Monday, 15 April 2013

double apple cinnamon scones

...last weekend I had 3 baking disasters... all because I wanted to bake something simple with apples and it's funny isn't it, how when we try too hard it can all just go down the drain really quickly... I started with some apple and rolled-oat muffins but they came out like bricks... just so heavy, they also seemed to have a bit of an identity crisis between wether they should be a sweet or savoury food item... regardless, they were revolting and no end of jam, sugar or chutney could save them... next I moved onto what I thought would be some very simple apple, honey and chocolate cupcakes...  combining bloggers challenges often ends in disaster... which exploded in the oven.  I followed the recipe to the letter but they ended up on the inside roof of the oven and even once what remained of them had cooled they actually tasted like bad breath... not nice... my third attempt was a simple apple cake and this was a cake of mistaken identity when I grabbed the 'light' margarine from the fridge... they tasted lovely but apple sponge pancakes was not what I intended to make...

double apple cinnamon scones
the viking came in from a day in the garden craving sugar and knowing that the humble scone only takes about 15 minutes from flour sugar and butter to stomach he persuaded me to rustle some up... I stubbornly reached for an apple and then I spied the last of the incredible apple butter I bought in California lurking in the back of the fridge... so they're a bit like a chocolate chocolate chip but slightly perhaps healthier and of course the cinnamon is the perfect bedfellow for apples... fortunately we ended up in scone heaven - a very good place to be.

makes about 9 small scones
300g self-raising flour
75g butter
1 tablespoon apple butter
2 tablespoons soft brown sugar
1 grated medium apple, skin on
8 fl oz milk
a pinch of salt

pre-heat the oven to 200C and prepare a baking sheet

place the flour and butters in a large bowl and rub together quickly with your fingertips

sprinkle in the sugar and salt and then the grated apple and mix in

add some of the milk and then, with a knife, bring the mixture together to form a dough.  You may not need all the milk so don't use it all at once and only finish it if you really need it... you should have a firm medium dry dough

flour your work surface and pat out the dough to just thicker than half the depth of your scone cutter, then cut out your scones... you may have to re-form the dough half way through

bake for 12-15 mins until risen and golden

this month the alphabakes bloggers challenge has the letter 'A' as it's theme... it was very nearly my downfall and for that we can thank Caroline from Caroline Makes and her partner in crime Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Oh dear, one disaster after does nothing for the confidence, not to mention the inside of the oven. Exploding cupcakes sound like quite an achievment to me....they might catch on....if you could eat them as well as scrape them off the oven roof !!
    Glad you had a success with the scones - they look yummy.

  2. These look and sound delicious - apple and cinnamon, one of my favourite combinations! So glad you decided against sharing the bad breath cupcakes with us...

  3. You know, I'm glad you wrote about this because I think sometimes it's easy for people to assume bloggers are all such great cooks that we never have cooking disasters, when of course that's not true. The thing that unites us even more than a love of cooking is, for many of us anyway, a love of eating! The cooking is an (often very enjoyable) means to the eating... And sometimes it goes wrong! Glad you achieved apple nirvana in the end!

  4. I have weekends like that, I really feel your pain! I'm glad you got there in the end though - these scones look splendid!

  5. So glad you got there in the end Dom - it's very hard to beat a good scone and apple scones are my absolute favourite.

  6. Are you practising for the Village Show already?x

  7. Going to New York soon and want to pick up apple butter - I'm intrigued!! The scones have me drooling....

  8. Wow, I kind of want to know how to make cupcakes explode (though not in my lovely oven of course!).

  9. Oh my goodness, brick like scones, exploding cupcakes. Belleau Kitchen is such a dangerous place but worth all the experimentation to produce these lovely apple scones.

  10. I would have thrown in the towel! Sorry you have such a mess to clean-up in the oven, hopefully it's self-cleaning!

    In any event your scones look amazing, and I've been craving some, this may be just the ticket!

    Check out my pancakes when you have a moment, I think you'd like them!


  11. Well done for soldiering on despite the disasters! Apple butter sounds interesting - is it the texture of butter with an apple flavour?

  12. I can't believe apples gave you so much grief! Looks like it was worth it as these scones look amazing. I am particularly intrigued by apple butter. Thanks for entering AlphaBakes.

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  14. Three disasters in a row is really bad luck, Dom, but at least you got there in the end. Double apple scones sound delicious!

  15. I guess as long as the disasters don't detour us from the kitchen, that is what counts, right? Although, I must admit.. after the explosion, I may never have gone back to baking again!! lol
    Despite the set backs, these scones look amazing!!! Cinnamon and apples were made for each other!

  16. I often have days like that, thank goodness the scones worked. They sound fabulous so worth the previous apple problems:-)

  17. Well I'm glad you had to carry on with your apple journey to make these. Yum! They look like they'd be a good breakfast item. Fancy entering them into breakfast club?

  18. Whew. I would have given up at the first attempt and made applesauce..which hopefully would have turned out. I am glad you stuck it out because you came upon these deelctable scones.

  19. Scone heaven sounds like a very good place to be..

  20. I hate the waste of time, ingredients and money when that happens. The thing is, all of us those types of days. The scones however look delicious and I happen to have apple butter I canned this fall. Maybe I will give these a try. I have self rising flour in the freezer left over from my Victoria sponge I made this past summer.

  21. Ahh, I feel your pain. My latest post was a stuffed burger only the first time I tried it the patty split open and the cheese poured out. The dog was sitting watching me so I flipped it right from the grill to him and he ate it in 2 seconds. Said a few Basil Fawlty type words and went and made some more :)

  22. Apples away Dom! These things happen and you just have to move on to the next bake, as you did, and WOW! Look at those scones! They look absolutely amazing and as an avid scone lover, I may try these next time I have some spare apples! Karen

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  24. They look great - a good end to a bad run. I hate it when things you think really ought to work just go wrong!


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