Friday, 1 February 2013

random recipes #25 - the choice is yours

... this being the 25th episode of random recipes I realise that i'm now beginning my third year of this bloggers challenge, which is a pretty incredible thing if you ask me and something that I feel quietly proud of... looking back at the first one I still strongly believe in the concept and it's clear from that first round-up that you all did too... and so lovely that there are still some familiar faces taking part, even after 2 full years of me torturing you... and it's been a fun and sometimes bizarre journey that we've all been on... (cue flash-back wobble and soppy music...) remember the one which was Just Desserts or the one that was First and Last and who can forget everyone's favourite where we got to peek into other peoples kitchens... and of course let's not forget poor Ruth's Banana Soup...

... so to celebrate going in to our third year i'd like you to choose your book your way... however you do it make sure you pick a random recipe from it and celebrate our love of recipe books and those wonderfully talented people who write them...

as usual the rules are pretty simple:

1 - choose a cookbook... don't mind how you do it, the choice is yours!
2 - close your eyes and open your chosen book at a random page and make the recipe on that page - do not cheat, you're only cheating yourself!
4 - you may adapt the recipe for health/dietary/product availability purposes only
5 - post the recipe on your blog linking back to me and my blog
6 - include the random recipes badge in the post
7 - email me a link to your post to dominic(at)belleaukitchen(dot)co(dot)uk
8 - challenge deadline is Feb 28th 
9 - if you tweet your posts please mention @belleaukitchen, and use the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all those I see
10 - your post can be submitted to other blogging challenges, just make sure this complies with the rules of the other challenge.

... for my own recipe this month I picked a book one of my neighbours in the village bought for me for Christmas and I haven't had the chance to even glance at it yet so this is the perfect opportunity... it's called Rambler's Rewards - Cooking from Coast to Coast by Elizabeth Guy and Pat Kirkbridge and it's a virtual plethora of local UK treats that you would come across should you find yourself on the quintessential Wainwright's Coast to Coast Walk ... taking in much of the beloved northern English landscape whilst you do... just a quick skim of this book and i'm already thinking of this years holiday...

... and after flipping it open with a flourish, there on page 134 there's a beautiful recipe for Salmon en Croute, which is something i've never made and always loved... so i'm very happy with my random selection... now off you pop and go choose yours!


  1. How great? I have just inherited a whole load of old 'church fundraising' cookery books from my mum (she of the lemon layer sponge) and also 2 hand written cookery note books from one of my Great Aunts (not the one of the lemon layer sponge, another one). It's going to have to come from one of those...

  2. A friend of mine has just returned a cookbook I mistakenly lent him 3 years ago - it was a welcome return, because although I didn't often cook from it, it is great inspiration - the late Richard Whittington's "Home Food".So as I wasn't expecting to get this book back it shall be my random book - pretty random if I say so myself!

  3. Lol at the banana soup, hopefully not to be repeated! I will be joining in this month - I have a few wholefoods cookbooks by the bed so might toss them in the air!

  4. FABULOUS theme as I have several books that I would LOVE to promote and cook from! Onwards and upwards Dom! Karen

  5. Just when I thought I'd gotten over the banana soup horror... I shall be employing my 2yr old random recipe selector tomorrow - although there is a high chance she will just pick ones from her shelf, and I'll end up with The Tiger Who Came for Tea!

    1. In which case, I think you need to make whatever the The Tiger was served first. :) Sandwiches, if I remember correctly.

  6. Happy 25th Anniversary Dom! Here's to the next 25 themes! xx

  7. Oh no, who could forget banana soup! Amazing that I've probably only been following RR for the last twelve challenges, and not taking part every time, but it feels like an old friend you constantly discover something new about. It's definitely one of the high points of the month! :) x

  8. What a cool idea, and salmon en croute is a great dish!

  9. Love it when you give us a nice easy one but I can't believe it's really been two whole years Dom - aghhhhhh!!!!!!!

  10. I'm finding it hard to believe that this is the start of the third year of RR. I wonder if I can get time off for good behaviour? I've still got a few books left to choose from, though. And I'm sure I can come up with a new random selection method.

  11. Is it really an easy one? Hm, I'm not sure about it. Well, of course I only need to make the right choice. However, some nice books contain also some dangerous recips.
    Well, it's great that RR goes on and on and on and on and on and ...

  12. Hey Dom,
    I will share my RR tomorrow but the loose requirements this month made me wonder whether you have run out of ideas for randomness? Do you need suggestions? Have you done anything veg-centric yet? I was thinking something green could fit with a March theme.. HA! :)


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