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The Belleau Kitchen #randomrecipes challenge

... I'm sure, like me, you have hundreds of fabulous cook books at home... I get new ones for every birthday and Christmas... and since I started blogging they seem to come in more frequently than ever before... and I do LOVE to read them, flick through them for inspiration and go back to them when in need of a show-stopper dish... but I do tend to stick to what I know and I realised a year or so back that my limited repertoire was becoming a little too samey... so (and I'll finally get around to it...) the challenge is this:

1. take all your cook books off the shelf and shuffle them ( a friendly giant will help)

2. close your eyes and run your fingers down their spines and stop at a random book

3. now, close your eyes again and randomly open the chosen book at a page

4. cook this dish (if it's something you've cooked before then turn to the very next page and cook that dish)... and don't cheat... (do it with a friend in the room who will make you stick to it...) it's a challenge after all and you're only cheating yourself... this is specifically designed to take you out of your comfort zone...!

5. post it up on your blog, with a link to this page and then email me with a link at dominic(@)belleaukitchen.co.uk so I know you've joined in, you can also attach the badge to show people you're taking part. 

personally I think it's genius... but then I'm biased...

I will post a round-up of the entries at the end of every month...

the amazing round-up for May 2014 is here...
the new and current challenge for June 2014 can be read here...

... good luck and happy random recipe dipping...


  1. This seem like a fantastic idea, I too have a ton of books that I look at as soon as I get them and usually bake something out of them as soon as I can then a week or so later they make they way to the shelf to gather dust only to be bought out when I am lacking inspiration. This is a brilliant way to get the books out and dust them off. I shall definitely be giving this a go thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. I might give this a go too. Stops me sticking to the same old, same old!

  3. Perfect challenge! I just moved and whittled my cookbook library down to less than 6 cookbooks! :)

  4. Sounds like fun! Have you always fancied what you found though?

  5. Ooh this challenge could keep me going for ages - Great to have an excuse for all those cookbooks that I just couldn't throw away!

  6. Taking part for the first time this month :)


  7. Hi Can any one help? I have found a great site to buy fresh truffles and truffle oil http://trufflehunter.co.uk my question is, has anyone got any good recipes for Truffles, I am struggling to any good ones..Thanks

    1. Hey John, I haven't really cooked with truffles for years i'm afraid... if you want to send me some I could develop some recipes for your site?

  8. We have just moved into a bigger house and can now display ALL my cook books its great to see them all again and get that inspiration its like staring all over again.


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