Wednesday, 30 January 2013

random recipes #24 - round-up

... I had a sneaking suspicion that this months random recipes would be a little more random than usual and you've not let me down... sometimes I fear that i've pushed you too far but each month you always surprise me with the love and for that I am ever grateful...

... and I suppose I'll start at the beginning with the random recipe and book that inspired me to come up with this months theme and that's my own recipe for croque monsieur taken from Mark Bittman's amazing How to Cook Everything that I found in my step-mum's collection...

and you'll find the rest of your incredible entries after the break 

kicking us off in style, and with no better way, is Random Recipe Virgin Stella from Lola and Finn's Mum and a recipe found in her own mum's cookbook collection... a theme which i'm sure you'll notice will become quite big this month... and a lovely nostalgic recipe for Thimble Mill Pudding taken from the excellently titled Radiation Cook Book.

and here's Janet from the increasingly stylish Taste Space blog and a recipe she picked on-line from a book that she was inspired to read via another blog... and they say bloggers don't encourage book reading... the book is the brilliant Superfood Kitchen... the recipe is this stunning Smokey Black Eyed Pea and Kale Stew

and next up is Claire from Under the Blue Gum Tree with a very local style and a not so local offer of Beef Espetadas taken from her OH's small but very definitely HIS cookbook collection and the book is called Fireworks by Jan Braai

and here's lovely Lucy from The KitchenMaid with a recipe cleaved from her sister-in-law's recipe collection and the choice of one Leon Cookbook and these stunning Barbecued Ribs... now don't you just wish it was barbecue season already...

next up is Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen and the very exotic and ever so slightly erotic sounding Imam Biyaldi, or The Swooning Imam, taken from her friend Gus's book Sally Butcher's Veggiestan

and here we have another RRV... who knew there were still any of you left out there?... and it's Kate from Turquoise Lemons and a recipe for Coconut and Butternut Squash Dhal taken from Tiffany Goodhall's First Flat Cookbook which was chosen from her sisters cookbook collection.

next up is Sally the Recipe Junkie and her incredible Lemon Layer Sponge that is from her mum's cookbook collection... it's actually an adorable blog post and a delightful tribute to her mum who, as I imagine my mum would do, hand wrote and posted the recipe to her...

and here's the lovely, delightful and thoroughly retro Janice from Farmersgirl Kitchen with a rather warming and wonderful Bean Bake with Cornmeal Topping taken from Sarah Brown's Quick and Easy Vegetarian Cooking a book that her friend Avril made her choose with the old 'which hand is it in' choice...

next is Jane from Onions and Paper with a recipe taken from her Mum's bookshelf... Red Cooked Beef with Star Anise from Chinese Cooking by Kenneth Lo... an oldie but a goldie!

here's Ruth from Makey-Cakey and some rather naughty but nice looking deep fried Torrijas taken from her mum's collection and a book called The Festive Food of Spain... I so want to sink my teeth into these!

next up is the lovely Karen from Lavender and Lovage with a stunning recipe taken from a book found on her daughter Hannah's bookshelf, Delia Smith's One is Fun - Fresh Scottish Herrings in an Oatmeal Crumb

next along the random recipe road is Phil from As Strong As Soup and whilst it all went wrong for him at first, he then ended up with these glorious and very 'me' Fennel Seed Drop Biscuits taken from Anjum Anand's Indian Food Made Easy... again, much time was spent drooling at the screen... 

and here's Jen from Blue Kitchen Bakes with a very adventurous recipe for Rillettes de Canard taken from The French Market by Joanne Harris, which in turn is a book found in her mum's collection... and aren't we glad she found it!

next up is Jean from Baking in Franglais with this wonderful Austrian Lattice Pie taken from a book found in her friend Pat's collection (well done that Pat) and from The New Classic 1000 Recipes by Wendy Hobson... 

here's Camilla from Little Macaroon with a fascinating story about the perils of drinking too much Irn Bru and a stunning recipe for Tartiflette taken from her friend Louise's book choice, Roast Figs, Sugar Snow by Diane Henry

next along the rocky random recipe road is Helene from the brilliantly monikered I Cook with Butter blog and a recipe for Apple Streusel Cupcakes taken from Muffins and Bakes, a book given to her by a good friend... she loved the book so much her friend said she could keep it... lucky thing!

here's random recipe virgin Ang from the very stylish looking My Golden Pear and a recipe for Chocolate and Apple Cake taken from The Fairtrade Everyday Cookbook which she got from her friend Sam after a lengthy tease about a man called Dom she's met on the internet...

next up is Jill from Lapin d'Or and More with a German book called Spezialitaten aus aller Welt that a friend from work chose for her and a recipe for Erbsensuppe... that's Pea Soup to you and me!

and here's Elizabeth from Law Students Cook Book and a Red Lentil Curry taken from her friends very artily titled Still Life with menu Cookbook by Mollie Katzen.

och eye and next up is my wee scottish maiden Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals and a brrrrilliant recipe for Spezzatino Di Cinghiale (pork stew) from Twelve by Tessa Kiros which she got from fellow blogger Little Macaroon

here's Stacey from Food Lust People Love with some very tempting looking Sweet and Sour Chicken that she found in her friend MJ's personal recipe folder... it's a lovely idea and makes it all the more personal.

and next along is the lovely Alice from Italian Inspiration with a bone chilling story but a heart-warming Lemon and Wild Blueberry Swirl Cake taken from the totally random Bon Maman cookbook that her mum randomly chose for her.

we're off to Kate from What Kate Baked next and her final cake ever... no, not really!... but it's a glorious one to go out with should she choose never to bake again... it's a Chocolate Orange Cake taken from Nigella's How to be a Domestic Goddess that a friend chose for her.

and so here's Ruth from 8&Ruth and some very diet-friendly looking Sicilian Style Tuna with Salsa Verde from the Fillipo Berio Winter Recipes that she got her mum to randomly select for her.

well i'm not really quite sure what to make of this next one but Denise from Magnolia Verandha seems very pleased with it so I thought i'd share it with you guys... you see Denise forgot to take a photo of the wonderful Pappardelle con Spech e Porcini taken from Two Greedy Italians so we get this instead... lucky us!

and finally... with a flourish is Amanda from Dancing Veggies and this lovely dish of Green Beans with a Spicy Tomato Sauce taken from Jamie Oliver's Great Britain that a co-worker lent to her... rock on Jamie!!

and so what can I say... another successful random selection of recipes tucked into bed and a full 2 years worth of recipes wrapped up and in the bag... can you believe that celebrates my second anniversary of random recipes... and may I thank you all once again for the love... just wait till year three begins in a couple of days... 


  1. Great roundup - sorry I didn't get time to enter this month, hopefully I will be able to in February!

  2. Sorry that was me using the wrong Google login!

  3. brilliant recipes & a great round up - I love this challenge!

  4. Great selection again. Missed thus month I'm afraid, but hope to join in next time! :)

  5. I'm feeling the love Dom, so many delicious recipes.

  6. Two whole years already??!!
    You deserve a medal for services to cooking and blogging!! A fantastic round up again. I'm off to pour myself a nice glass of something soothing and browse my way through them......

  7. The 'pinny shot' wins it for me...its a cracker!

  8. I had great fun with this challenge - see you next time.

  9. Dom, fantastic. I love the stories and two years is amazing. Gutted I didn't manage this one, I had something lined up but nothing has gone according to plan so far this year and I just ran out of time.

  10. Excellent round up! There are some very interesting recipes, as usual. Love the apron!

  11. Don't know if I was that popular at home posting the man in the pinny .....but hey he deserves to get a mention now and again he's a great cook. What a great round up will now spend most of Feb giving them a run in my own kitchen, the thing I love is that they are all so different.

  12. Great selection, and love the fella in the frilly apron!

  13. Wonderful roundup! Thanks again for hosting Dom - Random Recipes is always a blast :-)

  14. I really enjoyed taking part! Looking forward to the next challenge. Thanks for hosting Dom!

  15. You are going to have to think hard to better that last challenge, it was a corker. Random Recipes does it again.

  16. Happy birthday Random Recipes! And good luck Dom, keeping tabs on it now your baby has hit the terrible twos...

  17. Much drooling going on over here in New England on this RR round-up! There were a lot of really good dishes this month!

  18. WHAT a MAMMOTH RR round up,I hope you had a bottle by your side whilst you were writing that Dom! I LOVED this challenge and I agree that there are some VERY random entries! Karen xxx
    PS: Your TTT entry has been added, sorry!

  19. Fabulous round up and I am delighted to be taking part again. I was distraught last month when I couldn't participate. Okay, I was very, very sad. Can't wait to have a look at all the lovely entries! Here's to year three!

  20. By far the best blog challenge in the world, Dom. Happy Birthday to Random Recipes. :)


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