Wednesday, 6 March 2013

stuffed mushrooms with leeks, blue cheese and walnuts - a random recipe

...after an absolutely exhausting week of illness and endless meetings I arrived back at the cottage late last Friday night to a rather large and very generous box of meat and cheese that the good people at Farmison had delivered and kindly left with a neighbour... I know i've touched on this before but i consider myself very lucky to live in such a bucolic part of the country... in all honesty the deliveryman could have left the box right outside the front door and it wouldn't have been touched but, and i don't know if it's because they're incredibly nosey or simply good citizens but the neighbours knew about the delivery before I did... and took it into their welcoming and trusting bosom for me to pick up later...

... Farmison is a food delivery service specialising in restaurant quality meats, vegetables and cheeses, focussing on seasonal, predominantly British produce and is the brainchild of two old friends who have a similar love of fantastic food with real flavour and most importantly I feel, a clear admiration for great British artisan producers and farmers... it's partly because of these chaps that we're still able to make award winning produce in this country and have it delivered to our far-flung doors and for that I doff my hat towards Mr Pallagi and Mr Simmonds...

as well as a ridiculously generous selection of beautiful meats, of which I shall cook and of course post about another time,  part of my incredible Farmison delivery also included a very fine choice of cheeses... now if you know anything about me, you should know that should the world end tomorrow, as long as I lay down with bread and cheese before I go, i'll die a happy man... so to be given a selection of the finest British cheeses is an exceptional thing... the collection included some Flower Marie a delightfully creamy soft ewe's milk cheese, some Monks Folly, a soft and slightly sharper cows milk cheese and a mellow, creamy and beautifully light Harrogate Blue which i'm using for this stuffed mushroom dish as it compliments the buttery leeks so beautifully...

stuffed mushrooms with leeks, blue cheese and walnuts
this is of course my entry to my random recipes challenge which, this month encourages us to use those clippings, recipes cuttings and old hand-written notes that we all have tucked into dark corners of recipe books and folders... get them out, give them a shuffle and randomly pick one to join in... you can read all about my mums collection and my selection process here... needless to say it was a triumphant pick and made an absolutely delicious meal...

4 large field mushrooms or portobello mushrooms
1 large leek trimmed, quartered and chopped
half a fennel bulb - finely chopped
half a teaspoon fennel seeds
a handful of walnut halves
a large chunk of blue cheese (you can as generous as you like here)
olive oil
fresh rosemary

pre-heat the oven to 170C

if needed, de-stalk the mushrooms but save the stalks for later, then lay the mushrooms onto an oven proof roasting dish, drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with a few rosemary leaves and gently bake in the oven for about 15 minutes until they begin to soften at which point you should remove them and let them cool

meanwhile gently saute the leeks and fennel bulb in a large pan with plenty of butter and olive oil, they should be turning soft before they're ready, add the fennel seeds and any of the mushroom stalks you removed, chopped finely

once the leeks are soft but not coloured, tip them into a bowl and crumble the cheese and walnuts on top, mix together and then portion the mixture on top of the four mushrooms, firming down with you hands

bake in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the cheese is nice and bubbly

eat and of course, enjoy!


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  2. This is my kind of meal Dom. I just love it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  3. My hubby loves stuffed mushrooms and I usually just put blue cheese in,he just so happens to love walnuts and leeks so guess what I will be making?

  4. Aren't you the lucky one to receive such a fantastic package of local cheeses and meats. Excellent random recipe as well.

  5. I have tried on of the Farmison boxes when they first started and I was impressed with it. Lovely recipe!

  6. Speaking as another cheese fanatic - and ardent fan of British artisan cheeses - I hereby declare that stuffed mushroom dish to be Flippin' Marvellous!
    I hope your health is restored to normal form by now... Is Mum's chicken soup required??

  7. Looks wonderful. I love stuffing mushrooms with goat's cheese, but this is a great combo!


  8. My last meal on earth would definitely have to involve cheese too- nothing fancy mind, just a really really well made welsh rarebit would do me fine. And a massive slice of chocolate cake of course... Lovely random recipe Dom!

  9. I agree about the quality of the Farmison meat at least, I didn't get cheese. Love your mushrooms. Not sure I'm going to have time to RR this month, I'm sure you will manage very well without me.

  10. And I thought life was too short to stuff a mushroom!

    Love the recipe, just the sort of thing my Mum would make in the 70s, and your box of goodies sounds fab, I wonder if they deliver to London bloggers:-)
    Jude x

  11. Mmm those look very tasty.

  12. PERFECT! And I was also lucky enough to receive the same box of cheeses and lovely meat too! I am a BOG fan of Farmison, plus, it is a Yorkshire company too! Hope you are feeing a lot better Dom! Karen xxx

  13. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well, but to come home to box of meats and cheese... I could handle that :)

    The mushroom looks amazing!!

  14. Mmmm .... must try! I love a good stuffie! Great combo of flavours!

  15. I do love a stuffed mushroom! And what superior flavours you've got in yours! Delicious!

  16. 10/10

    Love how it turned out of my oven, those yummy flavours just wafting around the kitchen, teasing my husband's senses. Thank you for the wonderful recipe dear.

    1. oooh, so glad it turned out well! Always nice to know they work!

  17. When you use a large mushroom like a portobello it magically becomes supper instead of a munchie. Looks mouthwatering!

  18. I make a similar thing quite often. Must say I also love trying new British cheeses. Especially the blue ones! Yum.

  19. One of the most popular canapes I do when I'm catering is blue cheese, mushroom and leek tartlets - it works because this combination is awesome. Funny though I'd never thought of translating it to a quick dinner like this. Looks so good.

  20. What a great combination! We love blue cheese and leeks and mushrooms at our house so this recipe really appeals. Plus I love the names of the British cheeses. Flower Marie and Monks' Folly. How can anyone not adore those cheeses? Some day perhaps I'll be able to try them.

  21. That recipe looks wonderful! I am emailing this to my sister who is very health conscious!


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