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  1. Good grief – I thought I was doing well keeping up with the Random Recipes as they were posted this month but now I see I have only actually seen the posts for about half of them!
    Let's see how many I can get read before I have to pick up the kids from nursery. This is so much fun.
    Thank you, Dom. And thank you to my lovely partner BVG and Steve's partner C who hasn't been able to do her one this month.

  2. FABULOUS challenge, I loved it and look at all those lovely recipes too… was a wonderful month for cooking and I enjoyed every minute of it! Onwards and upwards to the next random recipes challenge!

  3. So I'll have Makey Cakey for starters please, Me, My food & I for the main course, Sharky Over Gloves for afters, and a little of What Kate Baked with my coffee. Yep, that would pretty much cover it.

  4. Well, I tried to come on here earlier and my whole computer crashed! Must have been the overload of lovliness! Fab round up, I've already visited some but will try and get round the other blogs tonight.

  5. This was a really fun challenge – although to be fair they've all been a bit of a blast. Thanks Dom and another brilliant round-up. Getting slightly nervous though as to what you're cooking up for next month!

  6. A fine round up as ever. But how dare you call me quite bonkers! I'm sure I've got a certificate somewhere saying that I'm only slightly bonkers. Then again, three ostriches and a grandfather clock. Looking forward to next month (I think).

  7. I thoroughly enjoy your random challenges, and have decided to set myself a much smaller challenge to take me out of my comfort zone. Each time you have a random challenge, I am going to make one of the featured recipes. I was torn half a dozen different ways, to be honest, but the Moroccan Meatballs with Peas tempted me the most.