Friday, 10 May 2013

Cho drinking gazpacho - a cho-tastic Mums Show Live giveaway!

... being a creative type can have it's hazards... one moment you're working your nuts off, throwing glitter at a supermodel in some insanely expensive house in the Hollywood Hills with barely a moment to breathe... and the next you can be up to your eyeballs in debt frantically rocking naked in the corner of a dimly lit room wondering where your next pay cheque is going to come from... it is a slightly frenetic life that I wouldn't give up for anything, however much you may hear me complain...

... but sometimes when the lows are really low you do start to plan your escape... wild ideas come to you in the dead of night, most have very little chance of ever reaching fruition but when one of them does, you just know it's going to get you out of the doldrums... The Viking and I are very lucky at the moment because The Persuaders is going really well and added to this we're hoping that Mums Show Live, the new and only show for parents of school-aged kids, happening at Alexandra Palace next week from 16th to 19th May, will be another step in the right direction... and so when our very good friends Adam and Karen told us about their new food venture Cho an 'on-the-go' drinking gazpacho, we were equally excited and intrigued by their new food idea...

Adam and Karen hard at work!

... Adam and Karen have been working in the same industry as us for years and have had the same hits and misses as the best of us so when they turned their love of food and passion for all things Spanish into Cho - an innovative new drinking gazpacho with 4 incredible flavours we knew they were onto a winner... of course the proof, as they say, is in the pudding and with Cho, boy is it ever!...

the four intriguing Cho flavours are 

Clasico Tomato & Peppers 
a classic blend of organic tomatoes, green and red peppers, olive oil and garlic - this is the true taste of gazpacho, a must for any tomato lover.

Almond & Raspberry
the Spanish call gazpacho with almonds Ajoblanco and this is a twist on that beautiful idea with more than a kick of raspberries, this is a very summery drink.

Beetroot and Apple
this one is my favourite and I feel it is a very mature drink, it is also blended with Greek yoghurt for an extra creaminess, it is quite literally heaven in a bottle

Tomato & Strawberry
this one is delightful and apparently a hit with the kids too, the strawberry is an unexpected and delicious bed-fellow for the tomato!

As a food lover myself I know that gazpacho tends to be one of those 'marmite' foods... for as many people love it as hate it but I have to say that this is such an innovative idea and one that I know will take my dear friends on an incredible culinary journey... and they've spent many a sleepless hour creating this beautiful drink... working with Michelin starred chef Alejandro Sanchez on developing the recipes so that each flavour combination is sublimely beautiful, plus all the product is lovingly and authentically made by small producers in the heart of Andalucia... they already have orders from some very swanky shops and the product is also available to order on their website where you can read more about their brilliant culinary journey...

and now to the brilliant giveaway... we are proud to announce that Cho will be exhibiting at Mums Show Live next week and to celebrate this union of creativity I am giving away 4 pairs of tickets to the show to 4 lucky winners, each winner will also receive an incredible 12 bottle case of mixed flavours of Cho!...

... all you have to do to enter is fill in the wonderful rafflecopter thingy below and tell us which flavour you think sounds the most delicious... the winners will be announced on Wed 18th May - good luck!

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