Monday, 30 December 2013

random recipes round-up - #35 dare to bare

... well, to say you all have a penchant for voyeurism would be a huge understatement... oh and if you feel dizzy after viewing so many cupboards then spare a thought for me during the collation of this round-up, having to decipher if a certain shelf belonged to a certain blog... i am in need of a lay down...

i promised you a picture of my cottage cupboards and here it is... don't judge me too harshly but i'm currently in the 'stuff it in there until the door shuts' mode, fully aware that there's a lot of stuff that needs chucking out... I know that many of you understand me...

I also wanted to share my dear friend Satu's cupboards with you... Satu is the housemate I mention in the original post who used to keep tins until they began to swell... she read the annonymous mention and knew it was her so thought she'd send me a picture of the current state of her cupboards... very brave if you ask me although they do look suspiciously tidy...

if you dare to look, see the rest after the break...

i've decided to be as egalitarian as possible here as there's very little I can say about each of your cupboards without seeming to be judgemental, although i've given you each two words... so i'll leave it to you to scan through them and click on the links as there are more photo's for each blogger and I know you're all desperate to have a nosey around... to add to the fun i've given you the name only of each blogger so you have to guess who's cupboards belong to whom... enjoy!

so let's start with Victoria... (suspiciously neat)

Karen... (shelf envy)

Anne... (nicely stuffed)

Phil... (hysterically boozy)

Stuart... (properly messy)

Jean... (suspiciously tidy)

Janine... (nicely disorganised)

Caroline... (squished in)

Choclette... (chocolate shelf)

Christian... (strangely varied)

Craig... (organised chaos)

Elizabeth... (jealous much)

Janice... (nicely stuffed)

Susie... (ridiculously neat)

Alex... (before and after)

Kate... (very, very tidy larder)

Denise... (again, stupidly jealous)

Ruth... (gloriously packed-in)

Jane... (food grouping)

Sally... (classily scattered)

Ros... (nicely packed)

Susan... (beautifully stuffed)

Fiona... (bye bye pantry)

Ruth... (gloriously messy)

... and as they say, that's all folks... I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your amazing random recipes entries this year, i've really enjoyed your brilliant entries and it always astounds me how brave and willing you are to play along... for 2014 I promise you some more classic random recipes themes along with some new, more challenging tasks... watch this space...


  1. No world food shortage amongst the random recipe crew then! Fun challenge.

    1. When the end of the world is nigh, we can all club together and save the planet with our flour, spices, sugar and oils! Teeheee :-)

  2. Great round up Dom, disappointed I didn't get round to writing about my cupboards, good fun having a nose through everyone else's though. I have some serious cupboard envy now!

  3. FABULOUS theme for December Dom and hysterically funny too! Happy New Year darlink dashing Dom! Karen xxx

  4. .... I've always thought of myself as beautifully stuffed too ... you hit the nail on the head, dearie! LOL! Happy New Year ... and here's a virtual smooch! XO!

  5. In these times of insecure electricity supply and transport infrastructure I reckon a larder well stocked with dried / tinned / liquid foodstuffs is a good investment. I wonder how many people have lost hundreds of quids' worth of frozen food this Christmas-time??

  6. I love this round up! I thoroughly enjoyed every single nosy :) Happy New Year Dom!

  7. Good fun round-up Dom, though I am left feeling somewhat dissatisfied with my lack of cupboard space.

    May our cupboards never by empty - all the best for 2014.

  8. Great round up - and 'ridiculously neat' just about sums me up perfectly! ;) Best wishes for 2014!

  9. An absolutely brilliant round up! I can't wait to click on all the links I've not already visited.Thanks for hosting Random Recipes - always a pleasure to join in and can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2014. Happy New Year! X

  10. Fascinating!!!! Such fun nosing in everyone's cupboards…. Am wondering now if I am suffering from undiagnosed OCD???

  11. Aggghhh! I SO wanted to take part in this RR....I guess time ran away from me with Christmas and Birthday's! Lots of fabulous pantries and cupboards and definitely no shortage of food! Great round up as usual x

  12. I'm so happy that not all the cupboards were extremely tidy. It means I don't feel guilty when the cupboards get out of hand. I think hysterically boozy is a fair description of me some nights.

  13. I love this round-up and feel privileged my nicely stuffed cupboard was in it! Love been nosey!!

  14. Haha- definitely the best blogging challenge theme I've EVER SEEN

  15. I still dare not bare...but loved the round up! (how do folks cope with so little food in store, seriously?)

  16. Hey, where's mine?!

  17. I so meant to take part in this one but circumstances conspired against it! I'll just have a nosey in everyone else's instead ;-)


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