Friday, 1 March 2013

random recipes #26 - cuttings, memories and clippings

... I know to some it may seem that recently i've been revisiting previous themes for random recipes but you see this challenge was never particularly about the theme, it's more about the idea as a whole... the concept of encouraging us to use our recipe books more whilst also being more adventurous with our cooking... to shake up the 'everyday' chef and bring out a few little ideas we may have never tried before... and yes sometimes it will be a complete fail but other times you may just find a new classic to add to your repertoire...

... this month i'm going back to a firm favourite... those cuttings and clipping and old hand-written recipes we all have tucked away in folders or between the leaves of other books... i'm down in London and visiting mum again this week and well, you just have to see her clippings collection... it has a life of it's own...

...mums collection lives in the cupboard above her oven and is organised into 7 A5 sized bundles and is made up of hand-written notes, newspaper clipping, magazine clippings, old recipe books that have fallen apart and little sheets taken from one of the rolla-deck thingy's... each bundle is roughly labelled as meat, chicken, fish, lamb, soup, vegetables and desserts... and each bundle is wrapped in a larger A4 sized recipe and tied with an elastic hair band... very organised... just like my mum... and seeing that I was in her home I asked her to do the honours of selecting the recipe.  With mum turned around so she couldn't see, I pulled all seven bundles out of the cupboard and laid them on the kitchen table.  I then asked mum to close her eyes and turn back around and reach out for a bundle... she landed on the one marked 'vegetables'... I then asked her to close her eyes again and reach into the bundle and pull out a recipe... and with a swiftness suited to a woman half her age this is exactly what she did...

... it's a recipe for Stuffed Mushrooms with leeks, Blue Cheese and Walnuts and it comes from a magazine clipping with no notes or clues as to the actual magazine other than it being under the heading of Comfort Cooking... it looks delicious and I can't wait to make it...

and so of course, now it's your turn, so here are the rules:

1 - locate your clippings, old hand-written recipes, tear sheets etc and place them all on a table or floor... 
2 - close your eyes, put out your hand and randomly land it on a clipping
3 - make that exact recipe - do not cheat, you're only cheating yourself!
4 - you may adapt the recipe for health/dietary/product availability purposes only
5 - post the recipe on your blog linking back to me and my blog
6 - include the random recipes badge in the post
7 - email me a link to your post to dominic(at)belleaukitchen(dot)co(dot)uk
8 - challenge deadline is March 29th 
9 - if you tweet your posts please mention @belleaukitchen, and use the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all those I see
10 - your post can be submitted to other blogging challenges, just make sure this complies with the rules of the other challenge.

go on, get away with you now...



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