Tuesday, 23 October 2012

carrot and coconut cake - an alphabake

...there's something wonderfully reassuring about baking on a Sunday isn't there... Sunday's can be a stressful day if i'm honest... even now i'm in my very late 30's I still get that Sunday night, going-back-to-school-but-I-haven't-done-my-homework dread and a good old-fashion cake baking in the oven makes it all melt away just a little...

...having recently been sent a selection of baking products as part of the Great British Bakeware range by George Wilkinson I thought it rude not to use one or two of the items to bake a cake... and even though i've been given strict instructions from The Viking not to bake anything until we both lose weight, I felt that if we look at this purely from a work/experiment/review point of view then the calories are simply a bi-product of a thriving business... I take it you're all with me 100% on this one...

... I used a 20cm square baking tin that has, like all the items in the range, an innovative coating called GlideX, which makes the products really easy to use... I did spray the tin with some fancy easy bake non-stick spray first, just to be fail-safe but I am assured I could have done just as well without it... also i'm not one for experimenting in these financially pressing times...

carrot and coconut cake
this is a classic carrot cake recipe into which i've thrown what I had laying about such as the desiccated coconut and the rolled oats which add a lovely texture and wedge the cake just a foot or more into heaven than your regular common or garden carrot cake...

for the cake
200g self raising flour (or plain flour plus 1 tsp baking powder and 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda)
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
150g dark muscovado sugar
200ml vegetable oil
3 medium eggs
225g finely grated carrot
50g desiccated coconut
50g rolled oats

for the icing
175g cream cheese
125g icing sugar
the finely grated rind of one orange
the juice of one orange

- pre-heat the oven to 150C and lightly spray your cake tin

- sift the flour, spices and if using baking powder and bicarb together into a large bowl

- stir in the sugar and mix together well

- lightly whisk the eggs and the oil and then pour this into the flour/sugar mix and stir well together

- add the carrots, coconut and oats and stir in well

- pour into the cake tin and bake for 1 hour or until light and spongy and a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean

- remove from the oven and allow to cool in the tin for 5 mins before turning out onto a wire rack to cool completely

- to make the icing, combine all the ingredients into a smooth paste, pour into a piping bag and pipe elegantly on top

and so trying not to sound too much like a 1950's housewife, the baking tin was excellent, it baked the cake to perfection and the cake slid effortlessly and cleanly out... I spent barely a few seconds cleaning the tin... I will and of course, the cake tasted amazing!

once again i'm being as tenuous as physically possible as i'm linking this cake to the brilliant alphabakes challenge, hosted so spectacularly each month by Ros from The More than Occasional Baker and Caroline from Caroline Makes, which this month celebrates the letter 'N'.  I think you'll find that coconut is a nut and I thank you for not correcting me in any way... ;0)

and one final little thing... since changing my URL to belleaukitchen.com i've had a few SEO issues which I need to iron out.  If at some stage over the next few days you're feeling bored it would be great if you could change any links you have for me on your blogs to my new URL which is now http://www.belleaukitchen.com/ ... many thanks x

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. I love your spice mix too, I think it needs a little bit of ginger for extra oomph!:) Salivating at the thought!

  2. I shall keep schtum on the true nature of a coocnut if you give me a slice :D

  3. I love little snack cakes like this one, and this s so much more manageable than our American carrot cakes, which are monstrosities. You are a master drizzler, Dom, I need to take lessons from you.

  4. This is really similar to my failsafe carrot cake recipe: it's nothing without the coconut. But I've never tried oats too, sounds delicious. However, being - as I am - on a post baby diet (my BMI is hideous) I resent your cake just a little right now. I know one shouldn't bundle emotions with food, but the photos of your cake are getting right on my wick, it looks so tasty. Gah.

  5. Such amazing drizzle Dom! Love this cake and baking is my favourite Sunday activity! Karen

  6. Dom you are so funny, your posts always make me giggle.

    This cake looks lovely as always. x

  7. This is such a funny post. If you look at baking in terms of a work/experiment then the calories are a must! I'll keep silent about the coconut ! x

  8. This sounds lovely. Good to find another recipe that uses oil instead of butter...love the sound of ginger and cinnamon too and the coconut and oats...I will try this one out.

  9. I share your thoughts on Sunday. I don't bake much, but I often cook our meal on a Sunday. It helps take my mind off the fact that the following day is Monday! Must say that I'm not a fan of dessicated coconut, so this is one recipe I would probably not enjoy. Maybe just carrot and oat cake for me...

  10. The texture of this cake looks really good. I've never tried coconut in a carrot cake, but it's not that uncommon - I think I'm just fixated on a recipe that I know works well. I must be more open to change!

  11. tuesday's are not the sae without being able to watch the GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF!

  12. I know what you mean about having to make cake when you are trying to lose weight. I HAD to make two! One of them is for RR and is coming soon. Will have a look at my links and make changes soon, I promise.

  13. I am on the look out for your new pans. Any pan that cakes slide out that easy will be a treat to use. The carrot cake looks delicious as well.

  14. Oh, this cake sounds delightful! I love baking on a Sunday afternoon or making a big pot of soup!

  15. Carrot&Coconut are always delicious together!!!

  16. I 100% agree with you Dom! You HAVE to make a cake or two.. it's your duty as a food blogger who was gifted wonderful bakeware!! AND, come on.. this is good for you, right? I mean it's got carrots in it!! Those are healthy!

  17. This is a lovely looking cake, I bet it would be a good seller at our charity cake stall in November, thanks for the recipe !!

  18. Lovely cake - orange icing will win me over any time despite the weight thing. If my experience is anything to go by (and it probably isn't) then you might have another 15 years or so of that Sunday feeling. Then, somehow, it doesn't seem to matter as much.

  19. there's carrots it it- i.e. it doesn't count as cake ;)

  20. I'm a teacher and much as I love my job, I always have that Sunday night feeling - the baking and subsequent eating of cakes does indeed make you feel somehow better. Anyway, lovely cake and photos as always, love the addition of oats!

  21. One could argue that with carrot as one of the main ingredients that this cake should be considered as one of your five a day and therefore healthy??? Mind, if the Viking is anything like my SS consultant he won't be so easily fooled ;0)
    Lovely bake Dom.

  22. Baking soothes most of life's problems, it feels like. I love how you've even infused the frosting with orange. Lovely flavors all around =)

  23. I so know what you mean by Sunday night blues - I turn into a grumpy old woman by Sunday night with the thought of going to work on Monday! Your spin on this lovely carrot cake would definitely make you feel better - shame about the waistlines ....still all in the name of research!

  24. I have mega sunday night blues and I dont think it will ever go away! I do love baking on sunday... make that any day!! Thanks for entering this tenuous N to AlphaBakes - of course coconut is a Nut! ;-)


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