Saturday, 1 June 2013

prune and almond brownies - random recipes #29 - healthy and happy

... there really only could be one theme for June's random recipes... i'd thought about being even more specific and asking for high-fibre recipes only but i kind of knew it would be taking liberties, so this month i'd like you all to gather your wonderfully summery, healthy and happy recipes... and there are countless ways you could make your selection... many books dedicate their first few chapters to soups and salads... or maybe you have a stack of diet cookbooks or summer cookbooks... or maybe you could do it by ingredient, choosing a combination of healthy items and then using an app or website such as eat your books, to come up with the recipe... however you chose, it needs to be a recipe that you consider to be healthy or one that makes you happy, the theory being that if it makes us smile and feel good then it can't be bad for us...

... I was very specific about the recipes I selected for myself... I went through all my cookbooks and looked closely at ingredients that are on my list of 'must-eats'... obviously there's a lot of high-fibre stuff in there but I think it's quite telling that one of the key 'good' foods I seemed to lock onto from the list was dark chocolate... strange that...

... but after a lovely rainy day of sifting through cookbooks I pulled together about 35 recipes all that fall under my healthy and happy theme... it was a great thing to do as I now have a bucket-load of yummy ideas from quite a wide range of books such as the brilliant, new Soup Can make You Thin by Fiona Kirk... River Cottage Veg Every Day... Complete Italian Food by Antonio Carlucci and of course the High Fibre Cookbook by Valerie Ferguson which I treated myself to earlier in the week...

prune and almond brownies
as you can imagine, i've been eating a LOT of prunes of the past couple of weeks... I actually quite like them but they do become a little chewy and tasteless after a while and I think I was getting prune fatigue... so when my random recipes lottery picker landed on this recipe from Delia Smith's Vegetarian Collection I wasn't all that excited... I think one of my lovely well-wishers on twitter had suggested prune brownies and as mentioned above, dark chocolate, prunes and almonds are all on the good food list, it's as though these were invented just for me... as it happens I haven't tried them yet, i'm a little scared my stomach's not quite ready but The Viking tells me they are very good and I think they look damn fine...

makes 18 brownies - 9 of which I have frozen (i'm so good aren't I?)
I used a 12inch x 9inch baking tray - greased and lined

75g dark chocolate - I used some incredible Fair Trade chocolate from my local Lincolnshire Co-op.
75g pitted prunes - chopped
75g skin on almonds - chopped
150g butter
3 large eggs - beaten
330g demerara sugar
75g plain flour
1 level teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

prep your baking tin and set the oven to 180C

place everything but the butter and chocolate into a large bowl

in a small pan very gently and slowly melt the butter and chocolate and once melted simply pour onto all the other ingredients and combine then pour into your baking tin and bake for 30 minutes.  Let is cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes before turning it out and cutting into squares

the rules for taking part this month are simple:

1 - gather all your healthy and happy books and recipes 
2 - randomly select one book, then open that book at a random page
3 - cook the exact recipe on that page (dietary restrictions / availability / affordability taken into consideration) don't cheat - you're only cheating yourself!
4 - post about your recipe on your blog, linking back to my blog, including the random recipes logo
5 - email me the link to your post to dominic at belleaukitchen dot co dot uk
6 - tweet me @belleakitchen including the hashtag #randomrecipes and i'll retweet all I see.
7 - entry deadline will be Fri 28th June

well go on then, what are you waiting for.. help me get healthy!



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