Wednesday, 27 February 2013

random recipes #25 - round-up

... not only has February been a completely bonkers month but i'm currently writing this blog post from my sick-bed where i'm residing due to the on-set of what can only be described as the worst sickness EVER... wracked with the deep sweats... sore throat... dodgy tummy and aching limbs... yet i've still found time to bring you this months excellent random recipes round-up... aren't I a brave little soldier...?

... and kicking us of this month is the lovely Rachel from Marmaduke Scarlet with a deliciously warming chicken stewed with berber red spice paste randomly picked from Home Food by Richard Whittington

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Monday, 25 February 2013

the perfect pic-nic - a mother's day giveaway

... as funny as it may seem to be talking about picnics whilst we're in the throws of this bitterly cold weather but i'm hoping that with Mother's Day and Easter coming soon we'll get a bit of a break and be able to get out and enjoy the countryside soon...

... and as regular readers will know my mum comes up to the cottage on her birthday and without fail we take a big pic-nic to the beach... it's usually a sprawling family affair which is not complete without bundles of blankets, 2 stripy wind-breakers, buckets and spades for the niece and nephew, water bowls for the dogs, bag loads of food and of course enough champagne to sink a small battleship... we can literally fill the back of the pick-up truck with the spoils of one family's day on the beach... and when it comes to food, it's never particularly planned... anything that was previously cooked and not finished goes in alongside the pre-requisite tinned salmon and spring onion sandwiches, sausage rolls, cheese, a punnet or two of cherry tomatoes, crisps, cake, chocolate... oh and did I mention the champagne... and whilst most of us end up rolling around in the sand mum and Eric always manage to bag themselves a couple of beach thrones... it's what we've always referred to as organised chaos... fortunately the beach we tend to frequent is mostly empty, even at the height of summer but if you do see a large family squabbling over the last drop of bubbly, just look down at the sand and give them a wide berth...

mum enjoying the sunshine on her 68th birthday on the beach in Lincolnshire last summer 

it's a good thing that the nice people at have sent me one of their delightful picnic food hamper for two to review and offer up as a giveaway for you my dear friends... just in time for mother's day too as I think this hamper, packed with a host of delicious, British goodies, perfect for an outdoor feast... and seeing that we're all used to this bitterly cold weather I think this hamper would also make the ideal car pic-nic too... the picnic food hamper for two is part of their Gourmet Food Hampers range which are all rather yummy and would make ideal gifts for mum... or me, if you're feeling generous...

... other than the gorgeous whicker basket itself, what's brilliant about the hamper is that it comes with all the little condiment type things you always seem to leave at home such as a delicious Cottage Delight Poachers Pickle, some divine Beetroot and Thyme Salad Dressing and some potent Cairnsmhor Parmesan and Pepper Oatcakes, perfect for chunks of strong cheddar... it also comes with a set of real china plates, knives, forks and spoons for two people as well as two cups for tea... so everything is there, right in the hamper which means you can cut down on the bundles of stuff and all those journeys between car and beach!... it really is rather a perfect gift and the more I think about it the more i'm getting a bit jealous about giving it away...

the picnic food hamper for two 

... but here it is... and all you have to do to be in with a chance of winning the hamper as a gift for your mum... or maybe as a gift for yourself for being such a great mum... or maybe just because you feel you deserve a lovely treat... is fill out the rafflecopter thingamydoodah below and answer one simple question which is this... what is your favourite sandwich filling?

sadly this giveaway is only open to UK residents but if any of my international readers have friends or family in the UK then please do enter on behalf of them!

a Rafflecopter giveaway enjoy!

...and just a few T's & C's I have to let you know about:
Competitions and prize draws are open to UK residents only.
The winner can choose to deliver the hamper anywhere within the UK & Ireland.
No persons under 18 years of age may receive the winning prize if it contains alcohol.
Prizes are non-transferable and there is no cash alternative.
Employees and agents of Ltd. and their immediate friends and families are excluded.
The decision is final and will not be entered into.
This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. Any information provided is to Hampergifts and not to Facebook and the information will only be used for notifying the winner

Friday, 22 February 2013

triple layer lemon swirl and poppyseed mother's day cake

... I know we're a couple of weeks away but i thought i'd start Mother's Day, which falls on Sunday March 10th in the UK, early this year with this celebration cake... the recipe for which is in the March edition of Lincolnshire Life Magazine which is out now... I also have a lot of exciting giveaways for mum this year as I think I seriously neglected this celebration last year and god forbid I neglect my lovely mum... so look out for some lovely gifts later next week...

... I have to declare, here and now that my mums lemon cake is the best in the world… there’s just something so wonderfully delicious about it that reminds me of being home.  It could be that wonderfully zingy and sweet intense lemony flavour or perhaps it’s the incredible citrus and buttery aroma that fills her kitchen when she’s baking it… whatever it is, a slice of it will take me back to my childhood and special tea’s with the family and what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with a baked tribute. This is actually not her recipe... with her permission I will post that on Mother's Day. No, this is my version in honour of my mum… let’s just hope she loves it as much as I love her!

triple layer lemon swirl and poppy-seed mother’s day cake
you will need 3 x 20cm round cake tins and I’m making a simple 2 egg sponge for each cake tin using the ‘weigh the egg’ method where you weigh your eggs, in their shells and then use the same weight of butter, sugar and flour.  This method also means you can make a regular double layered sponge if you wish.

For the sponge
6 large free-range eggs
400g butter – softened
400g golden caster sugar
400g self-raising flour
1 dessert spoon poppy seeds
the grated zest of three lemons
the juice of 3 lemons

For the lemon buttercream
150g butter
75g icing sugar
1 tablespoon milk
the zest of one lemon
the juice of one lemon
a little yellow food colouring

For the cream-cheese icing
200g marscapone
200g full fat cream cheese
300mil whipping cream
1 tablespoon icing sugar

to make the sponge, place the butter and sugar in a very large bowl and beat with a wooden spoon until light and fluffy (this can be done with a stand mixer or electric whisk but I love the tactile nature of doing it all by hand.)

add two eggs and beat in until combined, then follow this with a third of the flour, again beating in until combined.  Continue adding eggs and flour alternately until it’s all gone and you have a smooth batter.  Add the lemon zest and the lemon juice and beat in again.

divide between the three lined and greased cake tins and bake on 170C for 25-30 mins or until golden and risen.  Take them out of the oven and cool on a wire rack for 5 mins before turning out to cool fully.

to make the lemon buttercream - In a large bowl beat the butter till soft, then add the icing sugar and beat together, then mix in the lemon juice and zest until combined.  Add a drop or two of yellow colouring and mix in… I like it quite bright and daffodil inspired.

place one sponge on your cake stand and spread a nice thick layer of buttercream evenly on the surface, place the second cake on top and repeat the process and then finally place the third cake on top.  Leave a little of the buttercream aside to swirl into the cream-cheese icing at the end.

to make the cream-cheese icing simply combine all the ingredients and whisk until stiff but still spreadable.  Spread evenly onto the cake tower then take a small knife and swirl the yellow lemon buttercream into the white cream-cheese for a pretty finished look.

eat and of course, enjoy!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

glamorous mid-week chicken

... as you know, I love my slow-cooked food but I realise that this long, relaxed way of cooking doesn't always work for all of us all the time... sometimes we need a quick solution for a mid-week, glamorous meal that's just as fabulous and I think i've cracked it with this butterfly chicken... The butterflying technique is a simple as picking up a pair of scissors and cutting out the backbone, it also means the cooking time is considerably reduced... but if you're squeamish you can ask your butcher to do it for you... and then with just a few added vegetables and bit of butter you'll have an all-in-one meal that is fast, super-tasty and will impress those who may need impressing, beyond any doubt...

... plus... and I hope i'm not coming across too '1950's Housewife' on you here... but you can also turn this glorious meal into at least one, if not two other meals with an extremely tasty soup made from the roasted carcass and with any left-over meat I always like to throw together a little chicken pilaf... so all in all it's fast, tasty and thrifty too... a win-win-win!

glamorous mid-week chicken
now listen here you lot... I won't lie, butterflying a chicken is gruesome... for about 7 seconds... and then it's over and you have something very pretty to serve up... and it can be done in three easy steps:

1. turn the chicken over on to its breast then take your index finger and third finger and run them back and forth along the backbone, just so you know where it is and get an understanding of its shape.
2. take a pair of kitchen shears or scissors and snip along either side of the backbone from bottom to neck - remove this length of gristle and flesh and save it for stock or soup
3. turn the chicken back over, push down on the breast to flatten out the chicken and pull the wings over the top of the breast as shown in the finished photo above.

see... gruesome but so simple...

1 large free range chicken
150g butter -softened
a sprig of fresh rosemary
2 sprigs of fresh thyme
1 sprig of fresh lemon thyme
1/2 teaspoon dried oregano
1 carrot cut into batons
1 onion - cut into small wedges
2 sticks of celery - cut into chunks
6 chestnut mushrooms - quartered
4 cloves of garlic - un-peeled
a handful of new potatoes

pre-heat your oven to 190C

throw all the prepped veg into the bottom of a roasting tin and lay the butterflied chicken on top

de-stalk and chop up all your herbs nice and small and mix them into the butter, then spread this all over the top of the chicken, season and roast in a pre-heated oven for 1hour at 190C... check on it after half an hour and add a splash of water from the kettle...

once it's nice and golden, take it out of the oven and leave it, covered in a tea towel whilst you microwave some frozen peas, as a little added greenery will lift the whole meal to utter perfection

roast chicken and spinach soup
once the chicken has been devoured you'll usually find there's quite a bit of flesh left in the crevasses of the carcass... I always pop the whole lot in the fridge and wait till the next day to prep the soup. Then I break the whole lot down into smaller bits, cover with cold water, a couple of teaspoons of powdered vegetable stock and freshen it up with one whole carrot cut into chunks, a stick of celery cut the same way and a wedge or two of onion... I also throw in about 5 or 6 whole peppercorns for some added power... it was gently simmered for about 2 hours, cooled and then I picked the flesh from the bones, removing as much of the carcass as I could get my sticky hands on... I reheated it before serving adding the spinach which came from a half used bag, just before serving...

eat and of course, enjoy!

Sunday, 17 February 2013

honey and ginger chocolate steamed pudding

... inspiration comes in all kinds of packages and this month it came in a Choclette from the Chocolate Log Blog... Karen from Lavender and Lovage... and Kate from What Kate Baked shaped box... and a meleange of their fabulous bloggers challenges, we should cocoa and tea time treats... for you see, this month brings us the heady theme of ginger as a suggestion from Jen of Blue Kitchen Bakes who's hosting we should cocoa and the naughty but nice theme of perfect puddings from Kate...

... the moment I read the two challenges my mind began to whir, the rusty, dust-filled cogs lubricated by thoughts of childhood school-dinners and chocolate custard... steamed puddings and crystalized ginger... it was simply too good a combination not to create this heavenly delight... a perfect pudding for Sunday lunch perhaps... so what are you waiting for, get to it...

honey and ginger chocolate steamed pudding
the original recipe for this steamed pudding which I found on-line included stem ginger and the syrup from the stem ginger jar... of which I had neither.  Of course I wanted to include the ginger flavour but all I had was ground ginger... and I think i cracked it with the flavour by creating a ground ginger paste with the honey and golden syrup that has worked beautifully... so here's my recipe.

you will need a 1.2 litre pudding basin or about 6 ramekins

for the ginger paste
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 teaspoon ground ginger

for the sponge pudding
175g self-raising flour
1 teaspoon baking powder (or 3 if you're using plain flour)
175g golden caster sugar
1 teaspoon ground ginger
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
175g butter
3 large eggs
2 tbsp milk

grease your pudding basin and then cut a square of parchment paper, scrunch it up then flatten it out and use this to line the bottom of the basin.

for the paste, vigorously stir together the syrup, honey and ginger until combined then pour this into the bottom of the basin

in a large bowl combine all the sponge ingredients and whisk together with an electric whisk until you have a smooth batter and pour this on top of the ginger paste in the basin, smooth the top and place a pleated piece of foil on top

steam in a steamer for 2 hours, remembering to top up the water at regular intervals

turn out, remove the paper and serve.

eat and of course, enjoy!

Friday, 15 February 2013

slow weekend sleepy chicken lentil curry

...i'm living for the weekends at the moment... life is quite full-on and the joy of lazing in bed without that dreadful feeling of guilt is such a wonderfully simple pleasure... and once the weekend comes its as though everything is done in slow-mo, including the cooking... which is just fine by me... I love shuffling around the house, slowly doing my chores, making coffee, watching TV, catching up on blogs I haven't had time to read and maybe, if I get enough time, i'll steal my self away to a comfy chair with a good end-of-the-world apocalypse book to get lost in, dreaming of a time when deadlines won't exist...

... and when i'm not battling plague-infected zombies in my overactive middle-aged mind i'm thinking about what I can eat next... and I love rooting through the food cupboards thinking about what I can make with those odds and sods clinging to the dark corners like an oddly neglected single dryer sock, somehow reluctant to be included in whatever i'm planning for my next meal and this includes that packet of dried mixed lentils that's been sitting in there for the last six months... you know that packet... the type that needs 24 hours soaking but whenever you remember to use them it's always too late... well that's exactly what the weekends are for my friends...

slow weekend sleepy chicken curry
i'm so lazy, this can barely be called an authentic curry but the essence is there... and this really is something that goes into the oven on Saturday morning to be eaten much later that day or even on Sunday... which is just what I did... cooking it slowly on Saturday for 4 hours and then finishing it off at Sunday lunchtime with a further 2 hours before consuming... slowly... in front of a good old-fashioned zombie movie... such simple pleasures...

you'll need a large casserole dish or pan with a tight fitting lid

1 packet of dried mixed lentils and pulses - soaked for 24 hours
a mix pack of chicken thighs and drumsticks
1 onion - roughly chopped
2 carrots - roughly chopped
2 celery sticks - roughly chopped
2 cloves of garlic - finely crushed
1 pint of vegetable stock
1 teaspoon garam masala
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
1/2 teaspoon chilli flakes
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
olive oil

heat some olive oil and a little butter in the pan or casserole and gently saute the onions and garlic for a minute or so until beginning to soften, then throw in the spices and gently heat through for a further 5 mins or so, stirring so the spices don't burn.

add the rest of the veg and the soaked lentils to the onions and mix it all up, then place the chicken pieces on top and pour over the stock.  You should have enough stock to reach halfway up the chicken.

cover tightly and place in an oven on 100C for 4 hours, then give it a good stir, add a little more stock if needed and cook again for a further hour at 100C, then remove the lid and cook for a further half hour at 100 then a final half hour at 180C to get nice and brown.

the chicken should be falling off the bones like a decomposing zombie... am I obsessed today?  Could it be because The Walking Dead is back on the TV tonight...

eat slowly and of course enjoy!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

mini tiramisu

... so The Viking says to me this morning... 'we're not doing Valentine's this year are we...?' Take from this what you will... i've given up deciphering his strange words...

... funny how, in just one day, you can cook three things you've never cooked before... and it just seems so odd because I adore this classic Italian dessert.  In fact I think tiramisu gets a bit of a bad wrap and has been sadly relegated to that of naff pudding, which it really doesn't deserve... no, this wonderfully creamy and lightly whipped dessert is quite heavenly and its little drop of rum or whisky is a naughty  hit that finishes it off with a touch of flourish... 

... these little tiramisu pots were the first thing the lovely Florence Knight showed us how to make on the recent Finish Quantum bloggers cooking day I blogged about last week.  Like most of us, i've seen tiramisu made 'lasagne' style in a big dish but never like this in mini glasses and I think they look so chic and work so well for a dessert that can be slightly too sickly sweet if you take too much... which I always do... anyway, i want to share the recipe with you as it's just too good not to let this one become a popular pudding again... 

mini tiramisu
one of the things I loved about Florence was her insistence that we make these 'by hand'... she's keen that we all get back to basics in the kitchen and I totally agree... I have really felt over the past few years that we've become distant from our food and rely on our machines much to often and this simple activity of whisking eggs by hand, whilst it may take a little longer, really makes you appreciate and understand the process and makes you connect with the final dish that can only be a good thing... one tip though... the whisking action should be a light flick, worked from the wrist rather than the arm, it may hurt more but it makes for a lighter whip!

this will make 20 mini pots, which may seem like a lot but perfect for a big family gathering... the recipe can be easily halved.

6 large free-range eggs - separated
250g brown sugar
1 200g pot of mascarpone
1 small glass of rum (this can be left out or reduced if serving for kids)
1 packet (6) sponge finger biscuits... or ladyfingers or boudoir cookies as I think they can be called
1 large cup of fresh espresso coffee
1 tablespoon cocoa powder
a selection of mini glass cups - any odds and sods will do, wine glasses are nice, or even small jam jars.

separate the egg yolks and egg whites into two very large bowls

add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk hard until they become pale and a little fluffy... should take about 5 mins

whisk the egg whites till stiff peaks... this could be a job for sharing with a loved one and should take no longer than 5 mins at a good steady pace.  they will be ready when you can hold them above your head without them falling out... try it, it's fun.

next take a large metal spoonful of mascarpone and gently fold it into the egg yolk and sugar mix combining it with a gently figure of eight movement and once combined do the same with a large spoonful of egg white... continue until it's all used up and you have a large bowl of fluffy fabulousness.. then add the rum and stir in gently

make up your coffee and dip your finger biscuits into it... they only need a very brief dip... then set aside

now you want to begin the layering process... so start with half a coffee-dipped biscuit which you can squish into the bottom of the glass, followed by a sprinkling of cocoa powder and a tablespoon of the fluffy egg mix, continue this way two more times, ending with a layer of fluffy egg mix.

place the glasses into the fridge to set for at least 2 hours, then sprinkle the top with cocoa powder just before serving

florence hard at work with her whisk and bowl...

eat and of course, enjoy!

Monday, 11 February 2013

valentines pancakes's pancake day here tomorrow in the UK and this means the celebration of the little round, flat pancake.... much like the Jewish passover celebration, part of the reason we celebrate Shrove Tuesday is to clean the cupboards of tired old bits of produce such as flour and eggs... it's a Spring clean for your home if you like, not that anyone needs an excuse to make pancakes.  British pancakes are more like a traditional French crepe than their thicker American cousins and whilst I enjoy both if i'm totally honest, there's nothing I prefer more than the honeyed hues of maple syrup dripping down the sides of a towering stack of rich, thick buttermilk pancakes...

... and I guess i'm still a little hungover from my Californian trip because i've been waiting for an excuse to make these beauties... as we all know, the Americans love their food and if you’ve ever eaten in an American restaurant you can understand why. There’s just so much on offer and so many options to choose from… even something as simple as ordering breakfast can take a full five minutes choosing between how you want your eggs – fried, scrambled, poached, omelette, egg whites only, sunny-side-up – to what type of toast you want to accompany the eggs – white, wheat, sourdough, bagel… and then there are all the other wonderful and seemingly odd breakfast options from granola to breakfast burrito’s and of course the temptingly rich and utterly naughty full cream pancakes… one has options here too from the full stack, which usually compromises of 6 fat, dinner-plate sized pancakes piled high with whipped cream, maple syrup and bacon… to the short stack, which is a slightly less heart-attack inducing 3 pancakes.  I managed a short-stack just once on this recent trip and even that I shared with my whole family… but this and the fact that Americans also love celebrating big occasions such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Mothers Day, got me thinking that these would make a wonderfully indulgent sweet breakfast treat for the one you love on Valentines Day.

valentines buttermilk pancakes
I am very excited and proud to announce that I have become a food ambassador for Lincolnshire Co-operative.  The Co-op is a chain of convenience stores owed by its members... and many of the counties in the UK have their own co-op businesses.  Every penny of the profits from the stores go back into the community.  They are also committed to ethical principles like Fairtrade and local sourcing which made it very easy for me to say yes when they asked me to share recipes and write for their blog... all their stores have dedicated shelf space for local produce from beer to eggs which makes them feel more like a local deli and I often source my produce from these shelves...

... for these pancakes i'm using a locally sourced Mount Pleasant Flour as well as a Lincolnshire Honey and Lincolnshire Farm Eggs... it's really worth check out your local store for what's on offer as often as you can... it's the only way we'll change our very odd and distant relationship with what we eat...

makes roughly 10
2 eggs
100ml buttermilk
150ml whole milk
5 tablespoons unsalted butter – melted
190g plain flour
1 tablespoon caster sugar
3 teaspoons baking powder

in a bowl, beat the eggs with the milk, buttermilk and melted butter – put aside

in another bowl sift the flour, baking powder and sugar

pour the egg mixture into the flour mix and stir very lightly until the ingredients are just combined

take a small but heavy pan (I use a one omelette non-stick pan) and heat gently with a small nob of butter in it.  Once this is melted, add 3 tablespoons of the batter – you want them thick but still runny

tilt the pan so the batter covers the base evenly and turn the heat down to medium

cook until a few bubbles become visible on the surface and then gently turn the pancake over and cook for another minute or so.

take the cooked pancake and place it on a baking sheet in a warm oven whilst you prepare the rest of the pancakes

serve with lashings of local honey and some strawberries for a bit of valentines colour.

eat and of course, enjoy!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

sauted octopus with chilli and new potatoes

... probably topping my list of foods that i've never cooked before is octopus and if it wasn't for the lovely people at Finish Quantum I doubt very much i'd ever have been able to place it there...

I was very kindly invited and paid to attend an amazing masterclass with Florence Knight who is head chef at one of London's most succsessful new restaurants Polpetto.  She was an absolute inspiration and at the tender age of 28 she has achieved a breathtaking amount of incredible stuff that made me feel rather old and desperately under-done...14 food bloggers crowded into one of those magazine-shoot style kitchens in south London where Florence took us on a mini regional tour of Italian cooking covering some of the most classic dishes served at her restaurant... which started with a stunning tiramisu and ended with a beautifully rustic veal meatball and tomato sauce... and of course included the polpo itself... octopus.

... as I say, i've never cooked an octopus before, although I have had the pleasure of sitting in a cafe on the cobbled streets on a Greek island or two where the local fishermen climb out of their boats, octopus in hand and proceed to whack them, whip-like, onto the sea wall to tenderise them... and then of course eat them greedily, grilled and smothered in garlic butter so when Florence pulled two beauties out of a bowl I was intrigued and a little surprised by her method to cook them... but wonderfully happy to eat the fabulous results and I thought I ought to share this with you lovely people and hopefully encourage you to try this wonderfully simple, healthy and rustic dish...

sauted octopus with chilli and new potatoes
so they say you learn a new thing every day and one of those things for me this day was that if you want your octopus to be beautifully tender it can be cooked one of two ways... very fast or very slow... and never in between... Florence's technique includes simmering the beauties in stock for 45 minutes to thoroughly tenderise them and believe me they were absolutely incredible...

... I foolishly didn't take notes... well actually i was too busy eating to take notes so I may have left one or two things out but here's how I think I remember it was done...

1 medium onion – finely chopped
2 cloves garlic - crushed
1 medium red chilli – de-seeded and finely chopped
1 sprig of rosemary – finely chopped
1 sprig of fresh thyme – leaves removed
1 octopus
1 kg new potatoes
extra virgin olive oil and seasoning

take your octopus and freeze it whole at least 24hrs prior to cooking… the freezing process helps it keep its shape and ensures the skin doesn’t peel off during the cooking… you may even be able to purchase whole frozen octopus in your local fishmongers or grocers… defrost and then simmer gently covered fully in some vegetable stock for 45 mins.  You will need a lid on a large pan as the octopus tends to rise to the surface…

cut your new potatoes into nice mouthful chunks and gently boil until just tender, then drain and set aside

meanwhile in a large heavy pan gently fry the onions until translucent but not coloured, adding the garlic, chilli and herbs halfway through the cooking process

once the octopus is cooked take it out of the stock and let it cool slightly before chopping it into pieces

take a large roasting tin, one that can be used on the hob and gently heat some olive oil in it, then add the onions, potatoes and squid and lightly sauté the whole lot for a few minutes, ensuring the whole dish warms through and some of the potatoes catch slightly with colour… then simply serve…

Florence and a gaggle of food bloggers...

I will share the rest of the stunning recipes with you in another post but in the meantime I must, once again, thank the good people at Finish Quantum for inviting me to this incredible experience... I spent the whole day laughing with some of my favourite food bloggers and it's these kind of special events that bring us out of our little web-holes, blinking into the sunshine and it's just so lovely to meet some of the faces behind the blogs I read every day... and even though this next bit may seem just a little cheesy, the great thing about the product is that it actually works and as we all know, in this day and age when we really can't afford to spend good money on bad products it's nice to know that when I bung stuff into the dishwasher... which I do... and I do mean everything... it will come out clean, because after-all that's its job right?

the new finish quantum apple and lime blast...
 and the gaggle of food bloggers waiting for the food!

i'd also like to thank Charlotte for the beautiful photo's from the day, which also meant I could spend more time paying attention... and eating...

eat and of course, enjoy!



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