Thursday, 1 November 2012

random recipes #22 - random birthday number

... whilst last month's challenge was both practical and fun (there I go doing my best Marry Poppins impression again...) i'm keen on not losing sight of the original idea behind random recipes and so this month I'm returning to the original idea of picking a random book from amongst your myriad of lost souls...

... so, keeping it nice and simple this month I would like you to refer to your birthday date as the number you should use to randomly pick your book... for example, my birthday is the 24th September and so I have randomly chosen the 24th book on my bookshelf counting from right to left...  it doesn't really get more tenuous or random than this does it but it's nice to have a little theming every month don't you think?

...and my book for November is Kitchen by Nigella Lawson... I have a feeling this pick must be karma as I've been a little mean about her recently because I think her new TV show Nigellissima is the most patronising and xenophobic pile of clap-trap she's ever put out... don't get me wrong, I really do like Nigella Lawson.  I love her books and her style of cooking, it's very me... but with this show I think she's become a parody of herself - all the sly nods to camera, the cheeky grins and the voluptuous leaning over counter tops... and then there's the soft-focus shots of her shopping in little boutiques or trendy food markets... it's all very cloyingly middle-class and I really expect French and Saunders to pop up in the background somewhere... I know all this ranting is quite strongly worded but I almost feel disappointed in her for doing this - she seems to have missed a beat and you'd have thought she was more forward thinking than this and would have advanced her 'formula' just a little...

... anyhoo... the Kitchen book is a fab book, lots of great pictures and her recipes are fail safe, tasty and make for great dinner party food and on page 352 is a recipe for saffron risotto... as you know I love risotto and a classic like this is a wonderful thing to have in the repertoire.... just need to get out and re-stock my saffron supplies and i'll be posting my finds later in the month...

... here's how you can join in too...

1 - take your birthday date and count along your bookshelf that number of books
2 - take that book off the shelf and open it randomly
3 - make the recipe on the page you open - do not cheat, you're only cheating yourself!
4 - you may adapt the recipe for health/dietary/product availability purposes only
5 - post the recipe on your blog linking back to me and my blog
6 - include the random recipes badge in the post
7 - email me a link to your post to
8 - challenge deadline is Nov 28th 
9 - if you tweet your posts please mention @belleaukitchen, and use the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all those I see
10 - your post can be submitted to other blogging challenges, just make sure this complies with the rules of the other challenge.

... enjoy the picking my random recipes lovelies... oh and happy birthday!



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