Monday, 24 June 2013

Pimm's blackberry and elderflower Queen's Head jelly

... as many of you will have seen by my recent facebook and twitter feeds The Persuaders has been doing some amazing work with Pimm's... this summer we've created the Pimm's Indoor Summer Garden.  It's a 'pop-up' bar in the heart of London, celebrating all that's wonderful about the great british summer, including the dreary and wet weather... our bucolic garden offers an oasis out of the rain where you can book a pic-nic blanket complete with hamper full of tradition british grub.  We even built a very cute potting-shed which doubles as a bar and retail space where you can purchase not only jugs of the lovely Pimm's but all kinds goodies such as garden games, hand-crafted pic-nic blankets and these really rather fun HRH queen's head jelly moulds...

... Pimm's also has a new flavour exclusively launched for this summer, Blackberry and Elderflower... it's very british in its hedgerow inspiration and it's very sweet and delicious... so much so that I think it makes a rather wonderful ingredient for this naughty and very adult jelly...

... the Pimm's Summer Garden is in 5 Great Newport Street in London and open till this Saturday evening... to book a blanket you can call 07466 827923... the Queens Head jelly Mould is available at the pop-up garden or on-line here.

Pimm's blackberry and elderflower jelly
the queens head mould is quite large... it takes two litres of liquid, the more the merrier if you ask me... and the trick as always with these kind of things is the liberal use of sunflower oil wiped on the inside of the mould before filling which should guarantee an easy and successful turn-out.  I also used 4 packets of gelatine powder as the alcohol never truly sets so you do need to help it on it's way... the addition of the mint leaves, a traditional ingredient for a Pimm's really adds something special to the flavour, plus those blackberries were a bonus find in the supermarket... i was too lazy to do a double-set of my jelly which would have meant I could have had the fruit in the middle of but I still love them in here...

1 3/4 litres lemonade
1/4 litre Pimm's
3 sachet's of gelatine powder
mint leaves
sunflower oil
a little white chocolate

run a little sunflower oil on the inside of the jelly mould

in a large pan, heat the lemonade and pimm's with the mint leaves until nearly boiling, then take it off the heat and add the gelatine powder and stir well

pour into the mould and pop in the fridge for 24 hours until completely set

serve with a few drops of melted white chocolate

with the mint and the little drops of white chocolate high-lighting the queens jewellery this dish also qualifies me for this months we should cocoa, the theme of which is of course mint... we should cocoa is the brain child of choclette from the chocolate log blog and is hosted this month by from Victoria at a kick at the pantry door...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. It looks as wonderful as it sounds. What a combination.

  2. Oh gosh, my untrained eyes had to stare at this for a moment to get it---only in England! (I don't mean any disrespect :) I love the flavor of blackberries, and I'm not sure I've ever tasted elderflower. Sounds very intriguing.

  3. Well. I certainly wasn't expecting that!! It looks and sounds sensational though, and I'm definitely curious about that new Pimms flavour. Thank you so much for linking up with We Should Cocoa this month! x

  4. I had my first ever taste of Pimms on Friday night at a friend's birthday party - I bet it's gorgeous jellified. Just tart and fruity enough to satisfy the sweet tooth and just enough kick to keep the party going!

  5. This looks wonderful. I'm eating readymade jelly out of a plastic tub at the moment and wishing I could be eating the Queen's head instead.

    I bought the new Pimms flavour last week, it's delicious. We've been using it to make a cross between a Pimms Royale and a Bramble cocktail.

  6. Your pop up looks marvelous, if I wasn't knee deep in 7th birthday party prep I'd try to pop up myself:-)
    I have a couple of bottles of the new Pimms stashed away to take to France and will attempt a jelly, though not as regal as yours.
    Just Completely Fabulous!

  7. ... and has HRH gotten back to you on her reaction to her 'shake and shimmy' jelly? She seems to be mellowing with age. I bet she's loving it!

  8. Fantastic pop-up bar - I just wish I could get there. I love a good Pimm's and I'm always up for a new flavour. Great jelly but I am definitely NOT going to make any sort of joke about wobbly old queens.

  9. WE have blackberries galore but no elderflower in the immediate vicinity. Now if I still lived in Ontario in Eastern Canada they can be found everywhere. Love the Queens head. When I was in England in 1977 Pimms was my drink of choice:D

  10. Belleau Kitchen: by appointment to HM the Queen, purveyors of jelly...! Did you send her one of the moulds??

  11. That mould is amazing! I have some of that Pimm's (good ol' mum bought it for me)- might give it a go in a somewhat less spectacular mould!

  12. FABULOUS! Just BLOODY brilliant Dom! I LOVE Pimms and I LOVE this jelly too! Rock on HRH! You clever clogs you, just great! Karen xxx

  13. A great entry for We Should Cocoa - would never have guessed it in a million years! Love the flavour combination of elderflower and blackberry and your decoration and presentation.

  14. That is just brilliant! Looks fantastic and I imagine tastes delicious, superb!

  15. I love Pimms - just the essence of an English garden party. I bet that jelly tastes delicious but that head looks a bit scary! Good tips about oiling the jelly mould. Wish I could pop in and book a blanky!

  16. Oh, no fair! I love Pimms and I would LOVE to try the new flavour but I am sure it won't get to SA. I love the presentation of your jelly and I bet ma'am tastes as brilliant as she looks!

  17. Great minds! I made a Pimm's Blackberry and Elderflower jelly a few weeks ago on too but the shape wasn't nearly as awesome and ambitious as The Queen!

    Just found your blog so thank you :)

  18. Oh, oh, oh, how did I miss this one? Being ridiculously busy is really not good for blogging related activities. Love, love, love your rent a blanket pop-up Pimms garden. Did it go well? I hope it was the mega success it deserved to be.

    Your jelly is a wonder too and thank you for entering it into WSC :)


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