Thursday, 1 October 2015

Simply Eggcellent #8 - anything goes

...ahhh October.  Possibly my favourite month of the year.  Partly due to my love for Halloween but mostly just all those lovely long proper autumnal days followed by those cold and chilly nights sitting by the fire eating cake or tucking into a warming stew or bowl of steaming soup... and because I love October so much I want to allow you al to express yourselves in any way you see fit... as long as you're using free-range eggs in the recipe, I don't care what you make... cakes, cookies, quiches... breakfast, lunch or dinner... help yourselves and have fun and of course don't forget the spooky end to the month too!

how to take part in the simply eggcellent bloggers link-up

it's really easy to take part; all you have to do is create any beautiful recipe using free-range eggs, post it up on your blog and then link back to this post... if you include my simply eggcellent badge in the post and use the link tool below I will collate all the posts at the end of every month and produce a special round-up of entries...

feel free to tweet and instagram me your pictures using the #simplyeggcellent hashtag and I will retweet and like all those I see... you can find me on social media @belleaukitchen

eat and of course, enjoy!


  1. I love autumn for the same reasons as you described above! Will need to link up this month!!

  2. Totally loving the fried egg pizza!! Pinned :)

  3. I love autumn too, the crisp fine air makes you feel alive!
    I always use organic free range eggs, they taste better too. Love your bundt cake, so pretty.

  4. ooh I love that pizza! definitely one to try...

  5. That cake looks proper spooky. I'm not sure if or what I'll mange on that front this year, but I'm pretty certain I shall be cooking with eggs this month ;-)

  6. Loving Autumn too - and love the look of that chilli jam and egg pizza. Happy weekend all :)

  7. Hi Dom - a very long time lurker here, who couldn't resist sharing a recipe in this month's link up. Thanks for organising - eggs are such a staple ingredient and often get overlooked.

    Loving the look of the pizza, shall have to give that a go.

  8. I've finally remembered and joined in! I'm feeling VERY organised! Love that pizza will definitely be making that for my lot! Thanks Dom x

  9. Please delete one of my entries Dom, the link did not work, so I added again but now I see 2!

  10. That mushroom pie with all those piled up stars looks amazing!! It would look great on the Xmas or New Year table :)


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