Saturday, 19 July 2014

raspberry mojito

a version of this recipe will appear in the August edition of Lincolnshire Life Magazine

as you know, i'm pretty much obsessed with cocktails at the moment... what with my random recipes challenge (did you know that i've added the prize of a bottle of Stoli vodka for the best entry,) my recipe development for Martell and my sojourn at the Benefit Gabbi's Head pub i've become a little bit of a cocktail fanatic.  Don't get me wrong, if you're a follower of my instagram feed you'll know that i've always been a lover of a good cocktail but it really has only been this year that i've started making them regularly.  I know that sometimes they can be a bit of a faff to make but if you think of them more as the starter to a meal than something extra to get stressed about and then you'll have much more fun.  As with most things in the kitchen, the correct tools and some key ingredients will help enhance your cocktail-making experience but there are many alternatives you'll already have in the kitchen that would work just as well.  Here are a few tips.

crushed ice - your cocktails will take on a completely different edge swapping ice cubes for the crushed stuff... many supermarkets have crushed ice as well as ice cubes in their freezers but anyone with a decent blender can whip themselves up crushed ice in seconds

sugar syrup - you can buy syrup de gomme but this is essentailly sugar syrup which you can make yourself by gently heating sugar in a few drops of water and it will keep bottled for a month... making your own fruit purees is also a great idea and can be done by simply heating your fruit with a little sugar until it turns into a pulp

muddlers and stirrers - if you can, invest in a long twisted mixing spoon such as this one which helps mix the cocktail and bring the ingredients to the top but to be honest a long spoon will do... a muddler (which is like a thin rolling pin with a ridged end) is useful but to be honest a rolling pin will do the job

raspberry mojito
you will need what is commonly known as a ‘highball’ glass for this, which is simply any tall glass. The current trend for swerving cocktails in jam jars would work perfectly for this.  The mojito also calls for crushed ice which you can make very easily from ice cubes in a blender but many supermarkets now sell bags of crushed ice too so there really are no excuses.

Ingredients per glass

50ml White Rum (Bacardi is great)
4-5 lime wedges
small handful mint leaves
10 ml framboise - you can create your own raspberry syrup by simple heating a punnet of fresh raspberries and 1 tablespoon sugar over heat. 
1 tsp sugar (or 2 tsp if not using framboise)
fresh raspberries
crushed ice
soda water

place the sugar and limes in the glass and muddle using a muddler
or the end of a rolling pin. Make sure you really squeeze the juice out of the limes, allowing the sugar and lime to mingle.

add the rum, the raspberries and if using add the framboise and stir

next add the whole leaves of mint to the glass and very lightly muddle again  - being careful not to break the leaves as this releases chlorophyll, making the drink taste bitter. 

next, half fill the glass with crushed ice, stirring the ingredients up through the ice to blend together, then fill the rest of the glass with crushed ice, pushing the ice down into the glass, place a napkin or tea-towel over the top and stir the drink again, twisting the spoon and bringing the spoon up the glass as you twist -  a long bar spoon would do this well but a teaspoon or skewer would work too.

top with a dash of soda water, garnish and serve.

to be in with a chance of winning a bottle of Stoli Vodka, don't forget to take part in this months random recipes bloggers challenge

for this month's alphabakes blogging challenge, the hosts, Caroline from Caroline Makes and Ros from The More Than Occassional Baker have given us the letter R to play with and whilst this cocktail isn't quite a 'bake' it is most definitely an 'R'

drink and of course, enjoy!


  1. Thanks for this post Dom! It looks so refreshing in today's heat. Thinking of making something similar tonight ... it is Saturday after all.

  2. Looks fabulous and has my name on it Dom!!

  3. This looks amazing! My favourite cocktail is a raspberry mojito and I will definitely be trying your recipe. The handled jam jars look great too!

    On my blog I made a raspberry mojito inspired dessert: - almost as delicious as the real thing!

  4. That is a great glass/jar and your cocktail sounds delightful. Struggling with the RR still hoping to play along though.

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  6. Oh yes... I could really use with one of these now :)

  7. Ooh er, that looks so gorgeous, I'm almost tempted to have one for breakfast. I have none of the correct equipment and didn't use crushed ice in my cocktail - hope I won't get too many points knocked off for that. Just about to write my RR post up and hopefully post it sometime this morning.

  8. I loved mojitos when I was in Cuba and your raspberry version looks lovely. I'll have one over here please :)

  9. Humm, so refreshing...

    I love your blog too,
    Kisses from Portugal

  10. This cocktail sounds delicious and perfect for summer!

  11. Ah that cooling ice looks so tempting right now!!

    I have fond/ blurred memories of making a fruit mojito on a hen night cocktail masterclass...mine was voted most alcoholic!!

  12. Please pass one over. I love mojitos and this raspberry version looks delicious. Thanks for the handy cocktail making tips and for entering this to AlphaBakes.

  13. Two of my most favourite things - mojito and raspberries. Sold!
    I am pretty sure I will like this a lot :)
    Sisley x

  14. YES PLEASE MOJITO FTW. And love the twist you gave with raspberry! I'm going to try this with lots of other summer fruits!


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