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demo-cooking at the Market Rasen BIG Market as part of the Mary Portas Pilot Town project

... this blog is all about cooking good food... I am happy to receive appropriate products for review as long as I can use it within a recipe that I will publish alongside the review... 

... you can see examples of a food product review post here and here... and a book review with recipe here...
I always make it clear to my readers where the products have come from and I clearly label the items that have been sent to me for review. On receiving free items and services for review, I never allow this to influence my opinion; I am always honest about what I think, whether it be positive or negative.
As a published food writer and recipe developer, I am always happy to discuss and accept proposals to write articles, as well as develop recipes, for magazines as well as on-line publications. I am also available to write guest posts.
I am happy to consider sponsored and guest posts; to discuss sponsored posts, guest posts and product reviews, including my rates for sponsored posts and freelance writing, please email me at dominic at belleaukitchen dot co dot uk or call me on 07984 437 517

I am also available for demo-cooking and have recently been asked to demo-cook for two Lincolnshire based events using local produce.  I am happy to tailor my demo cooking to seasonal or regional based topics.

with thanks to the lovely Karen Burns Booth for her pearls...


  1. I MUST come to one of your demos soon Dom! :-) Karen

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