Friday, 24 January 2014

salted caramel millionaires shortbread

... I think i've been taken for a mug.  Over the past couple of months i've been taking scraps of goodies into the office, particularly when i've been baking in London.  I'm happy to do this as it's nice to spread the love, it's easier on the wasteline than scarfing a whole tray of christmas cake brownies even though i'd love to and be more than able to... and of course i'm not shy of admitting I love the admiration of my peers... but yesterday a gang of kids from downstairs came up with a list of the kind of things they'd like me to bake, on a weekly basis, as though i'd be pleased with this little 'game' of theirs...

... the list included a black forest gateau, a lemon poppyseed cake and a coffee cake with coffee buttercream icing... I tried to put them off by telling them if they paid for ingredients i'd make the cakes but clearly it didn't seem to work...

salted caramel millionaires shortbread 
traybakes is the way to go when there are a number of people to feed and with my London oven being so tricky a traybake seems to be the only thing I can bake anyway, which is lucky... I quite fancy making a traybake black forest gateau so the kids may be fortunate afterall... I wanted to add something to it that was a little special so I used some gorgeous salted butter sent to me by Rodda's to make the caramel and it has lifted it all to a place where smiles happen...

for the shortbread
250g plain flour
75g caster sugar
175g butter

for the caramel
50g salted butter
50g light muscavado sugar
1 x 397g can condensed milk
a little extra salt to taste (should be Maldon sea salt not table talt)

for the topping
200g good quality dark plain choc

pre heat the oven at 180 and grease and line your tin (I used a ceramic dish) roughly 33cm x33cm

to make the shortbread, mix all the ingredients into a dough and press into the base of the tin, bake for 20min until golden, set aside to cool

to make the caramel simply melt the ingredients together in a pan, gently bring to a simmer for 5 mins until it thickens, stir ALL the time.  You may want to add more salt depending on taste and the saltiness of your butter.  Once its nice and thick, pour onto the cooled shortbread base, set aside to cool.

melt the chocolate gently in a microwave or in a pan and poor over the caramel and again, set aside to cool before popping it into the fridge overnight.

eat and of course, enjoy!



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