Monday, 1 October 2012

random recipes #21 - store cupboard finds

... admit it... you know there's stuff lurking at the back of the cupboard that either; you don't particularly like, you should have used ages ago or you're just not quite sure what to do with... and it's getting to you... every time you open the cupboard door you ignore the stuff and you as you load the cupboard with newer, trendier ingredients the poor item gets relegated to the darkest corner, never to see the light of day...

... well here it's chance for freedom... to turn that neglected tin of gloop into something you should have made years ago but just couldn't be bothered... yes folk, this months random recipes is all about using up those store cupboard left-behinds... a thrifty challenge for those saving up for the extravagance of christmas yet to come...

... and here's how it works...

1. open up the cupboard door, reach in deep and pull out the first thing you touch
2. turn to your cookbooks... I don't mind how you do it this month, choose a favourite, pick it randomly... whatever
3. turn to the index and find the item you'd taken from the cupboard
4. pick a recipe and make it!

5 - you may adapt the recipe for health/dietary/product availability purposes only
6 - post the recipe on your blog linking back to me and my blog
7 - include the random recipes badge in the post
8 - challenge deadline is Oct 29th 
9 - if you tweet your posts please mention @belleaukitchen, and use the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all those I see
10 - your post can be submitted to other blogging challenges, just make sure this complies with the rules of the other challenge.

... quite frankly it's a blast and couldn't be simpler... here's what happened to me...

... I reached in to the cupboard and stumbled upon a bag of very old dried chickpeas... so old I actually don't remember purchasing them and to be honest, the fact that you can buy tinned chickpeas makes me wonder why I ever bothered... I must have had a reason but I really don't remember... anyhoo, the moment I pulled them out I knew which book to turn to, a book i've never cooked from before but read often... The Casa Moro Second Cookbook by Sam and Sam Clark... Moro is an award winning Moroccan inspired restaurant in London and is very near our office... I walk past it often, lustily looking in...

... as you can imagine there were a few chickpea recipes so I gave them all a number and asked The Viking to pick... and the recipe he chose is on page 59 - Sopa de Garbanzos or Moorish Spinach and Chickpea Soup to you and me... very exciting as I'm growing spinach which is ready to be eaten...

... and there you have it... go on then, off you pop... get rummaging!



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