about me and belleau

... I am a cook and food writer, born in London into a family where food was part of everyday life... I grew up influenced by my mum and Delia Smith and many of my recipes reflect the simple, classic style of both women... with a little bit of my own carefree attitude thrown in...

... I moved to Belleau, (pronounced bell-oh) Lincolnshire 9 years ago so I could communicate with life in a better way... Lincolnshire is situated towards the central midlands of the UK, a coastal county above Norfolk and below Hull and North Yorkshire... not many people come here because it's on the road to nowhere... but we like it this way...

...I am lucky enough to be surrounded by the most incredible produce and producers who tend to keep quiet about how fabulous they are so it has become part of my remit to shout for them!

... I currently write a monthly recipe column for Lincolnshire Life Magazine, the counties biggest and best-selling magazine.  I also write a regular 'Food Heroes' article for the magazine where I get to meet some of our finest producers... I am also featured regularly on BBc Radio Lincolnshire and Humberside...

... the cooking on my blog features many of our local produce and is as seasonal as can be... I love sharing my recipes and ideas with you and hopefully the result is that you..

... eat and of course, enjoy!



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