Tuesday, 1 October 2013

random recipes #33 - random local ingredient for Lincolnshire Day

... today is officially Lincolnshire Day... i'm not entirely sure what this means for anyone living outside Lincolnshire but I guess it's the one day of the year that all us yellowbellies can proudly shout about this fair, oft-by-passed, much-missunderstood county of ours... as you all know I am always shouting about the wonders of the countryside with it's flat farmlands stretching for miles from the coast to the fens and it's rolling abundant wolds with their secret crevices filled with beautiful and bucolic villages...

... so it was a pleasure when fellow Lincolnshire bloggers Alex and Ben from Snap it. Taste it. Blog it.  asked me if they could come to the cottage to interview me for their blog to celebrate Lincolnshire Day... they brought me some classic Lincolnshire Sausages from the Lincolnshire Coop to cook something with and I randomly made a very simple dish of sausage meatballs in tomato sauce... and this surprise ingredient gave me inspiration for this months random recipes - random local ingredient...

... now of course I don't expect you to use anything from Lincolnshire, although feel free to do that should you wish but the idea is that you should use a random local ingredient to celebrate your local area... you can either find the local ingredient first and treat that as your random pick to which you should find a recipe from one of your myriad books or you can chose a book at random in the usual way and find a local product that will work in the recipe... and if you can't find either, how about randomly selecting a recipe from a local chef...all clear... and don't forget that by taking part in my challenge you can also enter the new Shop Local bloggers challenge from Elizabeth at Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary

here are the rules laid out just in case:

1. randomly select a book from your bookshelf... you can do this any number of ways, I like to count them all, assign each one a number and then randomly draw a book out of the hat but you could throw them all up in the air and select the one that hits you... I leave the selection process to you

2. take that book off the shelf and open it at a random page

3. cook the recipe on this page or if it's something you've cooked before then turn to the very next page and cook that dish... and don't cheat... do it with a friend in the room who will make you stick to it...
it's a challenge after all and you're only cheating yourself... this is specifically designed to take you out of your comfort zone...!

4. find and purchase a local ingredient that will work in this dish and use it!

5. if this method doesn't work for you then find the local ingredient first and then choose the recipe from your books

6. or if this still leaves you cold then how about a local chef... randomly select a recipe from one of their books?

7. you may change the recipe for dietary or monetary or seasonal availability reasons only

8. post it up on your blog, with a link to this page and then email me with a link at dominic(@)belleaukitchen.co.uk so I know you've joined in, you can also attach the badge to show people you're taking part.

9. tweet your entry including the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all I see

10. challenge deadline is October 28th.

...so let's all celebrate our individual locality and share those local ingredients... 

if you're as mad as a box of frogs and want to hear me talk about my blog you can watch the video interview that Ben and Alex made here... and here's a vid of me making the meatballs...the recipe is in the October edition of Lincolnshire Life Magazine and can also be found on my blog here... plus you can also come and see me make the meatballs this coming weekend at the Mr BIG Market at Market Rasen on Saturday 5th October... i'll be there all day cooking with local ingredients, celebrating Lincolnshire and making a complete fool of myself...

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. Ah, I love me a yellowbelly - to the point that I married one!

  2. Guess I'm mad as a box of frogs. Great interview and I wish we had a local-centered market like yours! Sounds wonderful! Last month got away from me and I was sad to miss participating, so I'll start earlier with this challenge.

  3. I wholeheartedly approve of this month's theme! :) Thank you for sharing my own blogging challenge within yours. Much appreciated xx

  4. I love that you wore your pinny all the way through the interview randomly. :) I'm a Tina fan too. Have seen her twice.
    Okay - got to get thinking local. We did this once before, didn't we? I think I made oat bread so I will have to think local but maybe not oats. And the local rasps and strawbs are past. Hmmm. Maybe I will go with haddock. In fact, I definitely will.

    1. Still rasps in my garden Lou, will bring some on Thursday :-)

  5. Aha! Nailed it. Picked up an eighth of a very happy pig from a school friend (that I hadn't seen for 25 years - turns out - quite handsome. Win win. Oui?)

  6. Great theme, will join as always. Karen

  7. Love the interview! Chicken thighs! Lol. Hmmm this is an interesting theme..... will see what I can do. Good time to discover my local farmers market :)

  8. I've literally just come home from the Cornwall Food & Drink Festival with a haul of top local ingredients so I have no excuses for not getting involved this month!

  9. Lovely idea. I use locally produced foods all the time but I just don't remember to say so often enough. Love the pinny. I wish mine looked that clean.

  10. Just been to the Royal Melbourne Show where the "Taste of Victoria" tent had all manner of local produce. Came away with some lovely cheeses............. they could be too nice to cook with though!! Thinking cap is on!

  11. Yay, love this month's challenge Dom. Does this give me license to fill up on clotted cream? Yiha!!!!

  12. Great idea but I am struggling to think of something. Puts thinking cap on

  13. Does it have to be bought local... can it be allotment local?!

    1. local is local, however it arrives in your kitchen! xx


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