Wednesday, 8 January 2014

some california sunshine

a fried egg breakfast BLT with hash browns at The Firestation in Santa Monica

... something strange seems to have happened... it looks as though The Viking and I appear to be in California!... this was a totally un-planned but well-earned trip to get away and spend some quality time together and thanks to the lovely Ben at dialaflight we managed to squeeze in some very affordable winter sunshine...

santa monica peer

... as my loyal readers will know both The Big V and I have rather a penchant for the west coast and to be honest, what's not to like... along with the glorious sunshine and beautiful people there's all the incredible food.  If there's one thing these Californians know how to do it's serve up a huge plate of goodness...

venice beach sunshine

The Viking enjoying a malt-shake at Mel's Diner on Sunset

... I won't bore you will details, it wouldn't be fair... but here's some silly pics of our sunshine... I promise to bring a little back with us when we're home on Friday as well as some Californian inspired recipes... and I can't wait to catch up on all the blog reading I have to do.... here's wishing you all a wonderful 2014!

veggie 3 cheese omelette at Ruby's in Palm Springs


  1. Ah, palm trees and sunshine, how lovely.
    I hope your holiday is truly fabulous!

  2. Wow - this post makes me feel old. :-)

    I was in Venice Beach and Santa Monica around 22 years ago!!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday!

  3. I DO miss you and your posts, but I forgive you now as I can almost FEEL that California sunshine, GREAT photos too! Karen

  4. I love the look of that sandwich. Have a lovely break - and bring some sun back with you!

  5. Enjoy your time Stateside ! See you when you're back in your Belleau Kitchen!

  6. Ok, we're in the same country, only I'm on the East Coast freezing my a*s off while you bask in the sunshine of the West Coast - enjoy my friend! xo

  7. How bizzare: in my blog feed today, two adjacent posts from the USA. One describing the arctic conditions in Chicago and now yours describing California sunshine (and food). I know which I prefer!

  8. Enjoy the rest of your holiday...have an amazing time and an amazing year...

  9. Enjoy the sunshine and the food! So jealous ;-) xx

  10. We are finally getting some hot weather here 32C today. I'll take the omelette, the hash brown and bagel please.

  11. California dreaming, is what I'm doing. Have a great time and enjoy the sunshine.

  12. Enjoy the sun and food... you definitely deserve it!!!

  13. Is there anything better than travelling to a warm, friendly place and trying out some new food? I think not. Looks like you have a great time in my favorite place

  14. I'm very jealous, get back to blighty so you can suffer this weather with the rest of us. hope you've had a great time, love the instagram pics as well.


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