Sunday, 4 August 2013

wild strawberry, rose and purple gooseberry jam

... an empty bottle, an empty jar... sitting there on the shelf... is there anything more alluring to a foodie than the call of the un-contained container...?

... other than a very brief foray into an amazing jar of banana jam i've never actually made a proper breakfast jam before... i've never made marmalade... i've never pickled anything and i've most certainly never bottled anything like my own sloe gin or elderflower cordial... it's hard to believe isn't it, but it's true... well, all that's about to change as i've been very fortunate to have been sent the most generous box of goodies from the fine people at quickjars... the box is quite literally stuffed with bottles of all sizes - including a champagne bottle - jam jars and mustard jars... all their bottles and jars are handpicked and environmentally sourced which makes you feel good about filling them with your own beautifully crafted produce...  it's probably one of the most exciting gifts a foodie can get and I can't wait to start filling them all... there are some amazingly delicious recipes on the brilliant quickjars website that i'm already planning to make but I do hope you'll all help inspire me with ideas of what to fill them with over the next weeks and months too...

wild strawberry, rose and purple gooseberry jam
The Viking grabbed a couple of wild strawberry plants at the garden centre back in May and popped them into our planted wheelbarrow... they've slowly blossomed into a glorious bush of the deepest ruby nuggets and it seems the more you pick the more come back... it's still only a handful but combined with the small handful of purple gooseberries I get from our single gooseberry bush he thought they'd make a very cute pot of jam... and he was right... as i've never made proper jam before I don't think my method is particularly proper either so it's doubtful if you should follow it but i've got myself a little pot of glorious fruity fabulousness so i'm quite happy... well done Viking...

so it's a little hard to give you measurements as it was all a little bit of guess-work but here goes:
10 wild strawberries
10 purple gooseberries
5 raspberries
the rind of a quarter of an orange - thinly sliced
4 or 5 tablespoons caster sugar (you want the same weight of sugar as fruit)
1 teaspoon rosewater

place it all in a small pan, stir it together and let it sit for a minute or two as the fruit absorbs the sugar, then gently bring to the boil

let it boil at a rapid boil for 2 or 3 minutes... it should start to thicken and the boiling should become less rapid

take it off the heat and pour a teaspoon of the jam onto a cold plate or an object from in the fridge, let it sit for a moment or two and then push it gently with your finger.  If it wrinkles, even a little, then it's done, if not then place it back onto the heat for a little while longer

pour into a sterilised jar and seal with wax paper and a lid

this months brilliant AlphaBakes challenge settles on the letter G and perhaps for the first time I can say with confidence that this jam with its gooseberries can be included... AlphaBakes is hosted by Caroline from Caroline Makes and Ros from The More Than Occasional Baker

the enthusiastic foodies over at quickjars have very kindly offered my readers a 10% discount voucher... all you have to do is send the lovely Adam a quick email via the quickjars site and he'll send you the voucher...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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