Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day Part 3 - my goose is cooked

... so I walked over to our local yesterday and picked up my goose... and she's a HUGE bird... carrying her back in the snow was a very real Christmas moment... arms aching and brain spinning with ideas... and the second she got home I realised i'd made my first big mistake... goose was too big for the roasting pan... well, to be honest, goose was too big for Christmas!

... now you may think this is sacrelige on Christmas Day but I thought about lunch, my pocket and ever expanding waist line and then I got out the carving knife and have created a big enough feast for today plus enough to go into the freezer for 3 more meals (yes it was that big a bird!)... she took a lot of sweat and tears but I finally got her down to a size to fit into my largest pan and prepped her for the cooking...

... and isn't she a beauty!... so proud...

... all that's left for me to do is unbutton the trouser and breathe...

Merry Christmas once again to you all... x



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