Tuesday, 1 March 2016

simply eggcellent #13 - a celebration of eggs!

... March is such a brilliant month.  It heralds the start of Spring and the rejuvenation of life in general and if you can't quite feel it in the chilly air then you should be able to see it all around you in the food... there's an abundance of chocolate, fabulous eggy quiches and flans, luscious lamb stews and beautiful baked eggs, Easter Breads...  Eggs are the symbol of life and in so many cultures represent the newness of Spring, so let's make them the star of the dinner table...

... and so this month for Simply Eggcellent we celebrate everything egg.  It's really just another 'Anything Goes' month but i'd love to see the focus on Spring-like dishes and of course all those Creme Egg and Easter Egg surprises so that by the time Eatser comes at the very end of the month we should have a fabulous collection of inspired recipes to help us celebrate the humble egg.

how to take part in the simply eggcellent bloggers link-up
it's really easy to take part; all you have to do is create a recipe using free-range eggs, post it up on your blog and then link back to this post... please include my simply eggcellent badge in the post to help spread the word and use the linky tool below so that I know you've taken part.

I will collate all the posts at the end of every month and produce a special round-up of entries and maybe we can even teach a thing or two to those egg phobic fools out there!

feel free to tweet and instagram me your pictures using the #simplyeggcellent hashtag and I will retweet and like all those I see... you can find me on social media @belleaukitchen

i'm happy to take previously posted recipes but you'll need to go back to the post and adapt it to link back to this post and include the simply eggcellent logo

and don't forget that the brilliant We Should Cocoa link-up is egg themed this month too!

eat and of course enjoy!


  1. I am IN Dom! I will be doing lots of baking!

  2. Count me in too!! Lots of baking and making going on this month!!!!

  3. Love that top photo of yours Dom. I'm in of course AND #WeShouldCocoa is all about eggs this month too.

  4. I love the Bundt cake, but I can't look at another creme egg and its not even Easter yet!

  5. I cannot wait for asparagus - I need to make your beautiful quiche. Love the mini-cakes and I want some Easter bread too! Great post

  6. Hello, I'm joining for (I think) the first time with my fried egg topped brunch potatoes. I really wish I was eating some of the creme egg bundts right now though, they look amazing!

    1. I have serious creme egg envy! Just cannot get them here in France. Am seeing all these wonderful uses of them in cakes and bakes - will have to get an emergency package sent over ;)

  7. Joining in for the first time with my creme egg muffins. That Spring quiche sounds fab - I LOVE quiche! :)

  8. just found this link so thought it was perfect for sharing my Easter egg cake :) Thank you for hosting


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