Saturday, 30 March 2013

random recipes #26 round-up

.... funny how sometimes the month drags on like an old wet man with a limp, always grim and never quite getting where you want it to be... and others it swoops past so fast you can't actually remember what day it's supposed to be tomorrow but you know that at some point, if you don't lay down you may simply fall asleep standing up... welcome to my March... I honestly don't know what happened but one moment it was there and the next it had come and gone... and other than being the coldest month in a long long time I can't recall anything particularly special about it...

... but it does look like we've all been busy with our random recipes...

so let's start with a nice little 'power of the internet' story shall we and a recipe for Sweet Potato, Sour Cherry and Pecan Brownies that Camilla from Little Macaroon made using a Dan Lepard random recipe plucked from her recipe folder... Camilla was unsure if the recipe called for 500g of raw or cooked sweet potato flesh and so asked for help... I swiftly tweeted dear Mr Lepard who responded within the hour with the answer, which you'll just have to read over at Little Macaroon... how fab is that..?

catch the rest of your incredible 30 entries after the jump

and so next up is Lucy, The KitchenMaid with these quirky energy balls she found written on a post-it, stuck to a phone bill. Random - I think so...

and next is the Hungry Hinny with these plump little Apple, Marzipan and Chocolate Rolls found in an old Waitrose Magazine

here's the delightful Phil from As Strong As Soup with a basic but classic recipe for Grapefruit Yoghurt Cake found in a handwritten notebook in his magic cupboard... sounds a little like the start of a children's story if you ask me...

and so next is Jean from Baking in Franglais with an Afternoon Tea Cake taken from a Rachel Allen recipes found in a pile of clippings and which, as she says, can clearly be eaten at any time of the day....

next is Gill from Tales of Pigling Bland with these divine little Chocolate Chip Mini Muffin Moments (try saying that when you're drunk) taken from the mini Busy Life Baking Book found in her recipe folder.  All good.

and on to dear, sweet Choclette from the Chocolate Log Blog and some incredible Cornish Salted Fudge Brownies by Nathan Outlaw taken from a cutting found in a local Cornish magazine called Food.

up next is Chris from Cooking Around the World who dons a traditional Indian costume to make his random selection of Dhal and Saraswat Machchi Kadhi... or curried fish to you and me...

here's Elizabeth from Elizabeth's Kitchen with a Saucy Hot Fudge Pudding chosen randomly from her own well worn but much loved hand-written note book.

next up is local food blogger Gary from Exploits of a Food Nut with a Goat Curry taken from a newspaper bought to read with a beer... apparently... well, random it certainly is!

here's Stacy from Food Lust People Love with another curry dish, this time a Prawn Patia taken from a long-time-kept-never-cooked cutting... and looks like it was well worth it...

next up is the wonderful Karen from Lavender and Lovage with a to-die-for, hand-me-down recipe of Chocolate Cake made with Galaxy chocolate found in her recipe cuttings folder.

here's self-confessed food magazine addict Claire from Under the Blue Gum Tree with this very vivid but completely moreish Japanese Chicken Curry taken from BBC Good Food.

next is Jill from Lapin d'Or and More with an unusual Chickpea Pancake recipe found in her box of cuttings... she had hand-written it and not included too many details on the actual making of the pancakes so a lot was done by guess work...

and next up is Lola and Finn's Mum with THE tasty burger and fries found in a very organised box of clippings and cuttings

here's a lovely story from Suelle from Mainly Baking and these gorgeous Melting Moments which are a tribute to her mum...

and here's Ruth from Makey Cakey with an odd recipe for Tangerines and Tea taken from a clipping from the Waitrose Magazine

and next is Angela from My Golden Pear with a stunner of a Sausage Stroganoff taken from a magazine clipping which has now lost it's origin, as many of them seem to do...

Jane over at Onions and Paper is not surprisingly very organised with her clippings which seem to be pasted into a proper scrap book... the results of which produced this gorgeous Pear and Cheese Puff, so there's a good thing from all this tidy work.

a one dish Mango Chicken and Bean and Rice Bake is the random recipes offering from Lou from Please Do Not Feed The Animals this month that she selected from Good Food Magazine

another random magazine cutting came from my very own mums collection of recipes but boy was it a great pick for me this month with these gorgeous Stuffed Mushrooms with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

next is Sally the Recipe Junkie with a recipe for Ottolenghi's Orange Polenta Cake taken from a photocopy from her brothers book... aren't we an organised lot... it may have had a poncy ingredient but what a fab looker she is!

here's Janet from The Taste Space and a beautiful Roasted Vegetable Ribollita found in a recipe amongst her clippings... giant spoonful anyone?

and next along is a quick one from Sally Atkins who bottled the Blackberry Vodka she'd made for my random recipes challenge back in December... and isn't she a thing of beauty... look at that colour!

here's Sarah from Sezza Knits with a Pear and Almond Flan that looks like the perfect kind of pudding to me, taken from a clipping fro Good Taste Magazine.

a warning... you have to LOVE LARD to like this next lard-induced recipe for Pork Rillons from Suzanne at This Upside Down Life... lard anyone?

next is Fiona from Tiffin who, going by the photo, seemed to throw her clippings in the air as a method for randomly selecting them but came up trumps with these lovely Goats Cheese Gnocchi

and it's over to Elizabeth from Law Students Cook Book for this Tuna Casserole take from her box of memories... and boy did it bring back memories to me of my student days... think I lived on this!

and next is Katherine from Leeks & Limoni with a stunning and very summery (we wish) Courgette Pesto served with Gorgonzola Ravioli... heavenly...

and finally it's over to Italy and Alice from Italian Inspiration with another Goats Cheese Gnocchi recipe this time from Good Food Magazine

... and so there they all are... counted, sorted, boxed and filed...once again I thank you all kindly and say 'until April my good friends... enjoy your Easter break' x



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