bloggers, cooking with Ainsley in London... the day will be full of trials and no doubt tribulations and will be filmed... this film will then go onto the Ainsley Harriot facebook page where their followers will pick one very lucky person to win a culinary trip of a lifetime to a secret destination somewhere in the world to discover more about the special ingredients that will go into the next Ainsley Harriott Soup Cup... as you can imagine I am exceptionally excited and feel totally privileged to have been asked to be one of the five... I will of course be asking you for your votes in the weeks to come and will write a post on my day with Ainsley and update you on progress... how exciting!!

eat and of course, enjoy!



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