Thursday, 29 November 2012

random recipes #22 - the round-up

...wowzers what a month... it's had it's kicks and starts... rain and wind... floods and hurricanes... and look out UK, the cold blast is here... but more importantly it's random recipes round-up time one again... and once again I gently doff my cap to you and you and you for taking part with such gusto and fervour... it seems you all loved the birthday random number and weirdly many of you share the same day... 27 is a favourite with 11 and 7 coming in close behind... and have you ever seen yourselves a more random collection of recipes... so without further ado, may I introduce miss november random recipes to you...

and kicking us off in fine fettle is Ren from Fabulicious Food and her fabulicious Chicken, Chorizo and Chickpea Soup, her 15th book on the book shelf which was Whole Food Kitchen by Ros Dobson... and have you ever seen a bowl more full of fabulousness than this...

and i'm going to make you read the rest after the jump...

next up is Jane from Onions and Paper who chooses her 13th book Delia's Frugal Food and these fabulous homemade sausages... she refrained from using lard, which I think was crazy and am going to try and convince her to change her mind...

and next is Denise from Magnolia Verandah with her Glazed Ling with Sweet and Sour Shallots taken from her 4th book on the shelf - Healthy Appetite by Gordon Ramsey... no, i'd never heard of Ling either but i'm not going to tell you what it is... you're just going to have to go over there and find out!

next up is Vanessa from Cakes and Teacups who's 16th book was Sally Bee and this wonderfully warming Chicken Casserole... and the arrival of winter!

and here's the fabulous Miss C Flash from Food Glorious Food and her fabulous Tropical Chocolate and Vanilla Cake with Chocolate collar taken from her 21st book, Nigella's Feast.

next is the very busy mamma Camilla from Little Macaroon and her Aubergine Moussaka taken from Nigella's How to Eat... baby got fish fingers... lucky thing...

and what does Caroline Make this month, well she makes Yorkshire Puddings, from her 29th book, The Great Book of Yorkshire Pudding by Elaine Lemm... and a very interesting review of some batter-mix... can you tell which one's are home-made...

here's Phil from As Strong As Soup with his very classic but very good Madeira Cake which was taken from his 8th book The Edmonds Cookery Book... just look at the rise on that cake!

now look what we have here... it's been a while but please welcome random recipes virgin Alex from Gingery Bites with her Melting Moments taken from Mary Berry's Baking Bible... welcome her nicely kids...

next is the lovely Laura from Laura Loves Cakes and we love her for these wonderful Chocolate, Orange and Hazelnut Lollipops taken from her 27th book, Jo Wheatley's A Passion for Baking

and here's the fabulous Karen from Lavender and Lovage with a glorious and strangely apt Lincolnshire Plum Loaf taken from her 5th book on the shelf England's Heritage Food and Cooking by Annette Yates... there's a lovely post about blogging too, well worth a read...

next up we have Claire from Under the Blue Gum Tree with her 27th (again!!!) book The Hairy Dieters and this rather scrummy but only 300 calories cod and prawn gratin... go weight-loss!

and here's Jean from Baking in Franglais and a deeply rich and creamy Pheasant braised with cider and apples taken from a new classic and her 11th book the Great British Food Revival

next along the shelf is Chris from Cooking Around the World... Chris chose his 24th book as he's born on the best day of the month... and he picked Confessions of a French Baker by Peter Mayle and Gerard Auzet from which he baked 2 divine onion loaves.

and here's Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals with a very quick, easy, family-friendly Pea Pasta taken from one of her favourite books, Real Fast Food by Nigel Slater... look at the shiny peas...

Choclette from Chocolate Log Blog and I both had something in common until earlier this week when she made a Banoffee Pie for the first time... and what a glorious thing it is too... it was taken from her 8th book Eric Lanlard's Home Bakes

next is Fiona from the Tiffin blog with her fortuitous random recipes pick from her 13th book, Marie Claire Food + Drink and these absolutely moreish Chocolate Brownies

here's Amanda from Dancing Veggies and her 7th book Vegetables from an Italian Garden and a very creamy and very filling looking Pasta wit Pumpkin Cream Sauce... need a bowl right now...

now ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to long time reader, first time entrant Rachel from the brilliant Marmaduke Scarlet blog... a true Random Recipes Virgin and a lovely post from her alongside a favourite dish from her past Hainanese Chicken Rice taken from her lucky 22nd book Terrific Pacific by Anya von Bremzen and John Welchmen

and next up is antipodean blogger of the week Lucy The KitchenMaid and her rather strange Picnic Eggs... (strange because it's essentially a pimped up boiled egg, but isn't it the prettiest one ever?) taken from the scary (if you ask me) 250 Ways to Serve Eggs...

lovely Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen is a little unimpressed with Delia this month.. her converted Oven Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli with Garlic and Coriander... wasn't up for much... but we love her for doing it anyway and playing along with random recipes so entirely properly.

and here I was thinking there were no more virgin's out there and along come the Recipe Junkie with a brilliant entry of this Spinach and Lentil Soup taken from HFW Veg Everyday.... great entry... welcome on board!

next is dashing Dom from the brilliant Belleau Kitchen with his 24th book Nigella's Kitchen (complete with melty face) and a non-saffron, saffron risotto...

next up is Alice from Italian Inspiration with An Italian Imitaion (trying saying that when you're drunk) with Nigella's Ragu taken from Nigellissima!

and here's long time sufferer Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut and his Creme Catalana... a dish I'd never heard of before... taken from his 20th book, Ramsay's World Kitchen

and next up is ANOTHER RRV... please welcome Elizabeth from Law Students Cook Book and her 2nd book the Weightwatchers International Cookbook and these rather naughty looking if you ask me Chickpea Croquettes

and now here's Janet from The Taste Space with a very warming and unctuous bowl of Red Lentil Dal with Zucchini taken from World Vegetarian her lucky number 25 book!

and on to lovely Mel from Sharky Oven Gloves with her wonderful lamb Keftas with Raisin and Almond Couscous taken from her 14th book Guide de Cuisine de L'Etudiant... if you please... it's summer don't you know!

and here's one that's not really a random recipe entry although I am claiming it to be one as Chele from the Chocolate Teapot went to the trouble, even if she diverted wildly from the path... Hazelnut and Chocolate Chunk Cookies taken from her 17th book, Phil Vickery's A Passion for Puddings....and they are lovely aren't they...

next up is Debby with a 'y' from Cooking up a Storm in a Teacup and her 16th book from the right, A Little Taste of Italy and this stunning looking and rather posh if I don't say so myself, Tagliatelle with Caviar!

with this next one which is from poor Ruth from Makey-Cakey and all I can say is NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!....

and here's Stacy, god bless her for even taking part,  from Food Lust People Love with the 23rd page in her ONLY cookbook Good Housekeeping (the rest are in storage...) and this incredibly creamy Chicken Perogord... well done for braving it regardless Stacy!

next up is Susan from A little heaven on a plate with a bit of an RR disaster from her 5th book Delia's Christmas and some rather dodgy looking chocolate truffles... cutting corners is not advisable!

slipping in just a few seconds after I press 'publish' is the other Susan in my life Susan from The Spice Garden with her incredible Danish Apricot Pinwheels taken from her 10th book Bake - Essential Techniques for Perfect Baking... and they are perfect aren't they!

and finally... this is what I'd describe as the ultimate random recipe entry... not only did Ruth from 8&Ruth make Roasted Leg of Rabbit with Bacon and a non mustard sauce... but she also butchered the blighter too... well, she can blame the other half and Simon Hopkinson's Roast Chicken and Other Stories...

... so once again, thank you for the beautiful entries and look out on December The First when a little something special comes your way...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Whooohooo! Thank you Dom!

    What an amazing roundup, I can't wait to explore further. (Although a bit nervous about Makey Cakey's avant garde thingie!)


  2. What a great selection - I've just learnt what Ling is! And I couldn't stop laughing when I saw Ruth's blog post, poor thing! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next month...

  3. It always amazes me how many people participate in RR each month.. so many interesting recipes that would not have been tried otherwise. :) Thanks for the round-up, Dom!

  4. Thanks a lot Dom. That is an absolutely wonderful round-up and ... on top of it all the fine work everyone taking part has done.

  5. Great round up Dom - loved reading about some of these. Full credit to Ruth at Makey Cakey - what a horror to have to do. Hope next month is a bit kinder. There are some fab entries here though and It'll be great reading up on some of them! :)

  6. Great round up Dom. If nothing else at least Ruth should get lots of click-throughs to her blog. You can't see that picture and NOT want to find out more.......

  7. What a brilliant round up - haven't we had very varied diest this month? Fortunately none of the rest of us quite as varied as Ruth's!

  8. Well done Dom once again a fabulous roundup - there seems to be more and more every time. Its going to take me ages to get across and read everyone. Some are just fabulous.

  9. Oh lawks! I'm off to investigate Ruth's post the moment I finish writing this. You're right up is as fabulous as ever and I always get at least one giggle, this time it was more than a giggle. But out of all those gorgeous recipes, the one I most want to eat is dhal - I love dhal.

  10. Thanks Dom for welcoming me into the RR gang, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if my biscuits did look a bit rude!

    Loving the random-ness and will be back next month! :-)

  11. Ha! Better a bit late than never ... and thanks for tracking me down, dearie! That rabbit post has got me chuckling ... dressing out a rabbit is a bit of a pain, but boy, the flavour is good!

  12. I think the best thing about your Random Recipes round up is how many different types of dishes we get exposed to. I love everyone's contributions, I'm excited to go explore their blogs, and I can't wait to play again in December!

  13. What a lovely lovely collection of recipes, all of which want to make me get blog-hopping and cooking! Nice to see some new faces too (:

  14. Sounds like a wonderful combination!

  15. Hilarious - some delish things in there and some bona fide horrors too. Thanks Dom, can't wait for the December edition x

  16. A plethora of random recipes...what a great selection...I'd love to sample each and every one!

  17. Apologies for the lack of entry this month, I literally don't know where the time has gone, it's just been manic! Hopefully December will be a bit quieter and I can join in again...

  18. What a mixed bag - from rude soup to perfect pinwheels and divine cookies....I can't wait to work my way through this lot. Best go put the kettle on.....

  19. What a fantastic roundup Dom, so many tasty recipes to choose from.

  20. Take a nap now and then have a glass of wine Dom, WOW WOW WOW! What a fabulous and FULL On round up, and such great recipes and tales to tell too! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us for December, and thanks for being such a dashing host! Karen xxxx

  21. And a more eclectic group of recipes has never been seen before. What a great response to this months challenge.

  22. What a fantastically eclectic collection of recipes – I always love the Random Recipes round-ups. So many fabulous ideas. Looking forward to finding out what you have in store for us in December…!

  23. What a fantastic and very diverse round up!! I'm so sorry I didn't take part this month....To be honest the book was picked, the recipe randomly chosen and if you can believe it, even made.....but it was a complete disaster and I didn't have the energy and willpower to photograph what should have been a deliciously moist Marmalade cake since instead I ended up with a brick! I will definitely take part next month though :)

  24. Awesome round up! There truly are some random recipes here as well as hugely intriguing cookbooks! Terrific Pacific sounds great as does 250 ways with eggs. Thank you for such kind words on my Wholesome Food soup :-)))

  25. Another fine round up. The only place in the world that you'd get those recipes coming together. It seems like there's a bigger variety every month.

  26. My goodness! You've certainly been busy this month Dom! Fab entries!! Sorry that I haven't been joining in :( I will do again when I am reunited with all my cookbooks...


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