Thursday, 6 June 2013

a floral giveaway

... does anyone still ask for a nasty plastic supermarket bag anymore... I know they must, in fact I see them do it with my own eyes but it does seem incredible that with so many alternative options available that anyone even has the gaul to not bring their own bags to the supermarket... ok, we're not all perfect and sometimes life gets in the way but now that we're all a little more aware of the damage that these seemingly endless supply of plastic bags can do to the environment it seems a little odd to me that they're still available as an option...

... the brilliant dotcomgiftshop have a large selection of very cute shopping bags, amongst some other lovely gifts on their very user-friendly website... they recently asked me if i'd like to review a couple of items and sent me to their site to chose what I wanted to receive... after suffering a small embolism from the choice of retro-chic goodies I settled on this adorable mini milk-bottle crate complete with 6 mini milk-bottles as they reminded me of the time when we were given a small bottle of milk during break at school.. I realise this ages me tremendously and that many of you won't have such rose-tinted memories of being forced to drink warm milk at school but I loved it and I thought these little beauties would make very sweet wild-flower vases... and after raiding The Viking's glorious garden for some stunning specimens I'm sure you'll agree...

... the good people at dotcomgiftshop also gave me one of these lovely French Daisy Shopping Bags worth £14.95 to give away as a gift to one lucky reader of my blog... the bag is made from oil-cloth and has a very cute 50's inspired daisy pattern on it and would be very handy to stuff full of lovely pic-nic goodies to take to the beach... all you have to do to be in with the chance of winning the bag is complete the rafflecopter thingy below... good luck to you!

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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