Monday, 1 July 2013

random recipes #30 - the big three-oh

... 30 months of some very random recipes and I thought i'd celebrate this month with going back and reminding us all about the origins of the random recipes idea...

... like many of us out there I am a huge cookbook fan, sometimes I will buy a book just for the look of it and whilst they say you should never judge a book by its cover, it's really hard not to with a cook book... so here I am with hundreds of books, more food magazines than I care to discuss and a heap of cuttings and hand-written recipes and what happens to them... well mostly, once they've been thumbed through they just sit there on the kitchen, bathroom and hallway shelves, unloved and only very occasionally referred to... which is why I thought, as a monthly challenge to myself, to ensure I stimulate not only my own cooking and blogging but also my dusty cook books, I would reach out to them and randomly select a book and recipe that I simply had to make... and thusly the random recipes challenge was born...

... so this month let's go back to the original challenge and, this being our 30th challenge let's pick our 30th book and a recipe from the 30th page... i'm counting left to right from kitchen to bathroom and I landed upon the brilliant Fat - An appreciation of a misunderstood ingredient with recipes, by Jennifer McLagan... it is a truly inspirational book about fat and all its talents... I was a bit worried about this as a random choice as i'm trying so hard to keep my post hospital weight off (ridiculous as that sounds) but a little good fat really won't kill me... and there on page 30, under the chapter on Butter is a glorious recipe for Spicy Buttered Popcorn... perfection...

so here's how you take part:

1. count along your cookbooks until you reach number 30... if you have less than 30 simply go around again.
2. take that book off the shelf and open it at a random page... or if you really want to be a stickler then open it at page 30.
3. cook the recipe on this page or if it's something you've cooked before then turn to the very next page and cook that dish... and don't cheat... do it with a friend in the room who will make you stick to it...
it's a challenge after all and you're only cheating yourself... this is specifically designed to take you out of your comfort zone...!
4. you may change the recipe for dietary or monetary or seasonal availability reasons only
5. post it up on your blog, with a link to this page and then email me with a link at dominic(@) so I know you've joined in, you can also attach the badge to show people you're taking part.
6. tweet your entry including the hashtag #randomrecipes and I will retweet all I see
7. challenge deadline is July 29th.

... go on then, what are you waiting for... start counting to 30...

oh and one final thing... as many of you are aware, google reader closes as of today... there are many ways you can follow my blog but if you like a blog reader where you can continue to read all your favourite blogs try feedly... it will import all your google reader blogs and is very very simple to use...


  1. What a brilliant idea! I have A LOT of cookery books but always cook out of the same ones. Sign me up!

    FoodNerd x

  2. Thirty - what a great idea (and what a great birthday it was.....)
    Off to count them out right now !

  3. Great idea and count me in Dom! XXX

  4. Oooh spicy popcorn. Steve makes me a Jamaican popcorn - love it, can't get enough.

  5. I'm looking over my shoulder and wondering which shelf to start counting from? Do I cheat - no no of course I won't. I am def. going to participate this year and hope to be a regular partiicpant on your Random challenges Dom. Thanking you for your support in the last couple of months, means a lot.

    1. I love new participants and having you in board will be fun!

  6. I'm loving your technique for selecting this month's recipe! Thanks so much for following on Blog Lovin - this Google Reader thing is such a pain in the bum!

  7. Thirty it is :) Better get onto it right away in case it's something I can make for .......

  8. tried it today and we had smoky chicken with warm corn and potato salad, recipe from BBC Good Food mag 2012 40 low fat recipes. perfect for a hot day.

  9. Really enjoyed this month's challenge, it inspired me to the sort of cheffiness I generally leave to the pros. Thanks Dom

  10. Ah ... I guess it would do no harm to have a look at what page 30 of cook book 30 has to offer ... when I get back home. I only hope the time left will do.

  11. Hi Dom. I did enter too with a soup from the book Cooking Moroccan with a spiced carrot soup. I killed two birds with one stone and called it Vulcan Plomeek soup for my son. Maybe my email didn't reach you. I am pretty hopeless at the technical stuff..... Looking forward to the next challenge.


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