Tuesday, 30 October 2012

random recipes #21 - the round-up

... another fine month and again you've done me proud... as expected - lot's of dried stuff... quite a bit of jam... a few freezer finds... and one or two really obscure ingredients, so i'm glad to have been of service... I know that I was a little disappointed with my dull as dish-water dried chickpeas but more than pleased with the final, if rather time consuming outcome... and so let's kick off with that one shall we...

here's my dried chickpeas and this really warming pot of Moreish Chickpea and Spinach Soup taken from the Moro Cookbook

the rest of your incredible entries can be found after the jump...

and kicking us off in style this month is Ruth from Makey Cakey with a wonderful stew called Fasolka po Bretonsku made with her random store cupboard pick of Big Handsome Johnny Beans... don't ask... just go look!

next up is Camilla from Little Macaroon who's random ingredient was ground almonds... she thinks... and her recipe for this glorious apple and raspberry crumble tart came from a magazine cutting

here's 'third time lucky' Corina from Searching for Spice who had to dispose of her first two picks before landing on Pearl Barley... mind you it did mean she got to make this lovely Beery Barley Beef taken from 200 Slow Cooker Recipes

and next is the fabulous Miss C Flash from Food Glorious Food and her spectacular, if not a little nostalgic Coconut Cake, recipe to be found in the BBC Cakes and Bakes book... her inspiring find was of course that bag of desiccated coconut!

next up is poor Lucy The KitchenMaid with her bag of undisclosed flour... and a dodgy recipe taken from The Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer... they do not sound good.

perhaps a little more successful than Lucy is Chris from Cooking Around The World and this very lovely looking Lasagne he made from those lasagne sheets he found lurking at the back of the cupboard and the recipe is taken from the brilliant The Greedy Italians Eat Italy by Carluccio and Contaldo

next up is Susan from the lovely Spice Garden blog and her bag of frozen 'mystery meat'... sounds a bit scary doesn't it but just look at what she made with it, the most fabulous Butchers Sauce taken from a recipe found in The Italian Slow Cooker by Michelle Scicolone 

next is Victoria the 21st Century Housewife and a simple little Pasta Puttanesca made with a tin of sardines and taken from the random recipe library she stores in her beautiful brain!

here's Sarah from Sezza Knits and her Mama's Greek Butterbean Salad taken from good old Ainsley Harriotts Gourmet Express... all inpired by her store cupboard find the humble tin of butter beans!

next up is Denise from Magnolia Verandah who made these Chinese Chews from some dodgy dates that hadn't seen the light of day for quite some time... the recipe is from her mother-in-law which I think gives me an idea for next months challenge....

and here's the divine Karen from Lavender and Lovage and her truly nostalgic Jam and Coconut Cake recipe made with some desiccated coconut she found lurking in the larder... and taken from a recipe found in the Be-Ro Cookbook I remember sticky hands and smothered face eating these in Betty's tearoom with my grandmother... gorgeous!

and next is Phil from As Strong As Soup who has dared to step into my territory with this amazing looking Lincolnshire Plum Bread taken from The Hairy Biker's... it's a great recipe made with some prunes he found at the back of his messiest shelf... nice work Phil but if you ever...!

and here's Vanessa from Cakes and Teacups with her lovely Lemon Polenta Cake taken from Nigella and made with that store cupboard stalwart, Polenta - of course!

next is Helene from I Cook with Butter with a very strange ingredient I've never heard of... ble... it looks a little like a barley so I am intrigued as to how it tastes, especially alongside this delicious and creamy tarragon chicken

here's Caroline from Caroline Makes with her Jammy Flapjacks... like her i'm not a huge jam fan if truth be told so there's always a jar of the stuff lurking unfinished somewhere in the house...

next up is Choclette from the excellent Chocolate Log Blog with this incredible Marrakesh Express Loaf Cake taken and adapted from a Dan Lepard recipe... and what a stunner it it!

and here's Fiona from The Tiffin Blog with her Magic Pudding made with some frozen sausages found in the darkest recess of the freezer and recipe found in Nigella's Kitchen.

I love that Jean from Baking in Franglais took her poppy seeds from the UK to France and then let them sit in the back of the cupboard before using them for this wonderful Courgette, Lemon and Poppyseed Cake taken from the allrecipes.co.uk website

and next is Natalie the Hungry Hinny and her Apfelstrudel served with custard... it's the custard that's the random ingredient, which is such a genius excuse to make pudding isn't it?  The recipe was found in the brilliant Two Greedy Italian's cookbook.

next is Claire from Under The Blue Gum Tree with a nice and summery Marmalade and mascarpone Ice Cream made with a half-used jar of marmalade and taken from the BBc Good Food website

here's Laura from Laura Loves Cakes with the wonderfully random ingredient of gelatine with which she made these beautiful bramble marshmallows taken from a recipe found on the BBC Good Food website

and next it's random recipe virgin Katharine from Leeks and Lemoni with a rather random Puglian Broad Bean Dip made with some dried broad beans and a recipe from the excellent La Cucina Salentina

it seems we're all keeping odd jars of jam in our store cupboards and Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker is no exception, although these Plum Cupcakes made with a jar of plum jam and made from a recipe found in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook really are exceptional!

next is Susan from A Little Bit of Heaven on a Plate with what can only be described as an absolute stunner... this black pudding, pork and chutney sausage roll, made with a jar of onion chutney and taken from Nigel Slaters Kitchen Diaries, is quite literally to die for... 

and here's the lovely Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen and her delicious Polenta Cake made with a packet of polenta and taken from Vintage Cakes by Jane Brocket... and a great book review too!

and next up is Janet from The Taste Space with a stunning but simple Pomegranate Vinaigrette made with pomegranate molasses and taken from the excellent Turqoise!  Just look at this salad!

next is Stacey from the brilliantly titled Food Lust People Love and a really rather wonderful Sweet Potato, Walnut Cheese Bread taken from Delia's How to Cook Part 1 and using a wonderful method for choosing the ingredient by pulling unlabelled bags from the freezer!

a random recipe virgin here with Ruth from 8&Ruth and a very random Stuffing Bake made with a collection of store cupboard stuffings and taken from her own collection of recipes... clever if you ask me... be nice, say hello Ruth!

and next is Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves who made this delightful Juniper Berry Salmon with a pot of juniper berries and taken from the BBC Good Food website.

here's Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes with her lovely Prunes Poached in Red Wine and Rosemary taken from a recipe in Ani's Raw Food Desserts and inspired by a dodgy, half used pack of prunes found lurking in the back of the cupboard!

and next up is Nicola from 41 Feasts with this STUNNING baked Alaska made with freezer-found frozen egg whites and taken from the Green and Black's Ultimate Chocolate Recipes book

and rounding us off in style is Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals with a triple-header of maize-meal inspired recipes that were found all over the place... she's looking for more if you know any...

maize meal porridge

maize meal pancakes

maize meal chocolate puddings!

ooops!... there's always one that get's away, isn't there...?  here's Amanda from Dancing Veggies with a fabulously tin of chopped tomatoes inspired Mexican Casserole... sorry for neglecting you x

... and that's your lot for October... I think it was quite an enjoyable month for many of you and a great excuse to get into those cupboards and get at least one item finally used...

... thank you once again and see you in November for another crafty little game of random recipes x


  1. What a fabulous post, it has really made me smile. I am constantly finding random and obscure items in my pantry so it's nice to know I'm not the only one!

  2. Somehow I missed out on the odd "found" ingredient concept of this challenge. Hope you have another, as I'm the master of my miscellanea. Marvelous concoctions above.

  3. Amazing round up as always. Lots of ideas to use up my store cupboard ingredients. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that stores stuff for ages!

  4. Wow - lots and lots of oddness / goodness here. Hello from me!! *waves* Now - off to check out lots of blogs... :-)

  5. A great round up Dom. I really must try to take part in some monthly events again.

  6. What a varied roundup! Looking forward to next month already Rx

  7. Amazing indeed! This is certainly a fantastic and creative way to use something lurking in the darkest part of your cupboard. I would've never thought of baking polenta cake. Thanks Dom! :)

  8. Morning Dom! It seems my post was left out :-( http://www.dancingveggies.com/blog/2012/10/trapped_in.html

  9. Oh I do like it when you call me lovely!!! Who knew there were so many hidden jewels lurking at the back of our cupboards, great RR round up.

  10. Smashing post, I so enjoy these round ups...people's creativity is amazing and its made me think of other things I could use up too. Polenta and coconut here I come! xxx

  11. Very delicious round-up! Now we all know, what everyone is hiding in their storage. You all did a real good job!

  12. I too have a tendency to hang on to loads of bits and pieces, which just get in the way, so it was good to use some of that hemp flour up. A fun round-up as always. Thanks Dom.

  13. That was such a brilliant round this month, Dom. I think it is your duty to give us one like that every so often to keep our cupboards decluttered. :-)

  14. What a phenomenal round up Dom! A great selection of the wonderful (and possibly just a little weird)...

  15. Love the huge variety of recipes here, and quite a few that I'd like to have a go at. I think this was an inspired RR theme - look forward to seeing what you come up with for next month...

  16. There are some really lovely things there - I am very envious of the rest of you! Great roundup, as always, Dom. Can't wait to see what's on offer for November too...

  17. You have performed a great service for neglected store cupboards everywhere. Lovely round up of some truly random delights. I promise never to stray into your territory again - unless the random rules force me there, of course.

  18. Thanks for a great challenge this month, I have been obsessively eating variations of greek salad ever since!

  19. I now have a couple things I can make with those cans of butterbeans! Hurrah! And ... about that baked Alaska? PHENOMENAL!

  20. These round ups get better and better. And here are some great recipes once again that I can put on my To Do list! And on to November, soon be Christmas!

  21. Lovely roundup with lots of things I fancy making this month.

  22. Great round up! I scrolled through your wonderful descriptions and kept nodding to my myself, "Ooh! I like that, I like that, I like THAT!" So many recipes I'd like to try! Thanks again for organizing this challenge, Dom.

  23. I was intrigued by your theme for last month and was inspired to start something similar on my blog. It's called Pantry Party and essentially, every month I am encouraging bloggers to head to their pantries and find something that was forgotten. Each month there will be a theme to inspire recipes!

    I hope you join us :) http://lawstudentscookbook.wordpress.com/2012/11/27/introducing-pantry-party/


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