Sunday, 11 November 2012

the happy couple

... so i'm not quite sure how I kept it a secret all these weeks but today my mum and her long term 'boyfriend' Eric got married... it was Eric's 75th birthday today and so they invited all their friends and family along to celebrate with him at a lovely little hotel in North London and once all the guests were seated for high-tea, a hidden wall opened to reveal the happy couple, with the rabbi, ready to begin the marriage ceremony...

... the amazing thing is that they kept this a secret from everyone except for me and The Viking, who have been using our event skills to help them organise, along with my brother, who's daughter Emma was the bridesmaid... none of the other guests, including their close family and children, had a clue!

... naturally mum has been fretting for months but the whole event went off with such charm and all the guests were positively blown away... there were many tears and much joy but most of all it was just so wonderful to both celebrate and surprise... and I truly believe that in these days where we have a deficit of wonder it's so lovely that these two proved there's still a little magic in the world...



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